The Legend Of The Hero

Ch. 7. Nangong Rong

It was no big deal when those rude people talked to their hearts content, or sat gloating at the adjacent table with Ma Keng Hong and his two new acquaintances.

Things turned fatal, when one of the rude people patted Ma Keng Hong on the shoulder. ”Beautiful boy! How about you join us and Wen Twako, have some wine together. Especially with your very pretty face, it would be very interesting if you would dance and provide a little entertainment for us. ”

This fellow is really brave and selfless, he has scratched the ass of a sleeping tiger.

Getting such humiliation, Ma Keng Hong was about to get up from his seat. However, the two bodyguards sitting on the other side moved quickly.

”All of you, Enghiong! Where the earth is stepped on, there the sky is upheld. You guys can feel great in your own area. However, the young Kongcu of Yang Liu San Ceng must not be so insulted. ” Following those words, a thin sword was stuck to the neck of the person mocking Ma Keng Hong.

It wasn clear when the bodyguard pulled out the sword, but the way he was threatening, as well as the extraordinary movement of his feet. Explains that the people of Yang Liu San Cengs village are experts in lightening the body trick.

”Shh! ”

”Trang! ”

The empty wine cup shot up, splitting the air, instantly the sword that had been attached to the neck of the big-mouthed man fell to the floor.

Bodyguard Ma Keng Hong felt his palms tingle. He looked at the cup-thrower, sitting proud and big-headed, the person who was called Wen Twako flashed a mocking smile at him.

Obviously, the one who dropped the sword was that Wen Twako.

Ma Keng Hong moved his hand slowly, signaling for the two bodyguards to back off. He himself got up and picked up the sword that had fallen earlier.

His index finger was deliberately scratched into the blade, fresh blood was seen starting to seep on Ma Kongcus index finger.

A sickening sight immediately appeared, as Ma Kongcu licked his bloody fingers with the blade of the sword. What a contrast to his super handsome face.

”Who just wanted to watch my dance? ” Ma Kongcu asked nonchalantly, he narrowed his eyes. Don want to see any of those rude people.

Yim Han Li and Kwee Kai Hong, also shuddered. It was inconceivable to them that the handsome Ma Kongcu could display such a sadistic and disgusting attitude.

The person who was called Wen Twako still didn understand the situation. Confidently he replied, ”This fellow surnamed Wen and his four companions. Do you want to dance for us now? Ha ha ha. ” That answer was accompanied by a big laugh.

Still in an indifferent manner, Ma Keng Hong said, ”This dance from Kongcu, is not for free, the fees to be paid are very high. One dance move, one accompanist must pay with his life. After all, this Kongcu has determined that you must be the accompaniment. ”

”Ha ha ha! … Well, fine! This fellow surnamed Wen will also happily accompany. ” Wen Huo Geng replied, still very confident.

Ma Keng Hong swung his arm slowly, a ray of pure air seemed to spread out. The chairs and tables on the first floor of Golden Goose Villa were pushed neatly to the side so that in the middle a large arena appeared.

Ma Keng Hong looked sharply and sadly at the five rude people. Inevitably also a little scary feeling in their hearts. ”This dance of mine must use a sword, the five of you take out your swords and come here. ”

It was only now that Wen Huo Geng realized that what this beautiful young man meant was a fight. In fact he asked to be beaten by the five of them. ”You bastard, how dare you toy with us?! Give up your dogs life. ”

Once he hit the table, his big sturdy body was already standing in the middle of the area that Ma Keng Hong had vacated earlier.

”Wen Twako, wait! The wise man said; Cut the chicken with a kitchen knife, not a sword. This soft persimmon let me do the– ”

Ma Keng Hong cut in quickly. ”You can , you don even have a chance. This Kongcu has said, one dance move then one life must be paid. ”

After he said, three breaths later, the head of the person who had mocked Ma Kongcu as a persimmon gently rolled down on the floor.

Everyones breath became tight, no one saw what movement, and how Ma Kongcu slashed that person. Fresh blood was seen dripping on the blade.

”Bastard, you killed my underlings right before my eyes! You must die. ” Wen Huo Geng shouted angrily.

His eyes look fiery, his face is getting black and iron.

Not intending to spare Ma Kongcu, Wen Huo Gengs game of palm moves was immediately played. The mans arms were both golden in color.

”Its the Golden Palm Moves. ” Amazed voices rang out from several corners of the room.

”But Ma Kongcu doesn even seem to care about the Golden Palm. ” Another amazed voice answered.

In the middle of the area, dozens of golden palm shadows attacked Ma Kongcu from various angles, it was not just a palm strike, but there were still several aftershocks.

Ma Keng Hong, still with an indifferent attitude. When he was attacked, the young man attacked other people instead.

Once again Ma Keng Hongs swing and swift sword movement took his life. ”Danger, all of you be careful! ” Shouted Wen Huo Geng warning the three remaining people from his group.

However, it was just a futile scream. Three flashes of sword light were seen. Three lifeless bodies lay on the floor.

Now that all the sharp-eyed martial artists have seen, how Ma Kongcu intervened to kill.

”Its the tenth style fir sword move; One Slash Takes a Life. Who would have thought that Yang Liu San Cengs Ma Kongcu had managed to train their villages swordsmanship to the tenth style. ”

”Even though the younger generation of Yang Liu village, for hundreds of years no one has managed to practice the tenth style. ”

The voices of admiration from several corners of the Golden Swan Villa were heard shouting at each other praising Ma Kongcus talent.

Wen Huo Geng looked even more annoyed, not only was his golden palm moved so easily dodged by the young man, even in nine breaths the youth had killed everyone in his group.

Just when he intended to attack Ma Kongcu again, so did Ma Keng Hong himself who began to change sword movements wanting to enjoy the fight.

A crisp and beautiful voice sounded, intoxicating, at the same time stopping the fight.

”Knowing ones own strength is introspection … knowing the right time to stop and not going overboard is wise … forgiveness is compassion, everyone deserves a second chance … ” Along with that voice, from the second floor floated up and down beautifully the figure of a young woman, wearing a veil so that her face is not visible.

The body of lightning tricks that she displayed was very high, the way she just went down was like a leaf in the wind, light and made no sound when she landed on the floor.

The woman, wearing green with a luxurious feel. As soon as she stood on the floor, the maids of the first floor Golden Swan Villa, hurriedly walked over to the woman.

”Salute to the Villa owner! ” they said in unison.

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