The Legend Of The Hero

Ch. 5. Is She Really Dead?!

Yes! It can be said that the five names have their own prestige.

Even so, it was undeniable that there were other great people scattered in the Kangow World and not very well known to the general public.


Golden Swan Villa stands firmly, majestic and luxurious on the outskirts of Nanjing City in the east. However, it became very strange to see such a magnificent Villa standing beautifully on the outskirts of the city.

This magnificent villa, was a building that had just been erected there, it was no more than a year ago. The owner is a woman, however, no one knows the face or age of the woman who owns the villa.

This is a beautiful building consisting of three floors, the first floor serves as a restaurant and a wine stall. The second floor is used as a VIP room for guests who want to make transactions or guests who don want to be disturbed by anyone.

In the middle of the second floor there is a large hall which is often used as a place for performances and entertainment, whether it is playing the harp or playing the flute or other musical instruments.

Meanwhile, the third floor is used as an inn for people with high-class wealth and above.

Yes! This is a villa, of course for lodging it does not accept customers in the lower middle class category.

The crowd on the first floor of Golden Swan Villa today is very different from ordinary days. This is none other than because today is the beginning of the snow season.

The blizzard had fallen since last night, beautiful ice flowers covered the oak trees that stood firmly on the edge of the trails on the outskirts of Nanjing City.

Beautiful horse-drawn carriage with colorful tassels sped away and left ruts and hooves on the snowy ground.

Slowly the horse carriage stopped right in front of the Golden Swan Villa. A young parlente got off the horse carriage, the hanfu of the young man was very luxurious. It looked befitting of her luxurious horse carriage. Behind the young man, following two dashing men dressed in concise clothing typical of the people from the martial world.

The commotion on the first floor of the Golden Goose Villa had indeed occurred earlier, as soon as the young parlente entered, the atmosphere became quiet for a moment.

The young man was very handsome, his face was white and smooth, even the red streaks behind the skin were visible. He wasn fit to be a young man with that kind of face, his face would really invite envy in other girls hearts.

Not only bright eyes, sharp nose and thin lips – red like cherries, the eyelashes are so thick that it adds to the beautiful feel on her face. That man deserves to be called the owner of extraordinary beauty, rather than just the word handsome.

All the guests who frequent the Golden Swan Villa know the young man. He is Ma Kongcu, an expert in both Bun(Literature) and Bu(Martial Art).

Ma Kongcu is a native of the East, he is the son of the Swordsman Ma or Ma Tayhiap, who is the Chungcu (Patriarch) of Yang Liu San Ceng (Fir Forest Village).

Ma Kongcu looked at the atmosphere on the first floor for a moment, then he chose a seat by the window, two of his followers also sat in the empty chairs accompanying Ma Kongcu.

”Waiter, bring the chicken meat and golden monkey wine, don forget the three bowls of white rice! ” Ma Kongcu loudly shouted orders to the waiter in the kitchen.

There was no reply, but Ma Kongcu understood that they would bring the order sooner or later. He is very familiar with the service procedures at Golden Goose Villa.

Tapping his fingers on the table, Ma Kongcu faintly heard a conversation that piqued his interest.

This, related to the great people of the Martial World.

With the main topic, a magical beast has appeared in the rainbow lotus pond. It was three miles from the Golden Goose Villa. The magical beast in question was a dragon cub.

This is an animal that is very rarely encountered in the Kangow World.

Currently, crowds of martial artists have flocked to the East because of the appearance of the magical beast. It is said that the person who can drink one drop of the dragons childs blood. Will progress and increase inner energy like people who have meditated for decades.

In addition to these topics, another thing that is no less interesting is the shift in the power map of the Martial World. This is a new sect that is rapidly spreading in mainland China.

All of the current mainland Chinese martial artists are equally hostile to this sect. Whether they are white or black grup. However, the great thing is, the followers of this sect are never short of great people with strange and unique martial arts skills.

The next topic, which really interested Ma Kongcu, as well as kept him focused on the conversation, was; the most shocking thing in Luoyang City–the Capital of the Han Empire right now.

The news of Ning Rong-Rongs death has also spread to the East. However, the news received by the eastern people is still confusing. No one has dared to testify for sure.

”Aah, the thing that really irritates and saddens my heart right now is one of our great role models, Ning Lihiap. She died unnaturally. ” An annoyed sigh was heard from the table that Ma Kongcu had been trying to steal from his conversation.

”Why Yim Heng, dare to say such a thing? ”

”Kwee Heng, at Ning Lihiaps funeral, I was present, and I even participated in the funeral ceremony from start until the end. ”

”Yim Heng, then what does Yim Hengs presence there have to do with an unnatural death? Yim Heng must not play with the news of Ning Lihiaps death, she is a role model for all of us. We– ”

While the people surnamed Kwee and Yim were having a fun conversation, another voice interrupted the words of the people surnamed Kwee.

”The two Enghiongs sitting there, may Siauwte join the two Enghiongs? ” Did not wait for an answer from the two people. The owner of the voice rose from his seat, walked to the table of the two, clenched his fists in front of his chest. ”Siauwte, Ma Keng Hong. Son of owner Yang Liu San Ceng. ”

Ma Kongcu could no longer hold himself back into the conversation. The news about Ning Rong-Rong really tickled his heart, so he politely asked to sit with the two people earlier.

The two men rose from their seats, doing the same thing as the young man. ”Don you dare, it would be a great honor for us if Ma Kongcu would sit and drink wine with us here. ”

”I am Yim Han Li and this one is Kwee Kai Hong, come on Ma Kongcu, please. ” People surnamed Yim, welcomed.


1. Kongcu = Young Master

2. Enghiong = Brave People.

3. Siauwte = Little Brother- Junior

4. Heng-te, or used with Heng only, is used in place of the word brother.

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