” Lets breakup. Im sorry. ”

This two sentence is so painful it can tear a heart of someone who heard it. And its incomparable when it came from someone you dedicated your heart to.

” Breakup? Why? Did I do something wrong? If I did, we can talk it out. ”

Tears started to form in his eyes. He got stuttered. He got suffocated. His heart trembled. It hurts.

All he saw is a silhouette of that person slowly disappearing in his blurry vision. Tears flow down to his cheeks. Globules of water fell in his clothes to his skin.

Even the sky feel what he felt. He can find any strength in his bones and muscles. Slumping in the street, sobbing.

Questions clouding his mind. Why did she broke up with me? Did I do something wrong? Did she found a new one? Doesn she love me? Am I not enough?

Liquid dripping in his body leaving traces of wet showing his pale skin through his school uniform.

I can see whats in front of me. I can hear the sound of dribbled water on the ground. I can feel the touch of the rain in my skin. I feel numb.

It hurts. Its so painful. His chest is like being smashed by two hammer. His world turned gray. From the colorful paint to an empty canvas. Nothings left. Only void.

Suddenly, all his senses came back. A black converse shoes stopped in front of his eyes. He can still hear the rain but he don feel it anymore. It was odd. And cold.

He trembled. Hugging his legs, slowly raising his head to see whats in front of him. And it turned out to be who.

A person wearing a mask only revealing its big round eyes with a parted hair sideways. Holding an umbrella while standing in front of him.

Those gorgeous round eyes stared at him intently, surprisingly, he felt his strength and his senses restored. The person in front of him offered his jacket. Before he could even move or say a word, everything went black. He fell unconscious.

It was raining hard when I met the person who will turn my world upside down.

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