The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 15 - The Little Cute Boy Again

helf in that room.

She had got several computers and laptops set up, so the study was well equipped.

Mo Linyuan was quite satisfied with the way the study was furnished, including the books on the shelves. They were what Mo Linyuan liked to read.

Leng Rongrong sweated heavily after working for a long while in the garden area. She had ploughed open a large patch of land for the plants, and was covered completely with mud. Yet she was very happy and smiled cheerfully.


Leng Rongrong said excitedly, “This should be enough. The seeds are sowed, all we have to do is wait for them to sprout!”

Leng Rongrong got even more excited as she ran her eyes across the land.

She would be able to plant the vegetables she liked in this vast area from now on.

When the season came, the garden would look beautiful.

When all was done, Leng Rongrong returned inside to get changed. After she came down, she suddenly thought of something, and headed to the kitchen.

She needed to return the stuff that she had borrowed from the little boy last time.

Leng Rongrong packed the stuff and headed towards Mo Nanyus home.

The iron gate of Mo Nanyus home was open, and a black car was parked outside the yard. A man walked out of the house with luggage in hand whilst Mo Nanyu was holding a small backpack, looking like a cool boy. He followed the man, wearing sunglasses and a black mask.

The little fellow looked like a miniature version of a superstar who tried to conceal their identity.

“Mom!” Nanyu removed his sunglasses and ran towards Leng Rongrong when he caught sight of her. “What are you doing here, Mom?”


Leng Rongrong raised her eyebrows. The little fellow was indeed lovely, but for some reason, he kept calling her mom.

Was this the latest trend that she wasnt aware of?

“I am giving back the ingredients I borrowed from you last time.” Leng Rongrong raised the stuff in her hands. “Are you going away?”

“Yes, I am going to shoot a movie.” Nanyu said with puffed cheeks.”I had wanted to stay here for a while, but I am too busy with work. It is not easy to make money in this world!”

“You are a star?” Leng Rongrong was surprised.

“Just a minor actor.” Nanyu said with a smile. “I am so happy that I could meet you before I leave. Can I hug you?”

“Sure.” Leng Rongrong said as she squatted down.

The little fellow rushed into her arms. His body felt soft and carried a milky scent. When Leng Rongrong held him in her arms, she felt her heart turning warm.

But she also had an unexplained urge to cry.

She pinched her nose, feeling that this was a curious situation.

She exchanged a few words with the little fellow, and asked him regarding the food ingredients that she had brought.

“Give the boxes to me. I can ask the crew members to cook them for me.” Nanyu took the things with his outstretched hands. “Oh yes, Aunt. Can we exchange our numbers and add each other on Wechat?”

“Sure!” Leng Rongrong readily exchanged phone numbers with the little fellow.

Next to them, the young man urged him. “Yu, can we leave now? We are going to be late.”

“Sorry mom, I have to leave, or I will miss my flight. We can talk on the phone though.” The little fellow waved his phone and blinked at Leng Rongrong.

That blinking melted Leng Rongrongs heart.

After seeing Mo Nanyu off, Leng Rongrong returned to her house.

The moment she came home, she saw a delivery car parked outside. The thing that she had bought, seemed to have arrived.

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