The Merg Battle of Egos

Chapter two Brightwings

There is always a beginning, a start and an end. Just how civilization form from the fabric of imagination. Ideal sparks from the electronic pulses of the cell in which is known as the mind. All thing is made of the same material, atom. All is matter, just arrange different.

Humanity in its all finding wisdom, its advances in the black art they call science, to their religion counter parts. Always under prying eyes, knocking at the walls of existence, the barrier that kept our world separate.

Like caged animals not knowing how vast the universe is. Though within their cage, theyve come close to the truth with in the walls of their imagination. A truly frighting species.

Lets start at the beginning, the very beginning. The beginning of all, ironically start with the big bang, yes, the big bang. Though its wasn the sudden cosmic explosion of energy and matter. No, the true big bang was the first and only, the energy sparks a conscious.

The conscious, the creator of all. Human would have many names, God, trinity, Yggdrasill. Many ways to express how we all came to be. Though us spiritual beings know, we call it the motherly father. The conscious one, and from that one came many.

The very first thing that the conscious one created was a sense of self. In creating self from conscious, the creator was able to form ideals that spung from question that took eons to from.

From those question the entities of space and time came into being. Following space and time came light and darkness, matter, and finally the elements.

The pillars of creation were form, from one came many, though in the end conscious vanished. With each ideal conscious gave its essences, spreading, until it became everything and nothing.

Everything begins and end, though not entirely.

One of the pillars started to imitate conscious, giving birth to its own ideals, others followed. Some even mixed, stars were conjured, world, universes, and multiverses are made. Walls are constructed and life is formed, many things were created, all containing the essence of conscious.

Soon the creations were creating their creators.

None of us knows how long but, all thing is made up the conscious one essence. From its conscious did it create everything, like how an embryo is a part of its mother and father long after it develops into its own entity.

And over eons this knowledge has not once been lost to us, though its matter not, for all has a beginning and an end.

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