Since the incident in Senja Alexandros room, as well as with high school delinquents from other schools, it has been almost three days that Mentari has not communicated and dealt with her teacher.

They still meet at school. Sometimes, they pass each other in the school canteen. But, thats all. No conversation. The two of them just stared at each other, then busy with their respective activities. For example, eat, if they meet in the canteen. Or talking to the other person, when they accidentally meet on the school field and so on. And, since for the past three days, Senja has no teaching schedule in his own class, only taking attendance and giving a little advice or whatever.

”Hey, ” Yunifer said suddenly, when Mentari, she and Vivi were spending time in the cafeteria because the last lesson was free time. ”Its been three days I haven seen any drama. ”

Mentari raised one eyebrow while eating dumplings. ”You mean drama? ”

”Well, of course the debate and argue between Tom and Jerry in the style of Mentari and Mr. Senja, ” continued Vivi. ”Its really unfortunate that you and him don argue when you guys meet. So lonely the world of me and Yun-Yun. So empty. You and Mr. Senja are entertainment for me, Yun-Yun and everyone in our class. ”

Mentari frowns. She put her fork on the plate and stirred her sweet iced tea, then sipped it. The cold and sweet taste that blends makes Mentari no longer frown and widen a smile. This girl is a sweet lover. ”Why do I have to keep arguing with him every chance I have? Its not necessary, right? Its just that if hes looking for trouble with me first, then Ill give him a piece of my head. Im a very calm person, okay? ”

”Nonsense, ” Yunifer commented, snorting and shaking her head. Can believe with Mentaris words who always call herself a calm person, but in fact is a tomboyish girl. ”You don have a problem with Mr. Senja, do you? ”

”No, ” Mentari shook her head. Well, although the girl herself admits that she is always in trouble with Senja Alexandro. ”Lets stop this topic about him. Lets talk about something else. ”

Yunifer and Vivi looked at each other and shrugged each others shoulders. They were discussing the latest anime, which has a very good story, when a thunder rumbled. Then, both of them saw Mentari immediately froze and her body began to tremble. Its no secret to Yunifer and Vivi about Mentaris fear of rain and lightning.

”Hey, are you okay? ” Yunifer asked in a worried tone. She started to wipe the cold sweat that appeared on her friends temple with a handkerchief. ”Do you want to go back to class? ”

Mentari nodded. At least, if she was in the classroom, the noisy atmosphere in there would distract her fear of rain and lightning. However, when Mentari was about to come out of the cafeteria with her two friends, the rain had already fallen heavily. Followed by a thunderous thunder, even showing a frightening lightning in the sky. Immediately Mentari screamed and her body felt powerless. She could hear her two friends screaming her name, but Mentari couldn react as she should.

Then, something strong and calming enveloped her body. With fear that had reached its peak, with her body shaking violently and tears already streaming down her beautiful face, Mentari forced herself to look up. Then, the girl saw the figure of Senja Alexandro right in front of her eyes. The man held her body that seemed to be about to fall, while giving a worried look. But, of course that worried look was hidden by his usual stern look. Either only Mentari can see it or her two friends are aware of it.

”Mentari, are you all right? ” asked Senja. Not only through his eyes, even his voice conveys anxiety and Mentari can tell. Then, Mentari grabbed Senjas arm, which was holding her body so she wouldn fall, and caused Senja to frowned. It hurt, indeed, but Senja didn complain or protest. For some reason, at this moment, in front of him Mentari transformed into a fragile girl who was so small. Not Mentari who likes to do trouble and dare to oppose anyone. ”Are you sick? ”

Mentari nodded weakly. She lost her ability to speak. The fear had paralyzed her entire body, all of her senses. Only, she couldn tell Senja that she was so scared. Mentari didn even notice the presence of Awan Nugraha, Senjas friend whom she had known three days ago, was standing behind Senja with a worried look on him.

”Mentari, lets just go back to the chair earlier, ” said Vivi. The girl, who somehow felt awkward about this situation, hastily took a stance. She took over Mentaris body, and together with Yunifer, carried Mentari to the chair they had occupied earlier. After sitting Mentari down, Vivi immediately ran to order warm sweet tea.

Senja and Awan looked at each other, then followed the footsteps of the three girls. Awants focus and attention continues on Mentari. He then pulled another chair and sat right in front of Mentari who was looking down with a trembling body and tears.

”Hey, are you really okay? ” asked Senja again. This time, he couldn hide the anxiety in his voice. His hand reached out and held Mentaris hand, then he was shocked by the cold temperature on the girls skin. ”Oh my God, Mentari! Your hands are so cold! ”

”Err… Sir? ” called Yunifer in a cautious tone. She smiled awkwardly and scratched her non-itchy temple with her index finger. ”Mentaris okay. ”

”What do you mean by shes okay? ” asked Senja, rising his voice a little. The reason why, the man didn even know. His attitude just now made Yunifer jump, even with Vivi who was walking to their table carrying a glass of warm sweet tea. Vivi almost fell because she was shocked by the Senjas voice, if only Awan didn hold her soon. The man let out a sigh of relief and asked Vivi how she was, but Vivi just snorted and left Awan after thanking him in a nonchalant tone.

Realizing that he had just yelled at his student, Senja immediately blinked and took a deep breath. The man immediately apologized to Yunifer and Vivi, then turned his attention back to Mentari who was crying more and more. Even now, Mentari covered her ears after the thunder rumbled again just now.

”Mentari? ” call Senja again. He was confused of what to do. He prefers to face Mentari who always argues with him, who always opposes him, than to have to deal with Mentari who is fragile like this. In Senjas eyes, Mentari seemed to have lost its light. ”Hey? Mentari? ”

”Sir, Mentari is afraid of rain and thunder, ” Vivi said. Decided to give the answer that Senja wanted. Because according to her, Senja will likely to continue to ask Mentari for answers, even though Mentari doesn have the strength to say a word.

”What? ”

Senja couldn believe his own ears. A girl as strong as Mentari is afraid of rain and thunder?

”Because her mother died when it rained heavily and thunder, ” Yunifer added.

Senja is silent. The man froze and looked at Mentari with a strange feeling that he did not know what it meant. What is clear is that Senja doesn like Mentaris condition and he will do whatever it takes to get Mentari back to normal as usual.

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