The Legend Of The Hero

Ch. 3. Ning Rong-Rong\'s Plan

As Nangong Xueyin came out of Ning Rong-Rongs room she accidentally saw her husband, Ning Quanzhong. Nangong Xueyin had a hint of fear in her heart, but the husband neither demanded nor scolded her. Only a dull expression could be seen on Ning Quanzhongs face.

Inside the room, Ning Rong-Rong realized that there was a figure who had been listening to the conversation between her and her mother, from light footsteps and soft breaths. Ning Rong-Rongs keen sense of hearing wouldn be deceiving, she was sure it was Father who overheard their conversation.

However, since Father did not scold her mother, Ning Rong-Rong did not rebuke him, and continued to let him overhear what she and Mother were talking about.

”Ouch! Im sure hes also very worried about Mothers feelings, ” Ning Rong-Rong muttered, as she heard her fathers light footsteps leaving the bedroom wall.

Ning Rong-Rong continued to clean up, after looking around the entire bedroom as well as the bedrooms backyard. ”Ouch! Goodbye! Only to you these inanimate objects can I say parting words. ” Ning Rong-Rong muttered again.

Not wanting to be complacent, Ning Rong-Rong changed into a simple black dress, put on a veil to cover her face, then she took the bundle of clothes, and exited through the secret passage behind the magnificent building of the Ning Family.

She continued to dart towards the exit gate of Luoyang City, at that time it was indeed a very opportune time, considering the citizens of Luoyang City who were excited and flocked to visit the Ning Familys Luxury building.


The news of Ning Rong-Rongs death greatly shocked Luoyang City, most of the public did not believe the news that continued to spread, but the funeral ceremony and white-and-white mourning clothes were clearly seen by the residents of the Ning Family building.

The funeral ceremony itself also seemed to be very forced by the Ning Family, not only because the news was too sudden, but also because they issued an ultimatum prohibiting the mention of Ning Rong-Rongs name by the entire Luoyang City community.

Isn this very unreasonable? How could the name of a Great Swordswoman be forbidden to mention after she was declared dead.

However, once the ultimatum issued by the Ning Family no one dared to refute it, this cannot be separated from the imperial support behind the Ning Family, the Emperors orders are like Gods orders, because the Emperor is the messenger of God. Despite all forms of flaws in every order given by the Emperor, once considered a messenger of God, then the order is clearly majestic and holy.

Another factor, although Ning Rong-Rongs death was strange, the family allowed anyone to see the corpse in the coffin, but still no one dared to see the corpse.

These facts added to the curiosity and wonder in the hearts of the people of Luoyang City as well as those who were closely acquainted with Ning Rong-Rong. Yes! Apart from curiosity and wonder, they all could only take for granted what the family had reported.

While the ban on the mention of Ning Rong-Rongs name, the family gave a slightly reasonable reason, namely Ning Rong-Rongs mother would fall ill when she heard people mention her daughters name, she was too in love and care for her daughter. The prohibition is to reduce the suffering of the mother.

Ning Rong-Rong is not their family, the curiosity in their hearts will only last for a day or two, the rest of the people will be busy with their own activities, it only takes a few days people will obviously forget about the girl.


Ning Rong-Rongs funeral ceremony has passed, the mourning people have also returned to their respective homes. A different feeling emerged from within the large building of the Ning Family.

Nangong Xueyin, locked herself in the room, she didn want to be disturbed by anyone, only the loyal servants who always served her were there. This woman also lives in a game of fate, fate as a concubine, huh! Although she is the most loved by the husband, the status as a concubine is still not superior to other wives.

If her status was a little higher she would argue and demand the husband to re-analyze what had happened to Ning Rong-Rong.

Meanwhile, Ning Quanzhong sat alone on a chair in the backyard of his room. The light of the moon and the gentle breeze of the night accompanied his solitude, the jars of wine and several cups of wine were lined up on the table. The smell of wine floated in the courtyard, who knows how many gulps he had swallowed the fragrant wine.

Right now he just wanted to be alone, a confused mind, a drunken feeling began to attack Ning Quanzhong.

”Brack! ” He thumped the table hard, sending the cup splattering to the ground.

Behind his fierce and valiant attitude, behind his firm attitude of expelling Ning Rong-Rong from the family, behind every cruel ultimatum, Ning Quanzhong could be said to be the person who felt the most sorrow after Nangong Xueyin, he was still a father who loved and cherished the princess. Moreover, the princess was the person he was most proud of.

However, the decision had been made, he had to forget what had happened today.

”Braak! ” Ning Quanzhong squeezed the shattered wine cup in his hands. ”Ronger! Ronger! Why did you have to sleep in that cruise house? You have the heart to destroy your own honour, if that country house owner doesn keep her mouth shut, the Ning Family will fall into the lowest of mud … ” Ning Quanzhong muttered.

He slumped back down on the chair, wobbling a little from the exertion and pressure of drunkenness from the fragrant wine.

”Haa! ” Ning Quanzhong took a deep breath, still not understanding why his daughter was caught staying at the cruise house. Does she not understand the rules and norms of peoples lives, especially for a girl, staying at the cruise house is an unforgivable disgrace.

Even though he was very sure, the girl really understood the etiquette and culture of such a society. Constantly thinking about that, Ning Quanzhongs veins throbbed violently. Still, he didn get a proper and reasonable reason.

”Gluk … glug … glug … ” He took another sip of the fragrant wine, this time straight from the jar, without using a cup.

The warmth and heat of the wine soon spread faster. Unable to stand it, Ning Quanzhong vomited all the contents of his stomach, after a while he lay unable to get up again, just fell asleep on the chair.

Several servants who had been standing in the distance, seeing everything the Great Master was doing, came and carried the drunken Master to his bedroom.

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