Gabriel kissed him and this time James kissed back.

as the kiss deepened Gabriel put his arms around Jamess neck and James grabbed his ass. James parted their lips again and lead into Gabrielss ear ”jump ” Gabriel did as he was told whiteout any question as he did James caught him and started kissing him again. they crashed into the wall just and they didn care.

until they were both out of breath and need air. ” about we take it to a hotel ” for a second Gabriel thought over what he was doing. he has just met this man and he is his boss. but at the same time, he was horny, so in the end, he agreed. they got to the hotel and got a key. the second they walked through the door to their room. closing it James said ”take a bath and get ready in the bath ” Gabriel looked at him confused. what did he mean get ready I mean Im the one going to top so shouldn it be him getting ready? ”don you know how to, or do you need my help? ” Gabriel was still not saying anything. ”Hmm you are not saying much, but you will soo enough so lets get ready together, okay ” Gabriel nobbed and followed him inside the bathroom. as they began taking their clothes off Gabriel couldn help himself to peek.

as he removed the last piece of his clothes and turned around to see James staring right at Gabriel. he then began to walk closer to Gabriel. he put his hand slowly onto Gabriels chin lifting it up. ”You look beautiful ” Gabriel shivered at the words not knowing what to say. he looked over the taller mans body taking in every detail. from the big shoulders to the perfect six-pack to the Gabriel quickly looked up trying to act as if he had not just tried to peek. James chuckled and led the boy to the shower.

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