Gabriel Kimura has finally graduated from medical school in Furawāshiti, Japan at only 23 years old. But by only being 23 nobody thought he was good enough. ”How am I gonna pay the bills this week? ” Gabriel was slumped over his desk whit his computer opened showing another retention. Gabriel had tried every hospital in Furawāshiti but nobody wanted him. What am I going to do I can go back to my parents and my girlfriends place is out of the question, maybe I can stay over at Harus place. As Gabriel was calling up his friend there came a ping from the computer. Gabriel looked up onto the computer screen

”hello Gabriel whats up ”

”I got a job ”.

As Gabriel walked into the reception, he looked for somebody he could talk to so he could find out where he was supposed to be. ”Excuse me, but can you tell me where Im supposed to be ” the lady behind the counter looked up from her computer. ”And you are? ” ** I forgot they don know me ”Im Gabriel Kimura and Im new here I just got the job as a doctor ” She looked him up and down showing a distorted face but still trying to hide it ”in what section where you hired ” Gabriel opened his back and began to panic. Omg what if they didn want me but emailed me by accident ”adults ” she tapped something on the computer and then called somebody. ”Hello Jacob, the new person is here ” after a little while a guy came over, he looked to be around the same height as Gabriel whit brown hair ”sorry Im late ” the woman rolled her eyes. The guy then began to walk after he was almost out of sight he turned around ”are you coming? ”Gabriel began to run over to the guy. As they began walking together the guy spoke up ”My name is Jacob Jackson is nice to meet you ” as he smiled Gabriel smiled back. ”So, you will be working in my department, and we work very closely whit the surgeons here at the hospital because there is so much crime in the city, they are always busy. You are familiar whit how you prepare for a surgy, right? Of course, you do that the reason you were chosen for this job. It is so cool being a normal doctor and knowing how to be a surgeon why didn you just become a surgeon? ” Gabriel hadn gotten a chance to even talk ”I failed the entrance exam to become a surgeon and I was told that I could try again when I was 24 by the headmaster ” Jacob looked shocked ”danm I didn know that the headmaster could just say that ” Gabriel looked down at the floor trying to hold down the anger from that time ”neither did I ” Jacob then stopped. ”This is our floor you will get to know everybody pretty quickly for today you will be working whit Hiroto Sato or Sato-San, Sato-San this is Gabriel Kimura, Sato show him everything he needs ” Sato-San was a little smaller than Gabriel whit black raven hair. ”Hello Kimura-San I know I am supposed to work whit you today, but I am actually already working with somebody on a patient so Im handing you over tooooooo ” Sato looked for anybody to take Gabriel. Maybe this is a practical joke on me. ”Takahashi ” he grabbed a random dude that was walking by. ”Kimura, James Takahashi, Takahashi, Gabriel Kimura, Taka he is now your responsibility, bye ” So there Gabriel stood in a new place whit new people and a 6.2 feet tall man.

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