Moon took a shower after she finished eating. The water ran down her back, and eased the tension in her aching muscles. Her back especially was thankful, as carrying those wings everyday took a toll on her muscles. She walked downstairs, a towel around her shoulders, after spending two hours in the shower, and headed towards the kitchen. The cooks were moving faster than the speed of light; way different than what she saw a few hours ago. She heard people arriving, as food was whizzed past her.

Not wanting to disturb their concentration, she backed out of the room, and went inside the main hall. She watched for the next four minutes; people going inside the meeting room, before some familiar faces appeared.

She waved at Nell, Null, Georgie, and Hallie, as they came inside the castle. Moon saw there faces; moving to their knuckles turning white, as they gripped their swords. She felt something was wrong, as they stalked towards her; but she kept calm. ”Is something wrong? ” She gritted her teeth, already having a good idea what it was. ”Akatsuki Ruin, you are under arrest, for the murder of seven council members. ” They unsheathed their swords and held them to her neck. She swallowed. Damn…..busted.

They grabbed her arms, and dragged her towards a car parked out front. Alec, Allen, and their father were inside one of the meeting rooms, when they were alerted to the situation. ”What do you mean she was taken? ” Alec had the man by the throat; not caring if he was coughing or gasping for breath. Allen put a hand on his shoulder. ”Let him speak, Alec. He may know more; But you can kill him. ” The guard rubbed his throat, and coughed.

”Warriors from the queens kingdom, came and dragged her away. ” He coughed. ”Some of the other men, heard them say she was under arrest, and awaiting trial. ” They both looked at their father. ”Summon some of our best fighters. We need to go meet the queen. ”

Two women walked down a long hall, as they headed towards the dungeons. A foot swung in the air, as its owner lay on her back, and whistle. She stopped whistling, as the door opened. ”Get out, the council will begin your trial. ” They dragged her out of the dungeon, and up to the trial room. Moon heard voices as she was dragged to be trialed; which was stupid, but she just whistled as they entered the room. Setting her on a trial stand, they stood by the door; waiting for the council. Moon yawned in boredom, and tried to to fall asleep. ”The High council is entering. ” The guards stood to attention, as the council entered.

Eight women sat in the chairs, some were old, some were young, and the others were middle aged. Six seats sat empty, as they all stared at Akatsuki. Moon yawned, and stretched as they said nothing. ”Akatsuki Ruin, you are charged with murder of six high council members, and even devouring them. How do you plead? ” She sighed, and crossed her arms. ”Before you get all high and mighty on me, it was in self defense. Those council members of yours were going to kill me in my sleep. Plus, they weren even fully human. They were like me, but weaker. And I don know what your so haughty about; your like them, but have more power, and decided to send the weaker ones. ”

She wrinkled her nose. ”I can smell the blood coming off you a few miles away. Its a wonder how no one has caught you till now, but then again, youve probably been at this for a very long time.

It kind of reminds me of that Countess from hundreds of years ago; the one caught killing her young maids, and bathing in their blood to be young again. ” She shrugged a shoulder. ”But, its just a guess really. ” Her eyes caught the head council member. ”But the rest is to your imagination. ” Moon covered her mouth; hiding a yawn. ”Can I go back to my cell now? This is really boring. ” She leaned her elbow on the stand, and had her head in her hand; withholding a yawn.

The head council woman looked at her with rage. ”You little…. ” She stood up from the chair. ”Well, if thats all, Im going back. ” She made her way to the door where the guards blocked her way. Just as she reached for the door, a sword went through her neck, and dismembered her head. None of the councilwomen spoke; knowing she was now dead and her blood would make them young again…or were there deaths

And thats the end…

Psych, did you think I was going to end it there? Tsk, tsk. Just getting to one of the best parts.

Moons body was moved to the morgue, as the council dispersed with getting rid of the murderer, but….lets travel backwards, shall we?

Right before the guards came to take her to the trial room, Moon was doing a little trick she learned in that room. She bit her finger, and held it towards the ground. Soon a blood clone appeared before her. ”You know what to do? ” The clone smiled. ”Yep, annoy the hell out of some old ladies who have no business condemning us for their crimes. ” Moon hid in the shadows, while the clone laid on the ground, and assumed the position you have previously read. Now, we
e back on track.

Moons mother, the queen, her father, and brothers arrived, just as they took her body to the morgue. They all missed seeing her corpse, as it turned the corner, just as they walked into the large resting area the council used. ”Where is she? ” Bridget demanded the high council. The high councilwoman exited a room, a towel over her head. ”You make no demands here, Bridget Ruin. The threat has been dealt with, and we are now at peace again. ” Bridget held her sword to the womans neck. ”Did you do it? Did you kill my daughter you conniving whore? ”

The womans face flushed in anger. ”How dare- ”

”Did someone call me? ” They turned to the door; that had one door open, and another closed, as a figure came close. ”Honestly, its really rude to cut off someones head, as they
e trying to go back to their cell like a good prisoner. ” The other door opened, as the all looked at the figure in shock. ”Now, can someone tell me, why Im like this? ” She stood with a hand on her hip, and another holding her head. ”Man, shes not going to be happy with this. ” She gestured to the bloody clothes. ”This is one of her favorite shirts. ” Footsteps approached, with the rustling of paper. ”Its fine, I have lots of shirts like that. Even if I didn want them. ” Another Moon appeared beside the headless one; papers in her hand, and a scowl on her face. ”They are ugly, aren they. ” Another appeared beside that one; holding files in her hand.

A few more appeared, blood around their mouth; while they were licking their lips. ”Sould we kill them too? I can feel our mistress is hungry. ” A hand grabbed the head councilwomans neck from behind; lifting her off the ground. ”That sounds like fun. This one should go first. ” Her fangs lengthened. ”Now, now, we can kill her yet. ” Another appeared on one of the sofas; making the other council members get up in fear. She grabbed one of the untouched tea cups. ”Thats for our mistress to decide. ” She took a sip, slowly. ”I say we kill them all, and dance on their corpses. ” Another was sitting on the ceiling; eyes glowing, and fangs dripping with malice. ”They dared pass judgement on our mistress, when they are the ones with the crimes piled high. ”

Another Moon; a straight face, and a cloth covering her mouth, looked at them with hunger. ”Lets just eat them, and give the blood to our mistress. ” Alec looked at all the Moons. ”Alec, these are? ”

”Clones. Are sister sure is powerful. No wonder that council woman wanted her blood. ” He counted twelve clones, each with a different personality; however the one missing a head was still creepy. ”Did you get here? ” A frantic clone came into the door. A little shorter than the others, and glasses perched on her nose. ”We need hurry up. Mistress is getting tired, and she also getting very hungry. The clones guarding her are starting to look very tasty. ” She gulped. ”I have a solution for that. A clone appeared out of thin air; two men held in each fist. ”We can feed her these two. ” She held up the men, the councilwoman had for her personal use. She looked to the councilwomen. ”They can go next. ” Each clone grabbed a councilmen, and dragged them after the one.

”Lets follow. ” The vampire king walked after the clones; not waiting for the others, but having a secret smile when they followed. They made their way down to the cells beneath the meeting hall. Two more clones stood outside a door, as they all stood in front of it. The clone with the men, opened the door; throwing them in, and then slammed it shut. They heard nothing until a moan went through the room; followed by slurping sounds, and then a sigh. Another moan soon followed, as it seemed she had buried her fangs in the second man. The clones began to disappear into blood, as they slid underneath the door, and to their original.

The door creaked open to reveal a dark figure over a mans body. ”Moon? ” Red eyes looked up through hair, as she stared at them with her fangs covered in blood. ”Big brother? ” She looked haggard, and thirsty, as they all stared. Bridget glared at the council. ”Do you see what you did? My daughter is starving, and has almost gone crazy from your damn **ing trial nonsense. ” She was ready to swing her sword, and cut some heads off. The queen stopped her. ”Wait, Bridget. ” Bridget glared at her friend. ”They can get away with this, Vikcoria, they hurt my child; even tried to chop off her head. ” Vikcoria patted her friend. ”I know, and they must pay for their crimes. ” Bridget clicked her tongue, and walked to her child.

The queen looked to Alexander. ”What do you think we should do with them? ” Alexander looked at the cowering women, and then his daughter. ”They will be imprisoned, and presented to the high council of kings. Once Akatsuki is better, she will be a witness to their crimes. ”

Back in the vampire kingdom, a doctor looked Moon over, as she lay in her bed. ”How fairs our sister, Doctor Nathan? ” Alec, and Allen entered the room. The doctor covered her up. ”Shes very weak at the moment. Had you not given her those men at the time, she would have been weaker than she is now, and not survived. With being inside that dungeon for three days, with no blood, and making all those clones. How many did you say there were? Twenty? ” The brothers nodded. ”Close to twenty, yes. ” The doctor rubbed his chin. ”It seems the head councilwoman knew she would send a clone; and in cutting off its head, triggered her body to go into a hungry state, and making all those clones didn help either. Being inside the cell for two days, without blood, and then making all those clones, made her extremely weak. The councilwoman knew she would become weak, and even counted on it, so she could pounce on the weakness, and bath in your sisters blood.

I have examined all the council members myself, and they are all in various stages of vampiracy, and thats not all. ” He pinched his nose. ”Ive heard reports, that over the past twenty years men and women have gone missing. Their bodies appear in different areas of their disappearance, and Ive even examined some of their bodies myself. Throats slit, blood drained, and bodies mangled. ” He shook his head. ”The councilwomen have been doing this for years; even the young ones. I believe one of the men heard you sister say they were behaving like the old countess years ago, the one killing her maids, and bathing in their blood to stay young. ”

His eyes lit up in worry, and excitement. ”Your sister is the first female ever, to be born with vampire blood, and turn into an actual vampire. Ive had other cases, were some females are born with a few vampire traits, but your sister is a different case altogether. She was born with all the vampire traits; bloodlust, glowing eyes, fangs, wings, and able to control blood if she wanted. Your sister is the very first female vampire to be born in history, and thats also what makes it so dangerous. Women who are fully human will want you sister for her blood. ” He grabbed a vial from the desk, the one fill with Moons blood. ”Ive wondered why your sisters blood was so special, and finally figured out why. ”

A knock was heard, as another man in a lab coat entered the room. ”Set it free. ” Nathan told him; the man nodding in return. ”We did an experiment with your sisters blood. ” The brothers looked annoyed, as he moved to stand in front of the bed; his body hiding Moons head from view. The door opened to reveal the man again, and a large creature by his side. The creature shoved its way inside; growling at the occupants, and smelling the air. ”Why is a bear here? ” They looked at the doctor, who stared at the bear. ”Just watch. ” The bear approached him, as sniffed his chest. He was lucky it was a baby bear, and not a large one. Doctor Nathan, stared at the bear for a few minutes, before stepping to one side; Moons face revealed to the bear.

It made a low whimper sound, as it approached Moons bedside, before it sniffed her hair. The bears form changed into a wolf, before changing into a little girl with brown hair, and eyes. A white dress covered her body, as she yawned; fangs glinting in the light, before she crawled in the bed beside Moon. They watched the little girl snuggle into her side, before falling to sleep. The doctor pulled the brothers to the other side of the room. ”Your sisters blood has the power to turn anyone, or anything into a full vampire. ” He gestured to the little bear; which was now a girl. ”But, there is a downside to her blood. ” The door opened again to reveal the councilwoman who had tried to kill her.

Red lines were all over her body, and some parts were cracked and breaking off. ”It seems in your sisters weakened state, this woman had taken some of her blood, and drank it; wanting to make herself a full vampire. It worked, for a few days, but now its corroding her body from the inside. Your sisters blood has a fail safe; if you want to call it that. Whoever takes your sisters blood by force, will feel powerful yes, but the blood will corrode them from the inside out; or call those who were excepted by her blood to devour, and reclaim the blood that was stolen. ” The little girl moved on the bed, before snuggling deeper into the covers. ”Until your sisters mate appears, you must watch over her with caution. Who knows what or who, might be after her blood. ”

Alec looked at his brother. It seems their duties, just go a little bit harder.

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