The Legend Of The Hero

Ch. 6. Villa Owner Appears

Ma Keng Hong then sat down with them.

As the other two sat down again, Ma Keng Hong spoke up, ”Yim Heng, to be honest from the start, Siauwte overheard the conversation between Yim Heng and Kwee Heng. There are some very interesting things about Siauwte– ”

Ma Keng Hongs words were interrupted for a moment, the waiter came over and placed all the orders from the young man. Ma Keng Hong pointed to his two followers who were still sitting in their original place. ”Their order, put it on the table over there, they will not join me here, then also bring some delicious food for these two Enghiong. ”

”Okay, Kongcu! ” The waiter obeyed and brought the food to the table of the two young followers.

”Ma Laote, can you continue what Ma Laote wanted to say? ” Yim Han Li, reminded.

”Yim Heng, actually the thing Siauwte most wanted to hear from Yim Heng–related to the news about Ning Lihiap. Siauwte is just like Kwee Heng, very curious about what Yim Heng said earlier. ” Ma Keng Hong said honestly, the reason he changed seats was because of this.

”Ma Laote, Kwee Heng, regarding this matter, what I said before is all true. I attended the funeral service from start to finish, but still it aroused great curiosity in my heart. ” Yim Han Li stared at Ma Keng Hong and Kwee Kai Hong for a moment.

He lowered his head a little, his hands moved slightly, with the intention that the other two people also bowed slightly.

”As long as Ma Laote and Kwee Heng know, the Ning Ciangkun family forbids the entire Luoyang City community from mentioning Ning Lihiaps name. Since the day Ning Lihiap died, Luoyang City seems to have forgotten about that Lihiap. ” Yim Han Li whispered softly, and could only be heard by the two tablemates.

Ma Keng Hong looked thoughtful for a moment, he rubbed his stomach. ”How about we eat first? Siauwte also feels that there is something strange about Yim Hengs story earlier, but an empty stomach prevents Siauwtes mind from thinking clearly. ” The young mans smile looked just like a girls.

”Yim Heng and Kwee Heng, please taste the golden monkey wine that Laote ordered. ” Ma Keng Hong, offered to the two people he had just met.

This young man is known to be friendly. In the Martial World, the majority of people who are experts in the field of martial arts and writing are generally polite and friendly.

Yim Han Li and Kwee Kai Hong did not hesitate, they poured wine into the cup, including that into Ma Keng Hongs cup.

After sipping a cup of wine, Kwee Kai Hongs mind became a level smarter and clearer.

”Brack! ” He patted the table hard, which immediately startled Yim Han Li and Ma Keng Hong. However, it paid off as his overjoyed Kwee Keng Hong said quietly, ”Could it be that Ning Lihiap isn dead yet?! Come to think of it, is she really dead?! ”

Yim Han Li and Ma Keng Hong glared at Kwee Kai Hong. Suddenly the same thought as Kwee Kai Hong crossed their mind. ”Is she really dead?! ”

When the three of them were lost in their own thoughts.

Several other shadowy silhouettes entered the first floor of the Golden Swan Villa, which immediately broke the three peoples thoughts.

The silhouettes of the bodies that came in earlier were Martial World people, most likely, they were one of the many people who wanted to try their luck getting magical beasts in the rainbow lotus pond.

There were five of them, each with his own unique style. This is the kind of group that joins suddenly. They became acquainted while on a journey, then formed an alliance to obtain the magical beast.

The group looks, they really are the category of rude people who have never learned manners.

The one who looked the strongest in the group, was a middle-aged man. The clothes he wore were neat and clean, a pair of swords tied to his back added to the mans dashing impression.

Roman has a clean face, eyebrows arched like machetes and slightly narrowed eyes, a sharp nose. Then lips that are neither thick nor thin, between the nose and lips a thick mustache that is always trimmed.

This guy is really dashing. However, he still belongs to the category of rude people who do not understand literature. While the other four looked younger, each of them hung a sword at their waist.

They looked around for a moment, looking for empty tables and chairs. Until, their gazes stopped at the table adjacent to Ma Keng Hong and his two new colleagues.

While walking towards the table and chairs, one of the four said, ”Wen Twako! Laote accidentally went to the rainbow lotus pond first. To be honest, there currently have gathered various kinds of fighters from the powerful sects– ”

The person who was called Wen Twako cut the words off. ”Then, whats with the fighters from those powerful sects? Are you afraid of them? Bai Laote has nothing to worry about,–lions, tigers and wolves fight, dogs eat leftovers. ”

The leader surnamed Wen spoke wise advice.

It was a form of idiom, an example of strong people fighting each other. Then the final result is carried away by weak people.

After the five of them sat down, they continued to chatter as they pleased. ”Thats right, what was said by Wen Twako. Though Shao Lim, Wu Dang, Kun Lun, and other strong sect people also came. We just need to scout, waiting for the right moment as Wen Twako explained earlier. ”

Their basic, rude people, market strategy just like that, they speak very confidently. Its as if other people don know about this tactic. Even though it was just a very common strategy, almost all martial artists thought the same thing.

After all, the big sect students, are not a bunch of stupid people, they have definitely calculated the gains and losses.

They have also analyzed the existence of a third option, namely the presence of black grup martial artists. It could be the legend like; Tok Ong Nan Kui, will also appear.

In this case, the magical beast is not only useful as a means of enhancing the inner power base. However, for poison experts, there are places where the animal can be used as a very deadly poison.

Such an option has obviously been thought up by the Big-Sect students.

Then the most important thing, the Dragon child only appeared for a moment, right on a bright full moon night. Thats about thirteen days from now.


1. Laote: A friendly greeting (younger brother)

2. Pay: Sect, for example Kiam Pay: Sword Sect.

3. Twako : First brother, or First Brother.

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