Alarm rang as loud as possible. Under the blanket, a white-toned hand came out. Tapping the bed table, reaching the clock to turn it off before withdrawing back his hand.

Still, he can sleep as the sound of continuous knock on the door irritate his ears. Hopping from his bed, stomping his feet to the door.

” Argh. Its still 7 in the morning, why so early? ” He was surprised when he saw whos standing behind the door.

Ace was standing there for 10 minutes already. Knocking the door without stopping. Finally, an eon after the door opened. He was static, with his right hand on his hips.

Reign don know what to do nor what to say. He scratch the back of his head. ” Why are you here? ”

Ace, who stare at him intensely, smirk. ” Im hungry. ” Whats with that smirk? Reign thought. ” If you
e hungry then go to the canteen. I don have any food here. ”

Ace giggle. He scratched his forehead then point at Reign. ” You should take a bath now. I don eat dirty food. ”

Reign find this guy unbelievable. Whos the food again? Me? He snorted. Ace went inside without a second thought. ” Hey, hey! Who told you to come in? ” He exclaimed.

” Do you want me to eat at the door, then? ” Ace asked with an tease face. ” So, you prefer some audience? ”

Reign scream in his mind. He took a deep breath. Stay calm. Stay calm. How did it end up like this? This is not the result Im expecting. Why is he so calm? Shouldn he feel disgusted by me? How is he so fine with this?

A day before today, Reign, together with his friends, went back to their classroom. Along the way, at the football field a familiar voice ring in Reigns ears. It was Summers.

” Whats the commotion there? ” Asked Lay. ” I guess they
e here for Ace. ” Key replied casually.

Reign walked towards the noise. Nate and the two followed.

” So… Ace, are you dating someone right now? ” Summer wrapped her arm around at Ace. Obviously, Ace feel uncomfortable. ” You know, freshmen and even the upperclassmen thought that we look good together. What do you think? ” She chuckle, acting all sweet and lovely in front of him and other freshmen.

” Yeah. You and Summer look good together. A match made in heaven. ” A student with a ponytail agreed. ” A perfect couple crafted by the universe. ” The one with a mole under her lips concur.

King and Ten tried to stop from laughing. Its not because of what the girls said, but because Aces face can be paint anymore.

” A match made in heaven? A perfect couple crafted by the universe? ” Reign laugh so hard he barely breath. Nate and the rest chuckled as well. ” Hahaha! Okay. Enough. No more jokes. ” Catching his breath, he walked towards Ace, grab Summers hand and place it at her side.

The frown in Ace brows became lighter after he heard Reigns laughter. He just observe Reign. ” You might not know this so I better tell you. ” Reign placed his hand at Aces shoulder, stared at him then gaze to the girls in front of them. ” Ace and I are dating. ”

The girls were stunned, not to mention Summer. She sneered. ” What did you say? You and Ace? Who are you trying to laugh? Are you that desperate? You think if you say that Ill come back to you? You
e hopeless. ” She taunt.

Reign guffaw. Ace gazed at him. ” You really think I said this so youll come back to me? You should change your career. Instead of being in advertisement, you
e more suitable in a circus. ” He laughed hard again. Even Ace smile.

” Its true. Reign and I are dating. So, stop pestering me. I don want any misunderstanding between us. ” Ace followed.

What Ace said leave them in stupefy. For the girls, it was a jaw dropping confession while as for the boys, it was a genuine comedy stunt.

Ace grabbed Reigns hand and leave. When they
e sure no one can see them, he let go. ” Whats your position? ”

Reign was astound after what he heard. He didn even realized that Ace grabbed his hand. ” What position? ” Hes confused. Is he asking my position in soccer? But I don play soccer.

” In that case, Im the top and you
e the bottom. ” Ace locked him with his gaze. ” Whatever you say. ” Reign replied without looking at him directly.

” By the way, why did you say that when you didn really mean it? ” Reign freak out. Wait, what? So, he knew all along? He gulped.

” I don mind, though. Since those group keeps bothering me around, I guess having you next to me is a great help. ” He continued.

” So, you
e not mad? ” Reign asked out of curiousity. ” Im not. ” Ace respond. ” Oh, how did you know my name? ” Reign ask again.

” Yeah. How did you know my name? ” Ace answered with same question. ” Im the first who ask, don answer me with the same question. ” Reign mused. ” Ill tell you but not now. ” Ace respond. ” Ah, what do you mean by top and bottom anyway? ” Reign required.

Ace laugh softly. ” Top is the eater while bottom is the food. ” It took a minute before Reign get it. ” You
e such a pervert. ” Ace chuckle.

Reign came out from the bathroom. Gazing at Ace who comfortably lying in his bed with his headset on, he stomp towards him. Ace observed him. ” What a nice body. ” He compliment with a smile.

Reign crossed his arms in his chest. ” Stop looking, you pervert. ” Ace just laugh it out. ” Reign, have you decided which club you want to join in? ” His voice is as gentle as spring breeze. ” I haven . ” Reign answered.

” Want to join music club? ” Ace stare at him. ” Im not good with instruments. ” Reign finally put his clothes on. ” Also, why would I join music club? ”

” So its easy for you to pursue me since we
e in the same club. ” This guy is shameless, Reign thought. ” Aren you the top? Why would you let the bottom pursue you? You should be the one pursuing me. ”

Ace smiled. ” Okay. Ill pursue you. ” Reign felt satisfaction in his chest. Ace noticed it. ” You look happy. ” Reign blushed. ” Im not. ” He retorted.

” Join music club. ” Ace suggested. Reign glare at him. ” So its easy for me to pursue you since we
e in the same club. ” Ace smile playfully while Reign was about to explode.

Before they parted ways, Ace reminded him about joining the music club. ” Ill see you later at the club. Don be late, okay. ” He pat Reigns head gently and left.

Ace classroom is in the opposite building as him. Hes from the department of music while Reign is in department of art.

Reign glimpse at his wristwatch. He still have an hour before the class start. Now hes wondering around the campus like a stray puppy. He went back to the canteen.

Shortly as he entered, his friends roared in laughter. ” You guys seems so happy. Whats up? ”

” Oh, Reign. Have you eaten yet? ” Nate asked, wiping the tears at the corner of his eyes. Reign just nodded. ” Why are you guys laughing so hard like theres no tomorrow? ”

They stare at each others eyes. ” Oh, its nothing. Just a funny anime clip we watch on youtube. ” Nate explained. ” What hentai should we watch tonight? ” Lay asked innocently. Key smack him. ” Can you shut your mouth first, hmm. ”

” What hentai? ” Reign questioned. ” You don really need to know. ” Nate waved his hand. Reign gave them a suspicious look. Nate give up. ” Fine. Ill tell you. ” He paused, but as when hes about to speak, Lay spoke with confidence. ” Hentai is an anime genre which involved exotic behavior. ”

Nate and Key smack him in chorus. ” Its erotic not exotic, dumbass. ” Nate explained. ” Oh, really? Not exotic? ” Lay give it deep thought. ” Is your brain made of plastic? ” Key ask sarcastically.

Reign can focus on class. The word hentai occupied his brain. If hentai is an anime genre which involved exotic behavior, does that mean, it is an animation version of a man and a woman engaging in sex? Then, what about man to man?

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