A young girl of seventeen, sat in a corner of a cabin, with two younger girls, as they were held captive. Three women that were a few years older than them, were either held against the wall, or on the bed, as the men who held them captive pounded inside them. She held her hands over the younger girls ears, as the women cried out, and begged for more. ”Whats going to happen to us, Akatsuki? ”

She held the two fifteen year olds, closer. ”Well be fine. ” She pulled them closer, as a few of the twelve men looked their way. Akatsuki gave the best Ill kill you look, which didn deter them at all. ”Well, well. ” She pulled them behind her, while the leader of the group came closer. ”Touch one hair on their heads, and your going to find you balls shoved up your ass. ”

He stopped for a moment, and blinked, before bursting out in laughter. The rest of the men joined in; even the ones with the three other females, who stared at her in passion and guilt. The leader stopped laughing, and reached for her. ”What are you going to do about it? ” The three women tried to jerked their hands away from the males hands, as they held them down.

They finally succeeded after a few minutes, as the leader was thrown to the ground, and Akatsukis foot smashed down on his cock and balls. He cried out in pain; while the men just watched as she leaned down, her foot putting more pressure, as she whispered in his ear. ”I thought I told you, don ….touch… ” He gulped, as she looked at him with malice.

”Let me tell you a little secret. ” She slammed her foot down again. Standing straight; grateful her mother had given her boots instead of heels. Her eyes sweeped across the room at the others, and then landed on the leaders again. ”The last man who tried to touch me, no longer had his balls and dick intact. ” She exerted more pressure; finding it funny that he and all the other men were dumb enough to take off their clothes.

Her nose raised a few notches. ”His dick was cut off and dismembered, before being burned in front of him; and then his life soon ended after that. ” They all gulped. ”Wh- groan, what was his name? ” Her eyes drifted back to the leader. ”Marcus Beutaunt, was his name. ” They all flinched. ”By the way, it wasn me who killed him. ” She grinned, a glint coming into her eyes. ”Who? ” She sighed and crossed her arms. ”It was either my mother, or your king. ”

They all looked at each other, at the mention of the king. She put a finger to her cheek, her foot squeezing his cock a little more. What pissed her off, was that he was enjoying it, just as much as he was in pain. ”If you want to know, I suggest you ask your king. ” She smashed her foot down again, and leaned down to grab his neck. ”Other than that, ” She tilted her head to the side, and smiled sweetly. ”I suggest you finish your business here, and leave. ” They all shivered at her tone. She lifted her foot off his cock, and lifted him by the throat. ”Am I clear? ” He gulped as she gave that sweet smile again; squeezing his windpipe in the first place. ”Am I clear? ” He nodded his head up and down quickly. She patted his cheek. ”Good boy. ” She then threw him across the room; he groaned as he slammed head first into the wall, and whimpered like a baby.

Akatsuki sat down with the other two girls; laying her head against the wall. Silence rained in the cabin, as the rest of them started to feel awkward. A few hours later, just as the men and women came to a climax, the cabin door burst open. The males had just jerked on their clothes, when three female warriors came inside. ”Well, well. We wondered why you guys didn come back; but we can see now, that you were having fun. ” Akatsuki raised her eyebrow, at the word Fun. They advanced a few feet, before the leader did the most stupidest thing he thought of.

He grabbed one of the girls next to Akatsuki, and held her in front of him; fangs ready to bury into her neck. ”Take one more step, and Ill drain this girl dr… ” A foot came flying towards his face, as the girl was ripped out if his arms. He slammed against the wall, with a ”Oomph. ” Before a hand grabbed the back of his shirt. ”Move. ” The one order, made the three women move to the side, as he was thrown outside, and into one of the large trees. ”Knife. ”

The leader coughed, and turned around, just in time to see the knife stick into the tree trunk next to his head. He gulped, as Akatsuki looked at him with fury. ”I thought I told you to do something? ” He flinched as she grabbed the knife out of the trunk. A sweet smile came to her face, as she tilted her head; plunging the knife into the ground. ”Right? ” He passed out, with foam coming out of his mouth, as he saw where she plunged the knife. Akatsuki rolled her eyes, and turned away. ”Remember next time. ” She went back into the cabin to help, as the men escaped and grabbed from the ground.

Later that night, she sat on one of the castle walls, as she stared at the moon; her feet hung over the side, while her spaghetti strap nightie, hugged her breasts, and flowed with the wind. ”Akatsuki? ” She turned her gaze towards the pregnant woman waddling up the stairs. She turned her gaze back to the moon. ”Why aren you asleep? ” The woman came to her side.

Akatsuki looked at the moon; a red hint coming to one tip of it. ”Its coming….soon….my birthday. ” The woman put a hand on her belly, and smiled. ”Yes, soon youll join the ranks, and be a woman. ” Akatsuki frowned. ”Men are damn morons, Beth. No way. ” Beth laughed. ”Your mother was the same way, until a certain vampire king shut her up. ” She grimaced. ”I still don believe that my mother and the queen were charmed by that idiot. ” Beth burst out laughing. ”Youll see soon why women, and even men fall. ” Akatsuki swung her foot. Yeah they do that, but its stupid they live apart from each other. ” Beth giggled. ”Yes, it is stupid. ”

An hour ago, the men from the cabin had returned to the castle, as they reported to the king. ”Your Majesty. ” They all bowed. The king surveyed his men. ”I here you were less than successful, in some points. ” The leader gulped. ”Yes, my king. ” He wondered how he should tell him; but they all froze. ”Announcing his Royal Highness, Prince Allen. ” Everyone bowed, as he passed and kneeled before his father. ”Good evening, my king. ” The king nodded. ”You may rise. ” The prince sat in the chair next to his father. ”Well, Baron. What happened? ” He took a breath, and spoke. ”We captured six woman, sir. However, three were too young, but instead of leaving them alone; me and my arrogance, we were told off by one of them, and she… ”

One of the men snickered, ”And kicked the Captains ass. ” The king looked to him. ”What was that? ” He stood to attention. ”She kicked the Captains ass, sir. ” He gulped, as the king raised a brow. ”Really? ” He turned his gaze to the captain. ”It that true. ” Baron bowed his head. ”Yes, sir. She looked about sixteen or seventeen, and had flaming red hair. Her eyes were different colors, of one green, and the other white. ” Allen flinched. ”I see. ” He rose from his chair; anger rolling off him in waves. ”And how did you capture these women? ” Baron was scared to answer, as the prince was now standing right next to him. One of the soldiers stood up, ready to speak, when the prince held up a hand. ”I asked your captain a question, not you. ”

He swallowed. ”We captured them in a net, sir. And then we took them to the cabin. ” Allen took a breath, ”Fine. ” He marched down the throne room, and slammed the door. The king sighed. ”You are all dismissed. I will retire for the night, so you all must as well. ” They all bowed. ”Yes, my king. ” He walked towards his chamber; not surprised that his son was standing outside. ”I know what you want to say, Allen. But, no, we won tell them about her identity, until her birthday. ” He sat in one of the chairs. ”Now, leave me please. ” Allen went to say something, but stopped and bowed. ”Yes, father. ” The king sighed, as he left. ”I have a headache. ”

Akatsuki lay in bed the next morning, and stared at the ceiling. She sighed deeply; muttering to herself as she didn want to move. ”Good morning. ” Said her best friend, as she came into her room, holding something that looked suspiciously familiar. ”Happy early birthday, A. ” Akatsuki, looked at her with a bored expression. ”Don give me that. Its your birthday tonight, so…. ” She held up the black and red dress. ”You have to look presentable. ” She laid back on her bed, and put the blanket over her head. ”No way. ” Her friend frowned. ”Come on. ” She pulled the blanket, but A wouldn let it go. They started having a tug-of-war, until she finally got it off her. Akatsuki took the pillow, and put it over her head. ”You can hide forever, you know. ” She laid the dress on her vanity, and sat next to her head. ”Whats wrong? Usually, your up early than any of us. ” She lay under the pillow, wondering what this feeling she had was. ”Something feels off about today. I don know why, but it does. ” She sat up; looking at her friend suspiciously.

”You seem chipper than usual, did something happen, Kim? ” Kim turned her eyes away. ”Not really. ” Akatsuki tilted her head. ”Really? ” Kim swerved her eyes here and there, then burst out in happiness. ”Actually, you have a visitor downstairs. ” Akatsuki looked confused. ”A visitor? ” Kim pulled her out of the bed, and helped her into the dress. After making her put on a strapless black bra, and a thong; she helped her push her huge boobs into the black, beaded, corset top, with red laces, and smoothed out the flowing red skirt, with black edges. Akatsuki drew the line at her helping with the stockings and garters, so she put them on herself. and then slipped on some red shoes. ”I hate high heels. ” Kim giggled as she helped her with her hair and make-up. ”Oh, come on, they make you look beautiful, and taller. Just don move. ” She brushed out the orange locks, and put them in a high ponytail, which then she parted them into four sections, and braided each other them with a tie at the end, so they hung down her back.

”I feel silly in this. Can I were pants? ” Akatsuki asked her, as she put on her lipstick, eyeliner, and massacre. ”No, you look beautiful. ” She put the finishing touches. ”All done. You can look. ” Kim smiled, as she turned her friend towards the mirror. ”You look beautiful. Now come on, lets go. ” She pulled her down the hallway. ”Come on. ” They ran outside, well Kim ran, while Akatsuki was pulled. ”Wait, stop a second. ” They stopped to catch their breath. They both stood up; Kim having a smile on her face, as she pointed towards a carriage in the shade of the trees. Akatsuki sighed. ”So, this is why you dressed me up? ” Kim looked innocent. ”I don know what you mean. ” She dragged her toward the carriage with a smile, and waited as one of the footmen opened the door. ”This way, Ms. A. ” He held out his hand for her, as she glared at her friend. ”Im coming. ” She grabbed his hand, and went inside. The door shut behind her, as she sighed.

”Hello, big brother. ” Her gaze met the man sitting across from her. He grinned and patted her hand. ”How have you been, Moon? ” She scowled at the nickname. ”So, how long are you staying this time, brother? ” She crossed her arms with a raised brow. He grinned, his fangs shining in the light. ”I was planning on staying for your birthday. And it also seems father wanted to see me. ” She crossed her legs. ”I wonder why? ” He chuckled. ”Its nothing to do with me. ” Akatsuki didn believe him. ”Uh-huh. Have you told brother Allen, that your home, yet? ” Grinning, he crossed his arms. ”Nope. I wanted to tell you first, and to give you your birthday present early. ” He pulled out a box from his pocket, and gave it to her. ”Here, open it. ” She looked at it suspiciously, ”Alright, but if its an engagement ring from one of your friends, Im shoving it somewhere. ”

He chuckled, as she took off the lid. Her eyes widened, as she pulled out a crescent moon pendant. The moon was a beautiful blood red, and had a blood drop clasped between the moon. She noticed to clasps for something else, hung on the chain. ”What are these for? ” He chuckled and took the necklace, to clasp it around her neck. ”Those are going to be pieces our father, and Allen will give you. ” He sat back. ”Ill see you tonight, but… ” He kissed her forehead. ”Have a happy early birthday. ” She scowled and pushed him away. ”Don do that. ” The door to the carriage opened. Akatsuki stepped down. ”Oh, wait. ” She stuck her head back inside. ”Don make trouble. ” He rolled his eyes. ”I don think you should be worrying about me. ”

Akatsuki turned to see guilty faces. ”Whats wrong with you guys? ” Kim and the others shook their heads. ”Nothing. ” She shook her head. ”Lets go get something to eat, Kim. ” She walked back towards the castle, as Kim shared a knowing grin the men around the carriage. Akatsuki stopped to stare at the sun. Almost more than a quarter of it, was covered with red, as her birthday was approaching. Kim walked right beside her, as they made their way inside. Akatsuki thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye, but it was just a flash of light. ”A. ” Her mother hugged her from behind. ”My child. ” She patted her arm. ”Hi, mama. ” She turned to looked at the woman with her red hair, and green eyes. ”Are you excited for tonight? ”

She put her thumbs up. ”Yeah. ” Her mother scowled. ”Oh, come on. Its your birthday. You should be happy. ” A pinched her nose. ”I don know why, but I have a bad feeling about tonight, mom. It feels weird. ” Her mother smiled. ”Your probably just nervous. ” She kissed her forehead. ”Ill see you later. ” Akatsuki smiled, just as the queen called. ”Bridget, lets enter. ” Bridget bowed. ”Yes, my queen. ” She smiled at her daughter, and followed. Akatsuki smiled. ”Come on. ” Kim pulled her inside. ”This is going to be disastrous. I just know it. ” She kept up with Kims pulling, as they made their way to a table.

One of the elderly women, watched Akatsuki, as she sat on the other side of the room. ”It begins. ” Her form wavered, as she smiled.

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