hears from the bathroom that the shower was on and then off. He grabbed his phone and ran out of the Hotel room he ran home and changed, then ran over to the hospital where Jacob was waiting for him.

”Im so sorry Im late ” Jacob gave him a death stare ”you better be there was a big accident on the outer edge of town, we have our hands full. You can help out whit the childrens section if you need anything Im over at the adult section ”. Gabriel walked over to the kids and began helping them.

As he came to the last child the child was crying. ”Hey, is going to be aright you parents are going to be here soon ” Gabriel tried to reassure him. ”No, they are not ” the child sobbed out ”and why not… ” He quickly looked at the top of the paper ”Oha Hideaki? ” ”Because my parents are dead ” ** I should have read the rest. Wich, he did now.

Name: Oha Hideaki

Age: 7

Birthday: 2/8 20xx


Parents -> dead

Older sister-> alive

After reading a bit more he looked at the kid. ”You have an older sister, right? ”The kid stopped crying and nobbed. ” And she was whit you during the accident ” again a nob ”then she must be here somewhere, right? ” the kids eyes began to shine ”now I cannot promise she is here maybe she is home but if she is here, we can find her, ok? ” the kid nobbed. ”Then shall we go and ask the desk? ” the kid jumped down from the chair he was sitting on and grabbed Gabrielss hand holding it like he never wander to let go.

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