ou will end of puking ”. Gabriel just looked at the man now sadness in his eyes. did Gabriel what to make James feel good? so cute. James got the man up on his feet again and pushed his chest against the wall, as the cold wall hit Gabriels skin the hotness between his thighs. James took the waterproof lube and opened it. as the cold liquid fell onto Gabriels ass and in Jamess hand, James leaned in and said, ”try to relax, ok? ” Gabriel began to take some deep breaths and then forgot all about it when the pain from his ass kicked in. Gabriel tried to keep in the cries, but Jamese knew and did it gentler trying to hurt the little boy as little as possible. after some time, Gabriel where finally able to enjoy it and James could fit four fingers inside. as Gabriel moans became louder James stopped ” why? why did you stop? ” James grabbed the towels one for him and one for Gabriel ”we can get sick, and the bed is way more comfortable~ ” Grabiel cheeked became red, right we have a whole night before us.

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