”You seem to really enjoy being punished by the most handsome teacher in the entire school. ”

The mocking that Yunifer, one of Mentaris two friends from junior high who followed her into this high school, made Mentari, who had just sat in her chair right next to Yunifer, snort. Mentari gulped down the rest of the ice sweet tea in the bottle she bought at the school cafeteria, then threw it straight into the trash can at the end of the classroom, near the door.

Bulls eye.

”Don you dare talk like that, Yun. There are nobody who can linger by the side of that hell-style goddamn teacher. ” Mentari grumbled. Inwardly, she satisfied herself to curse Senja Alexandro. After all, the man will never know if he is cursed by Mentari in her heart. Of course, the only ones who know about this are Mentari and God. But after that, Mentari immediately asked God for forgiveness because she had sinned.

”There are and many of them, ” nodded Vivi who had just arrived from nowhere. Judging from her mouth that was chewing something, it was most likely that the girl had just returned from the cafeteria. Strange, because Mentari did not meet her friend. ”All girls in this school, including Yun-Yun and I, really like Mr. Senja, especially if you can be alone with him. ”

Yun-Yun is the name that Vivi gave to Yunifer. A kind of super cute nickname according to Vivi. Vivi herself asked to be called Vi-chan. Just like Mentari who likes anime, Vivi also really likes shows that come from that cherry blossom country. Therefore, Vivi asked people close to her to add the suffix chan to her name. As for Mentari, the girl asked Vivi to keep calling her by her normal name.

”Oh, please, ” said Mentari. Suddenly, she had run out of energy in the morning because she had to face and argued with Senja. ”Im not. Even if I paid one billion, I won to deal with him, let alone be alone with him. ”

”Are you sure? ” Yunifer challenged with an amused smile. ”Don you want to be offered one billion for free? ”

Mentari seems to be thinking. Then, the girl grimaced and scratched her temples using her index finger. ”Err… okay, okay. I will be patient and endure being beside that annoying teacher for the sake of a billion. ”

Yunifer and Vivi looked at each other, then both laughed. Mentari is a kind and very friendly child according to them both. Its just that, well, her attitude is very tomboyish. No one knows about it because Mentari always wears a feminine girl mask when at school and in front of people. Even her father didn know about it. Mentari said that she didn want to see the sad look on her fathers face if he found out about her behavior which often caused trouble with the oppressors or other delinquents. Maybe in this world only Yunifer, Vivi and… Senja Alexandro know.

Suddenly, the atmosphere of the class became silent. Vivi immediately returned to her original place when she realized that the cause of the silence in their class was because Senja Alexandro had entered the classroom. Then, the man stood by his desk and wrote something on the board. After that, Senja tapped the board and looked at the class with his trademark cold gaze.

”Today, we have an exam, ” he said in a flat tone, make the whole class busy voicing their protest. Then, Senjas gaze turned to Mentari who raised her right hand. ”Yes, Mentari? ”

”Why so sudden, Sir? ” asked Mentari in a calm and gentle voice. Thats because everyone thinks of her as a very gentle girl, so even her voice and facial expression, especially her attitude, must be adjusted to the image attached to her.

Senja lifted the corners of his lips slightly upwards, making Mentari gulp. Maybe the other students didn notice the intimidating and mocking smile on Senjas face. Senja is really good at hiding the expression on his face. He is more or less just like Mentari. Both wear masks in front of everyone.

Uh? Wait a minute. Mentari pursed her lips and frowned. She seemed to think. Has Senja been wearing a mask all this time? She doesn think so. The man did show his true nature in front of everyone. Arrogant, cold and annoying. But, basically all girls like these types. Mysterious and curious. Maybe Mentari should find a way and a loophole to reveal the truth about this contaminated Senja.

”Mentari Jingga, ” called Senja with a mocking tone. But, again, it seems that only Mentari can catch and realize it. ”Its called a surprise. The one that will be held suddenly. If I tell you about this test yesterday or the day before yesterday or even last week, it is not surprise anymore. Its called a planned test. ”

The whole class laughed out loud, while Mentari forced a smile on her face that was red with embarrassment and emotion. Her hands were clenched at her sides. Arrrgh! Mentari really wants to curse Senja this very second, or throw the shoes she is wearing at Senjas super annoying face! Oh God, can You give her permission to do at least one of her two wishes just now? The sin, no matter how small or big, Mentari promised to bear it, as long as her desire to express her emotions and anger to the contaminated Senja was succeed.

”Enough, already, ” said Senja, clearing his throat. He was satisfied to see Mentaris bright red face. That means, he managed to make his student angry and embarrassed. Of course it is her own fault, why is she always look for the trouble with him. Senja was also forced to admit that he was being childish because he was often provoked by Mentaris behavior and attitude towards him. ”Alright, close your books and put them in the desk drawer. I will share the exam questions right now. Only pencils, pens and other writing utensils are allowed. Even the pencil case is in the desk drawer, okay? ”

”Okay, Sir, ” answered the students. Even so, they still carry out this so called surprise test with a sincere and open heart. Even though Senjas attitude looks arrogant and cold, his way of teaching is very liked by the students at school. Senja can explain in a way that is unique, clear and easy to remember.

When Senja distributed the question sheets to Mentari, the man raised an eyebrow when he saw his student frown. Mentari did not even hesitate to show her sullen face to Senja. Then, suddenly, Senja crouched down and picked up the pen that was on the floor. Immediately, Mentaris brow furrowed. When did the pen dropped to the floor? Mentari then looked at her writing utensils which were lined up neatly. Hmm? No! Thats not her pen. Her pen is still beside the pencil. That means… Mentari turned and gasped. She reflexively held her breath when Senjas face was close to her as he put the pen he picked up on the floor just now on the table.

”Two points for me, Mentari. Today, I managed to upset and irritate you twice. You lost today, ” Senja whispered, making Mentari gape and blink. Especially when Senja tapped her on the shoulder several times. ”There, I have taken the pen and I put it in its original place, Mentari. Don lost it, because it looks like an expensive pen. ”

Everyone is now busy talking about the kindness of Senja Alexandro. Meanwhile, Mentari stared at the expensive pen on her desk. A pen that has the initials SA on its body. Mentaris head felt like it was going to explode, because she was annoyed with Senjas behavior just now.

If the expensive pen is gone, get ready for buy me a new one, Mentari Jingga!

Thats roughly the implied message from Senja when talking to her just now. Ugh! Truly a man who does not live up to the beauty of his name!

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