The Legend Of The Hero

Ch. 8. Mu Tiong-Lo

Everyone has known and seen the owner of the mysterious Golden Goose Villa, it is true as rumored. From the way she appeared and spoke, people would not know her true face.

”No respect needed. You guys go back to work in your respective positions! ” The villa owner ordered all the maids who came and saluted him.

Without an answer, all the maids obeyed and went back to their activities.

The lady owner of the Golden Goose Villa looked intently at Ma Keng Hong and Wen Huo Geng. Her slender, beautiful, and graceful body was immediately brought before Wen Hou Geng.

”The owner of this villa always acts fairly and wisely while in the villa. The Golden Goose Villa is not a place to be used as an arena for fighting. ” The woman took a deep breath.

She continued, ”Fortunately, this Kuownio before opening the Golden Goose Villa, had learned a few moves. So that it can resist various pressures from the Green Jungle. ” She pointed a finger at Wen Huo Geng. ”After obtaining forgiveness–Why are you still standing there? Does Wen Heng have a double life? Get out of here, we don accept a bunch of trash. ”

As she spoke, the womans tone of voice was very flat. However, that was a very sharp satire. The human surnamed Wen is a very stupid person. ”Do you think Im a soft persimmon, which you can shoo away at will? This fellow surnamed Wen, goes wherever he pleases, no one has ever dared to obstruct, let alone expel– ”

”Hi hi hi… ” The villa owner gave a sinister laugh, a laugh that cut off Wen Huo Gengs words. The green shadow silhouette flashed once. ”This Kuownios intelligence, how would Wen Heng judge it? ”

Cold sweat covered Wen Huo Gengs body. At that moment a cold index finger pierced his throat hard. The pure power that emerged from the index finger hurt the skin of his neck. A small amount of blood began to seep from the wound.

”That … The Finger of Death Takes Soul! ” The sharp eyes of the many great fighters on the first floor of the Golden Goose Villa recognized the move the owner was using. ”The owner of this Golden Goose Villa really is a great person in hiding, ” thought everyone there.

”Still want to leave a life in this villa? ” The villa owner confirmed to Wen Huo Geng who still wanted to act impulsively.

”Not dare! Siauwcut will be leaving soon. ” Trembling violently, Wen Huo Geng still loved his own life. He turned around to leave the Golden Goose Villa.

”Wait! Their corpses, Wen Heng must take them away too. ”

After saying that, now the lady who owned the villa turned around and faced Ma Keng Hong. She didn care what Wen Huo Geng was doing. ”Ma Kongcu, also have to get out of here … this is a form of justice from the villa rules. ”

Wen Huo Geng, who was piling four corpses on either side of his shoulders, became shocked after hearing the words of the villa owner.

The woman was really fair and indiscriminate.

Ma Keng Hongs demeanor had returned to normal, his ruthless spirit had completely disappeared. Earlier in the fight he had become a different person, just like someone possessed by a demon.

Ma Kongcu threw the sword in hand at his maid. He bowed deeply, then clenched his fists in front of his chest. Really shows his nature as an expert Bun(literatur) and Bu(Martial Arts)

”Kuownio sure to expel Siauwte? Hasn Kuownio seen the origin of all the fights earlier, the source isn Siauwtes side?! ” Ma Keng Hong demanded an explanation he could more easily accept from the owner of the Golden Goose Villa.

Indifferent, the woman walked to one of the chairs, she sat down and poured tea into a cup. She didn care if the cups and teapots had been used by other customers.

”Very sure. ” While enjoying the tea, she answered with confidence. The woman then continued, as if returning the words Ma Keng Hongs maid had previously said. ”Where the earth is stepped on, there the sky is upheld. Ma Kongcu may be a glorified person in Yang Liu San Ceng. ”

”However, this is not Yang Liu San Ceng. This is a business that Kuownio has built herself. The rules here, Kuownio is the one that regulates them, even Ciangbunjin Shou Lim Sect who incidentally is the strongest Sect in the Martial World. If he visits here he must also comply with the rules of the Golden Goose Villa. ”

”In the Golden Swan Villa, arrogance belongs only to us, power belongs to us alone, our rules determine it. ” The villa owner took another deep breath. ”Does Ma Kongcu doubt our strength? Quick moves may be just an expert lightening the body, but not really an expert in other martial arts. ”

”Ma Kongcu better throw that thought away. ” The owner of the villa, poured tea into another cup. ”Ma Kongcu may try to prove it. ”

As soon as she finished speaking, then the cup which had been filled with tea to the brim, shot up fast, splitting the air and making a shrill whirring sound. The work of this woman, really shows a high level of power control and am-gi throwing techniques that are rarely seen in the martial world.

The way she threw was so precise and powerful, not only did the position of the cup remain stable, even the tea that was full in the cup didn sway in the slightest.

Seeing this technique, it was not only the people on the first floor who were in awe, even some of the Martial World elders who were on the second floor were in awe.

”Great technique! ”

”Excellent inner power control! ”

Several voices of praise began to sound. This lady owner of the Golden Swan Villa was truly a great person who hid her prowess. They had never even heard of a great person with traits like the villa owner.

Ma Keng Hong spun around beautifully, he wasn sure he could take the womans punch. Even so, Ma Keng Hong still tried his best. After turning beautifully, it takes advantage of the effect from the spin power and reduces the sliding force of the pile.

Ma Keng Hong accepted the teacup, a quarter of the contents from the cup he couldn hold back, and spilled onto his clothes.

He gulped down the remaining tea. Bowing deeply, he once again paid his respects. ”Siauwte is leaving, thanks to Kuownio for opening this blind eye. Before Siauwte leaves, may Siauwte know the name of Kuownio? ”

The woman who owned the Golden Swan Villa didn answer, but her furrowed brow indicated that she was reluctant to answer. However, then once again people became amazed at him.

She pounded the table hard, the tea in the cup shot up, then two words were written in the air. ”Nangong Rong. ”

All eyes can read the writing of the floating tea. Beautiful and smooth writing style, typical of someone who had studied painting before.


1. Cuwi : All of you.

2. Kuownio/Siocia : Young lady/Young lady.

3. Am-gi: a kind of secret weapon.

4. Ciangbunjin: Head of the College.

5. Siauwcut : I am low

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