Reign gulped. Staring at his laptop, his hand quiver. As he pressed the word enter, he immediately cover his eyes.

Reign wondered why is it so hard to move. He struggled but its so heavy its killing him. He slowly opened his eyes. His pupil dilated. He saw Ace laying above him as he smirk. How did he entered my room?

” W-what are y-you doing here? ” He stuttered. Ace just keep smiling playfully. Reign tried to push him but Ace is stronger than him. ” Get off of me. ” He keeps shoving but the guy atop him is unmovable.

Ace hold Reigns hand over his head, then whispered. ” Aren you curious what it feels like to be the bottom? ” He teased.

Reign attempt to escape from the grip, but it was so firm. ” What are you talking about? ” Ace giggle. ” You know exactly what Im talking about. ” He gazed at Reigns lips. ” That thing you watched on your laptop. ”

Reign was startled of what he heard. How did he know I watched it? Did he put a hidden camera in my laptop? Impossible, he didn even touch it. Perhaps hes a hacker?

Suddenly, the video in the laptop played on its own. Reign looked up. Ace whispered again. ” So? Wanna try it? Don worry, Ill be gentle. ” He, then, kiss Reigns white neck.

”No! ” He shriek. He looked around, no ones there. He let out a sigh of relief. Still, he felt something wet under his pants. He peeked, surprise, he hurriedly run towards the bathroom.

His friends can stop laughing at him. ” Did you wake up in a wrong side of bed? Hahaha! ” Lay jive. ” Whats with that big dark circles? Who are you? Panda? ” Key followed.

After what he dreamt last night, he barely sleep. He stare at Nate. ” Are you going to laugh at me too? ” Nate tried to maintain his composure but can help it. ” Can I? ” He burst out with laughter. Reign is sulking.

” I mean, why did you suddenly said that you watched yaoi and out of the blue you
e having a wet dream about Ace? Seriously, you
e so funny. ” Nate teased him. ” If I knew this is how you react, I shouldn have told you. ” He was pissed. Thats the other thing why his friends are having so much fun right now.

” Whose having a wet dream to whom? ” Ace approach them with his friends. ” Oh. You came at the right time, Ace. Actually, this friend of ours, Reign, dreamed about you and… ” Before Lay could finish his sentence, Nate shove the fried chicken into his mouth. ” Its nothing. Why are you here anyways? ”

” Oh. Because someone didn went to music club yesterday. ” He gazed at Reign. ” I forgot. Okay. ” Reign sound guilty. Ace pat his head. ” Its fine. Just come this time, understand. ” Reign nodded. He looks like a puppy that got scolded.

His friends stared at them being all lovey-dovey. ” I gotta go. I have early class. ” Ace said, messing Reigns hair. King and Ten said their goodbyes as well.

” You and Ace aren really dating, right? Everythings just an act, right? ” Nate wore a serious expression. ” Of course. Everythings just an act. ” Reign got a panic for a second there. He stared at Aces back. Its just an act.

” You
e that happy? ” King asked. Since they left, Ace keeps smiling. Maybe, hes out of his mind. ” Hes really cute. ” He said. ” Well, I agree to that. Especially, when hes shy and blushing like that. ” Ten agreed.

Ace glared at him. ” Hes mine. ” Ten chuckle. ” I know. What a possessive boyfriend. ” He clicked his tongue twice.

I met Reign 3 years ago. It was raining so hard. I went to the hospital to get checked. On our way home, I saw him slumping on the street. Crying as he hugged his legs. His shivering from cold.

I asked the driver to stop the car and insist to go out. I held an umbrella as I walked towards him. My driver protest to go himself but I can let other people go near him. I don know why I have this urge to protect him. Its weird.

I trudged. When Im three step closer to him, I extended my hand with an umbrella. He purposefully faced me. Once I saw his appearance, I thought hes an angel in disguised. Seeing him this miserable, I want to hug him as tightly as possible. Still, I need to get ahold of myself. Can afford to scare him.

Seeing him shuddering like that, I offered my jacket to him. The second time he gaze at me, he fell unconscious. It frighten me. I ask my driver to bring us back in the hospital.

Reign got a high fever. I stayed there a little bit longer till his parents arrival. I left my note bracelet to him fore I went home.

Afterwards, I found out that hes been dating any girls he encountered. All I did was staring at him from afar. But now, he talked to me first. He even declared to everyone that we
e dating. Though its just a lie, Im happy to heard it.

Playing my guitar, every tune indicate of happiness. ” You
e that happy, huh. Yesterday, you
e face is so hard to paint but now you
e glowing. So bright I lost my eyesight anytime soon. ” The president of the club, Tone, joshed.

Ace laughed. ” Well, the person I like will come here today to join the club. ” He excitedly enunciated. Tone nodded.

Reign peeked inside. The room looks small outside but its pretty big inside. Various instruments laying around. He was surprised.

” Why are you peeking like a creep there? ” A guy as tall as him spoke. ” Oh. Im so… ” He got startled and is about to apologize when he saw who the guy is. ” Singto Keawkarn. ” Ace smiled. ” Would you mind to come in, Prin Watthaya?

Ace open the door to let him in. Reign hesitated for a moment. Still, he went inside. Ace lead the walk, he followed. His eyes wondered around the room. Is this a room or an orchestra hall?

” PTone, my boyfriend, Reign. ” Ace announced. Reign was stunned. He smack Aces shoulder. ” Stop spouting nonsense. Im not your boyfriend. ”

Ace thought for a moment. ” Then, PTone, meet Reign, my wife. ” Reign took a deep breath. A little pissed. ” Hi, PTone. Im Reign, Aces friend. Not his boyfriend nor his wife. Pleased to meet you. ”

Tone chuckled. ” Pleased to meet you too, Reign. ” He find this situation too comedic. ” Then, Ace Ill let you handle him. Spend your free time learning from each other. Reign, welcome to the club. ” As usual, Tone used his business smile in front of new people.

” Thank you, PTone. ” Reign clasped his two palm and bow. ” Ill leave you guys alone. I have something else to do. Also, that room is vacant, feel free to use it. Just, don forget to lock it and its not soundproof so maintain your voice as quite as possible. Okay. ” After he pointed the direction of the room, he left.

Reign was confused. ” What does he mean? ” Ace chuckled. ” Its nothing. Hes always like that. Speaking whats in his mind. You can ignore him. ” He stared at Reign. ” What? ” Ace smiled. ” Nothing. ” He, then, pat his head. Cute.

Sky was now covered with darkness. Stars and constellations scattered across the skyline. Moon shines brighter than before.

Reign stretched his arm. ” Im exhausted and hungry. ” Ace smiled. ” Want to stop at my dorm? Ill cook food for you. ” Reign glimpsed at him. ” You
e not going to poison me, right? ” Ace chuckled. ” I am. But not poison. Probably, a love potion. ”

Reign snorted. ” As if such thing really exist. ” Ace smirk. ” Want to know? ” Reign didn answer right away. This question needs to be considered or else Ill regret it. ” Okay. Give me your best love potion. ”

Ace shook his head as he laughed which makes Reign smile. The two walked side by side heading to Aces dorm.

” Anyway, why did you choose art as your course? ” Ace asked. ” I love Picassos work. He can combined different art styles in one paint. Its uniqueness attracts me. ” Reign explained with excitement. Ace just nodded. ” Hmm. ”

” How about you? Why choose music? ” Reign questioned back. Ace thought for a second then answered. ” Its the only way I can express my feeling. ” He looked at Reign. ” You can express it through arts too though. ” Reign prompt.

Ace smirked. ” Are you trying to convince me to change course? ” His tone sound seductive. Reign blushed. ” I didn . I only said it just in case you don know. ” Ace wrapped his arm around Reigns shoulder. ” Too bad I totally sucked at art. ” He glanced at Reign. ” Who wants to be your classmate anyway. ” He brushed off Aces, walked in a fast pace leaving him behind. ” Wait for me, wifey. ” He teased.

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