Luciano stared at the scroll and Madison gestured her hand for him to have it. Once his hand touched them, he felt something crawl on his skin and quickly threw the scroll out of his hand. Madison gave him a questioning look being surprised by his reaction.

”Whats wrong? ” She asked him

”I felt something on my skin immediately I held it…. whats that? ” He asked

”I think this scroll can only get opened if you forced them opened. I guess that way my attempt to see whats in it failed because Im not the rightful person to whats in there. Your mother gave this to me before she passed away ” She told him and a sad smile crept her lips. Luciano could definitely see her sad expression and he opened his mouth to say something.

”You do love her right? ” He asked

”Yes I do. She was a very kind and loyal woman. She never gives up on love and she even sacrificed herself because of love ” Madison told him. Luciano mouth gape o.

Luciano felt the urge to know more about his mother, he picked up the scroll and force it opened.

”Carefully, it might be dangerous ” She hastily told him and Luciano ignored her

”Gosh… isn this just a scroll? Its damn hard to open. Whats gonna happen once we succeed opening it ” He groaned loudly and he gritted his teeth.

”We will fall into a deep slumber and go back to our past life. No one will hear us neither will anyone see us. We will be and illusion even if we are seen ” She explained to him and Luciano paused. He heaved a sign and he continued to force the scroll open. It finally opened and the duos eyes turned black as snores began to echo in the house.


(This is where the main story story starts….pls read)


(PAST LIFE——– Hundred centuries ago)

They moved through a dark tunnel with high speed and they ended in a bush. The duo stood in front of a magnificent palace. They both heaved a sign and walked in. The palace guards didn notice their presence. They walked in like a thief trying to invade the castle. They were still unsure if anyone could see them or feel their presence.

They entered the building and their sight caught a young princess running hastily down the stairs.

”Papa! Papa!! Papa!!! ” The girl called out and the King who was having a discussion with his Duke and Duchess jolted in confusion.

”Why are you running like that? What if you fall down the stairs? ” The king asked with concern. The girl stopped running when she reached her father. She respectfully greeted the guests but as usual she got no reply from them and her gaze averted back to her father.

”Daddy, my birthday is coming soon and you haven said anything about it ” She pouted her lips. The man eyes widened in surprise. He had totally forgotten about his daughters birthday.

”Im sorry dear. This old man in front of you has many things he is thinking about ” He smiled as he stroked his daughters hair. The Duke and Duchess felt on easy hearing they the mysterious princess birthday is coming soon.

”Are they more important than me? ” She said like a teary child.

”Of course not Angelica. You are far more important than them. What do you want as a birthday present? ” He asked his daughter and the girl smiled widely.

”I want us to throw a party because its my sweet sixteen ” she said with a wide smile and then the guests coughed out.

”Ehh….? ” She turned around and looked at the coughing guest.

”I think its better if you don celebrate it dear ” The duchess said with her eyes filled with worries. Angelica was stunned because this woman never spoked to her thoughtless of calling her ”Dear ”.

”Why? Its my sweet sixteenth birthday and I wanna celebrate it ” She said like an adamant child.

”No… its for everyones safety. You should do it alone in your home instead of inviting everyone putting them in jeopardy. ” She explained.

Angelica was confused and she didn know what to say. Her gaze went back to her dad.

”Dad? ” She said like a teary child.

”They are right dear…..You know how this village get destroyed when its on your birthday. I think its best if we just do it alone at home. The flood won take life but it would only destroy farmlands and take away properties. Since its your sweet sixteen who knows if it might houses away ” He shuddered.

Angelica was languid. She didn know what to say anymore. She left their presence and hurriedly went back to her room with tears flowing down her eyes. The king was disappointed. He didn know another way to make her happy and he couldn risk the life of his people for a birthday party.

”What is it dear? ” Queen Elizabeth asked her daughter who was sobbing profusely.

”Go away, I don want to talk to anyone ” She said neglecting her mothers question.

”What is it dear? I won go unless you tell me ” Queen Elizabeth insisted. She crawled on her daughters to bed to reach her. She encircled a arm around her daughter neck while the other was cleaning her tears.

”Why is that Im hated by people in the society? Why don I have friends? Why do flood always happen on my birthday? ” She blurted out in tears. Queen Elizabeth sympathize with her daughter. Only if she had the power to do something for her and take all those miseries, she would surely do so.

”You look supreme to them all. They believe you possess some kind of powers that they don have. Its bad for them to criticize you or being baised towards you. But I think you need to put up with it… don get intimidated and just wait for the right time to come when people will know your true purpose of coming to this earth. ” She said in a low-pitched voice. She patted her daughters back gesturing her a reassuring smile that everything would be okay.

”What am I? and you mean that Im not human? ” She asked

”You are human but a special kind. The prophetess had told me about you before your existence and thats why your father and I are not surprised when strange things do occur on your birthday ” She explained.

”Special kind? What happened on my birth day ” she asked with all hears down

”The weather was gloomy and it didn rain until you came into this world. The rain fell so heavily and people lost their houses and loved ones because the rain swept them all away. I felt pity and I was worried deeply until I received a message from the prophetess that today is the day that the girl she prophecized about is born….I trembled in fear that day because your eyes weren normal….they were emitting silver light and your hair had two colors



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