The Legend Of The Hero

Ch. 9. Dog Beating Stick Move

Ma Keng Hong became very aware of his own strength, it was actually far adrift with Miss Golden Goose Villa owner. The way she wrote the name with the tea was just extraordinary.

How could a martial artist form writing from tea water and float in the air for a few breaths? Then it fell and went back into the cup without spilling anything.

Maybe that kind of intelligence only belonged to the five Martial World strongmen, or only the people of the big Sects. But Ma Keng Hong had obviously never heard of anyone named Nangong Rong among the other great names.

”Thank you Nangong Kuownio, today Nangong Kuownio has truly shown a personality this Siauwte has never seen, be it martial arts or literature. ” Ma Keng Hong bowed deeply, clenching his fists in front of his chest.

He turned and waved at his two acolytes, just as he was at the exit. Laughter emitted with a high level of energy rang out.

”Ha ha ha! ”

From the second floor of the Golden Swan Villa, another figure floated up again. ”Wait, Ma Kongcu! Since when were the people of Yang Liu San Ceng so easily bullied? Aren you ashamed? Even the one bullying was a woman. This humiliation, how can Yang Liu San Ceng still dare to show face in the Martial World? ”

As soon as he got down the man immediately stopped Ma Keng Hong and his two followers. When Ma Keng Hong turned around he immediately recognized, it was one of the Tiong-Lo in the cypress forest village.

This person was an old man who was about sixty years old, his white hair was neatly tied up, not only his hair had turned white, his eyebrows, mustache, and beard had also turned white.

The clothes he wears in hanfu are white, with light blue stripes on the arms and waist. A long sword with a dragon scabbard was held in his right hand. This old mans demeanor still looks dashing.

”That is Mu Xuan Fei, He is Yang Liu San Cengs first Tiong-Lo. ”

”Yes! Right, apparently the old temper was already in this villa, and was hiding on the second floor. ”

”Hush! Be careful when you speak, do you want to die? ”

Whispering voices of questions and answers were heard softly in some corners, they were familiar with the old man who had just come down. The good thing was, the old man didn care about the soft whisper, he walked over to Ma Keng Hong and his two assistants.

The two followers of Ma Keng Hong, when they saw the old man, immediately fell on their knees shaking. ”Mu Tiong-Lo, please accept our respect. ”

The old man didn care about the respect of the two, he walked in front of them and slapped them hard.

”Plaque! ”

”Plaque! ”

”Years of practice, in front of these little bastards alone, you have to rely on Ma Kongcu. As bodyguards you have failed, huft! ”

Getting the slaps and insults from Mu Tiong-Lo made the two of them tremble even more, with sweat as big as soybeans starting to trickle out and soak their clothes. Even though it was the beginning of the snow season, the weather should be very cold, and sweat was very difficult to get out.

But their fear of Mu Tiong-Lo overcame the winter chill.

Mu Tiong-Lo, that old man was already well known for his brusque temper, light-hearted when he acted. He didn care, be it the younger generation, or the older generation. Anyone who offended Yang Liu San Ceng, the problem would only get worse when he came.

This person was well suited to serve as the first Tiong-Lo, and to manage the law enforcement department within the Fir Forest Village.

”The calculation with you will be done when in the village later. ” Smiling sinisterly, Mu Tiong-Lo turned around and faced Nangong Rong. ”What qualifications does Kuownio have? So it is very bold to be presumptuous, and look at us people from Yang Liu San Ceng with pointed eyes. History?! What was the Golden Goose Villa doing here? There isn any or nothing. ”

”Humph! The Golden Goose Villa was only established here a year ago. ” Mu Tiong-Lo made a number one gesture with his finger. ”Just one year already dared to threaten the people of Yang Liu San Ceng. Nangong Kuownio is really not giving us face. ”

Mu Tiong-Lo swore at Nangong Rong and the Golden Swan Villa so badly, he seemed to be picking all the dilapidated things out of the villa.

Nangong Rong still remained seated, calm and graceful. As she was about to open her mouth in response to Mu Tiong-Los words. Another figure has also descended from the second floor of the Golden Swan Villa.

”Why can it not be? Are Yang Liu San Cengs people really that great? Have you all eaten the lions heart, the tigers heart? Even in the place of other people, still dare to act arbitrarily. Its just a very nauseous thing in the stomach, ” said the figure who had just come down. As soon as he came down from the second floor he immediately took a stand against the people from Yang Liu San Ceng.

A dashing and handsome young man, the youth around twenty-three years of age, had appeared there.

The young man wore a simple green hanfu, decorated with white stripes. His face was white as snow, with a strong jaw, sharp eyes and eyebrows arched like a machete, a sharp nose, and thin lips like buffalo horns. His athletic build was perfectly hidden under his clothes.

A long sword with a jet black sheath was visible in his left hand.

When the young man appeared, all the guests who visited the Golden Goose Villa on the first floor were shocked. The people of the East knew the young man, he was the beloved disciple of Giam Lo It Ci, Liu Kai.

This youth was named Cia Bun Wei. In the East, he was not the one who carved a name because of the teacher. However, the talent and prowess of this young man himself was indeed above average.

Not only is this young man a swordsman, the masters finger of death moves he has definitely mastered to an advanced level.

Because of the appearance of the young man, the people who visited the Golden Swan Villa were increasingly wondering in their hearts. ”Why are so many great people gathered in this villa, one by one they started to appear. What has happened? ”

After replying to Mu Tiong-Los arrogant nature, Cia Bun Wei faced Nangong Rong. He clenched his fists on his chest. ”Dealing with Yang Liu San Cengs people, let Siauwte appear. Nangong Kuownio, there is no need to intervene. ”

Cia Bun Wei came to the fore, defending the home side.


1. Tiong-Lo : Elder.

2. Giam Lo It Ci : Single Finger of Death or Single Finger of Death.

3. Yang Liu San Ceng: Fir Forest Village.

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