a step, Mateo looks at Lux with a confused face. Lux saw what he was making and questioned.

” Whats wrong? ” said Lux. ” When our father said that war is near, you shouted I don know anything about weapons ” Mateo questioned.

” Oh… Thats a secret! ” said Lux and they walked away.

————–Night came and everything fell into silence———–


” OI WAKE UP! YOU GOT TRAINING! ” someone shouted

” Huh?! ” Lux just woke up in confusion

Lux rubbed his eyes to get a clearer vision.

” Mateo? ” Lux mumbled

” Yes, Im here. Now get your things and change, we have to train. ” shouted Mateo

Lux gets up with no hesitation and changes. Of not wanting Mateo to shout in-ear no more. After changing he opens his curtains to see the morning view.

”HUH?! ” Lux shouted. ”The sun hasn even risen yet. What time is it? ”

” LUX!! ” Mateo shouted

”Coming! ” while Lux ran down shouting.

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