” I think she is too young for this Mat!! ” Said Lux while chasing the fast little girl.

” I don know, we faced this before but our father is different now… ” Mateo faced changed while replying to Lux

A crying sound started, it was close but why was it in all the directions…


” MART?! ”


The crying started to get louder and louder, closer and closer. Mateo pulled his sword out, while Lux pulled out his arrow and bow aiming the sound from one direction to another.

”MARTHA! COME OUT NOW!! ” they shouted.

The crying noise started to get softer and softer. Martha came out of a corner. Martha still had tears in her red eyes. The brothers dropped their weapons and ran to their sister.

” Oh Martha, do not ever run away again, ” said Lux while hugging Martha with Mateo.

Martha hugged them back with no hesitation. The brother walked them back to the castle, with their weapons.

In a step, Mateo looks at Lux with a confused face. Lux saw what he was making and questioned.

” Whats wrong? ” said Lux. ” When our father said that war is near, you shouted I don know anything about weapons ” Mateo questioned.

” Oh… Thats a secret! ” said Lux and they walked away.

————–Night came and everything fell into silence———–


” OI WAKE UP! YOU GOT TRAINING! ” someone shouted

” Huh?! ” Lux just woke up in confusion

Lux rubbed his eyes to get a clearer vision.

” Mateo? ” Lux mumbled

” Yes, Im here. Now get your things and change, we have to train. ” shouted Mateo

Lux gets up with no hesitation and changes. Of not wanting Mateo to shout in-ear no more. After changing he opens his curtains to see the morning view.

”HUH?! ” Lux shouted. ”The sun hasn even risen yet. What time is it? ”

” LUX!! ” Mateo shouted

”Coming! ” while Lux ran down shouting.

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