The Legend Of The Hero

Ch. 4. Young Master Ma

Meanwhile, Ning Rong-Rong had left Luoyang City that night. She didn slack off in the slightest, based on her level of profound strength, it only took her a few hours to be far from Luoyang City.

There was no regret at all as she left the Ning Family Mansion. After all, she had been determined to use her mothers Family name from then on, and more importantly what had happened today was a plan she had devised without anyone knowing.

Yes! It started with herself, during her wanderings in the Martial World, Ning Rong-Rong knew there would be great turmoil in the next few years, it was the Demon/Mo Kaw Sect that was growing.

These sects have only emerged in the Martial World for a few years, and when they emerged, Mainland Chinese people readily accepted the teachings of the Mo-Kaw Sect. While she was traveling, Ning Rong-Rong had several times seen victims and cruel killings which according to eyewitnesses were the work of followers from the Mo-Kaw Sect.

When you want to succeed in a bigger mission, you have to go through great sacrifices, and the first step is to give up the status as Lihiap/Great Warrior that she carries, leaving her beloved family and beloved mother. Although later in the process even had to sacrifice the prestige of her own family.

However, when Ning Rong-Rong thought back, it all became very worthy, in the time when the truth of this sacrifice was again revealed, then both her own name, as well as her surname would definitely improve even more than before.

Then another thing that she was very worried about was the smell of rebellion in the far east, Ning Rong-Rongs patriotic spirit exploded wanting to participate in the suppression of the rebels. However, her status as a woman got in the way of everything she wanted, her father obviously didn want Ning Rong-Rong to be constantly tied to the martial world.

After that, Ning Rong-Rong thought very carefully and arranged the punishment plan for herself.

Such was Ning Rong-Rongs plan, it could be said to have succeeded by as much as eighty percent.

Keep darting while thinking about what she had planned since a month ago. Ning Rong-Rongs night journey was stopped when a seductive voice sounded. ”Beautiful lady, why are you in such a hurry? How about resting for a bit at our place? ”

At this moment, in front of Ning Rong-Rong stood five mountain bandits, their stature was fierce, thick, unkempt sideburns, tall and bulky. From their stature, these bandits were clearly people who practiced Gwakang/Gang Energy, and had no knowledge of inner power ability.

Ning Rong-Rong, stopped and glared at the five of them. ”Who asked you guys to stop me? Do you guys have double lives? ”

”Ha ha ha … Siocia, misunderstood, how could anyone ask us to block Siocias journey– ”

”Sorry! Im in a hurry, I don have time for you guys. ” Ning Rong-Rong cut in quickly. She is again preparing to leave and has developed the body of lightning tricks.

However, the five people did not let Ning Rong-Rong, the girl became very angry. ”You are the ones seeking death yourself. ”

As soon as those words fell, the image of Ning Rong-Rongs body disappeared, the peak of perfection in inner strength was seen, it was not for nothing that this girl was called a great swordswoman, only with her bare hands she had played great punches.

”Swosshhh! ”

”Pomp! ”

”Cap Jiu Lo Hai/Ten Strikes of Sea Disruption. ” With this move, Ning Rong-Rong managed to make the big-muscled Mountain bandit powerless.

The one Lihiap/Swordswoman was pitted against Mountain bandits, the big difference was evident, the one wielding Lwekang and the other five using Gwakang.

While these five Mountain bandits, only understand one or two moves of the martial arts moves, belonging to the Shao Lin Si temple, Lo Han Kuns palm moves. However, what they understood was only the basic movement, the outer shell.

It was easy for Ning Rong-Rong to destroy the five people, even though the fight was very short, it only happened in twenty breaths.

The fight became very short, the five people gasped for air, breath became shortness of breath, and puffy noses. But when you think about it, it was Ning Rong-Rong who actually had to get tired faster.

The girl had been traveling all day, and had not rested at all. When she came out of Luoyang City, she had already removed the veil that covered her face, this also made it easier for her to breathe.

The five Mountain bandits were torn apart like chickens that had lost their mother. In an instant, Ning Rong-Rong managed to punch them all.

”Huh! What a stupid-brained Mountain bandit. ” Ning Rong-Rong smiled evilly. ”Blame yourself, who dared to interfere with my journey. ”

Saying that, Ning Rong-Rong stripped off the clothes of the Mountain bandits one by one, leaving only their insides. She took their provisions and pocket money, then tied the legs and hung the five people on a tree.

Ning Rong-Rongs evil work didn stop there, on the bodies of the five people, each one was pinned with one word. So that people who pass by tomorrow can string it together into one sentence. ”We are stubborn stupid donkeys. ”

She used internal energy focused on her fingertips, and wrote those words with her fingertips. Suddenly, the mountain bandits got new tattoos on their bodies.

Looking at her work for a moment, Ning Rong-Rong said, ”You should be grateful, this Siocia is still merciful, so it doesn take your life. In the future, if you meet this Siocia again, there will be no mercy for you. ”

The five pecked and hanging people were clearly speechless.

Ning Rong-Rong sped up fast, continuing on her way. Shes going to the far east.


Currently the Martial World has its own great power, apart from well-known Pay-Pay such as; Shou Lim Pay, Wu Dang Pay, Kun Lun Pay, Hau San Pay and other Kiam Pay.

In various areas too, there are some great warriors who have good and dirty names, both from the white group and the black group.

In the West, there is Auyang Chen, this person is very well known by the nickname Se Thian Kiam Ong, while in the South there is the Poison Master Gongsun Wuji, he is known by the nickname, Tok Ong Nan Kwi.

Then in the East, Liu Kais name was very famous for his one-finger full-blooded stance, so the Martial World gave him the nickname, Giam Lo It Ci, and in the North there was a magic beggar, who was known to be very strange, but no one knew how high and quality he was. This persons martial arts skills, he is known by the nickname Koai Lo Jin.

Last but not least, was of course Ning Rong-Rong, the swordswoman of the royal capital. Five people were so famous at that time in the Martial World.


1. Se Thian Kiam Ong / Western God King of the Sword

2. Tok Ong Nan Kwi / Southern Demon Poison King

3. Giam Lo It Ci / Finger Stump Death

4. Koai Lo Jin / Weird old man.

5. Siocia / Kuwnio / Young Miss

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