Nangong Rong was still sitting quietly in her original place. She didn answer, didn even glance at Cia Bun Wei.

What Nangong Rong was thinking at this moment no one could guess. After taking a deep breath. ”What is the problem with Villa Angsa Emas, it is appropriate for Golden Goose Villa to solve it. Help from Cia Kongcu, this Kuownio can only take it in his heart. ”

”Yang Liu San Cengs side, in this Kuownios eyes … is just a frog in a shell. ” Nangong Rong called one of the maids from the Golden Goose Villa, she ordered, ”Ah Siu, go and break a small bamboo behind the kitchen, cut it neatly, just two feet long. ”

Nangong Rong again ignored everyone after she ordered Ah Siu, she really enjoyed the brewed tea.

Mu Tiong-Lo or Mu Xuan Fei growled, he was furious at Nangong Rong. However, even more angry with Cia Bun Wei, the young man insulted Yang Liu San Ceng too much, even willing to defend an unknown newcomer.

Hes been saying curses in his heart incessantly ever since. When Nangong Rong rejected Cia Bun Weis kindness, that was the best opportunity for Mu Xuan Fei to return the young mans taunts.

”Ha ha ha! … Isn Cia Kongcu even more ignorant? Just relying on the teachers big name already dares to brag. Does Cia Kongcu think that we Yang Liu San Ceng people don dare to intervene just because you
e a disciple of Giam Lo It Ci? ”

”Wait a minute, after this Tiong-Lo cleans up that ignorant bitch–Next is your turn. ” Mu Xuan Fei spoke to Cia Bun Wei fiercely. However, his hand was raised towards Nangong Rong.

During that war of words, Ah Siu had returned and handed over the two feet long bamboo that Nangong Rong had asked for.

At that moment, Cia Bun Wei wanted to repay Mu Xuan Feis insults, his lips trembled violently and his clenched fists let out a chattering sound.

However, the calmness that Nangong Rong displayed, was truly inconceivable to anyone. This lady, the owner of the Golden Goose Villa, has the composure of a person who has eaten his fill of the Martial World. This also made Cia Bun Wei keep trying to suppress anger.

Nangong Rong picked up and observed the bamboo. ”Very neat, even every rough corner has been sharpened, making it easier to hold, ” she muttered. This thing again made everyone gape in surprise.

This Miss Golden Goose Villa owner is completely on a different level when it comes to composure.

However, then what that Miss said had already boiled the blood of Mu Xuan Fei, and wanted to knock out her teeth, and cut off her boneless tongue.

Miss Nangong smiled brightly, saying, ”Cia Kongcu! Cut the chicken with a kitchen knife, not a sharp sword. So it is with dogs – Drive away dogs with sticks or bats, not machetes or swords. ”

”Moreover, this dog is just an old, toothless dog. Yes! Wherever it is, dog, always dog. An animal that can only bark and bark loudly, but will run away when hit with wood. ” Nangong Rong pounded the bamboo stick into the palm of her hand, just like someone who would chase away a fierce dog.

The ladys words and gestures were clearly mockery that was not covered up at all and aimed at Mu Xuan Fei.

Everyone on the first and second floors of the Golden Swan Villa who heard these words understood very well that the Miss of this villa owner was cursing Mu Xuan Fei as a toothless old dog.

Unable to contain his anger any longer, Mu Xuan Fei immediately attacked with the Spruce Sword Technique–the tenth style that Ma Kongcu had previously played, was now being played by Mu Xuan Fei.

”Nangong Kuownio! Be careful, Mu Tiong-Los attacks are very fierce. ” Cia Bun Wei gave a warning, he was very worried.

Everyone at that time felt the breath stop for a moment. They had seen that move played by Ma Kongcu, and four lives floated on the spot without being able to dodge or parry.

Now, the move was played by his Master, a person who had been through many battles, it was certain that the attack movement became more vicious. Before the sword struck, the sword air that carried a stinging feeling on the skin was felt.

One Life-Destroying Slash that never fails when attacking, one life-grabbing slash always manages to kill the target quickly. Moreover, this tenth style is accompanied by Yang Liu San Cengs high-level ginkang, it is definitely more powerful than the movement of young children who have only fourteen or fifteen years of learning martial arts.

However, today at the Golden Swan Villa, the move had been broken, destroying Yang Liu San Cengs prestige. Nangong Rong displayed a better ginkang than Yang Liu San Cengs people.

The ladys footwork looks very strange and complicated, but not only can these movements prevent her from being slashed by the sword, she can even counterattack with ease.

Nowadays, everyone really doesn believe in eyesight. Nangong Rong plays the legendary moves from Kay-pang(Beggar-party). Nangong Rongs bamboo stick moves swiftly and unpredictably.

”Bump! thump! thump! ” Many times the sound of stick hitting was heard, occasionally Mu Xuan Fei managed to dodge and parry, but more punches he felt hit hard on his buttocks and back.

”Thats … the Dog Beating Stick Kick of the Kay-pang line. How can the owner of this villa use this skill so well. ” Voices of astonishment began to sound as people learned the tactics used by Nangong Rong.

”Yes! Thats right, Ta Kauw Tung Hoat–a move that only Pangcu(Leader) of Kay-pang can perfectly play. Is the owner of this Golden Swan Villa the hidden Pangcu of Kay-pang? ”

”Impossible! What you think is far-fetched. ”

Questions and answers about things they didn know for sure had the answer to in the corners of Golden Goose Villa, even on the second floor there was a commotion.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield Nangong Rong already had the upper hand. She really stands by her word, and will chase dogs with sticks.

The Dog Beating Wand, which consists of nine moves and dozens of transformational moves, is indeed very magical. As the stick is seen moving hitting the hand, it has suddenly turned to the back. The moment Mu Xuan Fei tried to parry the attack on the back, it had turned and pounded his butt.

Mu Xuan Fei was in so much pain, his hands, buttocks, back, thighs and calves were painfully sore. If he could see, maybe black and blue bruises had covered his entire body.

He couldn take the pain anymore. ”Leave this place! ”

Mu Xuan Feis shadow had exited the battle and immediately left the Golden Swan Villa, followed by Ma Keng Hong and his two acolytes.

Nangong Rong didn chase either, but she sneered loudly. ”The old toothless dog has finally run away from this place. ”


Kay-pang : Party of Beggars.

Pangcu : Party leader, only used for party beggars

Ta Kauw Tung Hoat : Dog Strike Stick.

Ginkang: The technique of lightening the body

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