Lovely might not be a proper word for Storm, especially considering his humongous size.

Storm was almost as large as a horse.

“Hang on, Storm, calm down!” Leng Rongrong made a sign urging him not to lunge at her. But Storm did not have the intention of stopping. He pounced at Leng Rongrong enthusiastically.

Leng Rongrong: “…..”

“Oh man, he is eating people up!”

The delivery men got so scared that they made a dash towards the truck.

“Madam!” Tang Luo was frightened by Storm and was about to go and help her.

But soon, Leng Rongrongs chuckle arose in the room.

“Storm, calm down. Dont, it tickles so much. No, stop playing around, oh hahahah!”

Leng Rongrong was moving left and right, and the two of them were wrestling on the ground.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

If a large animal like this one bit someone even once, the person would definitely die in an instant.


After fooling around for a while, Leng Rongrong got up from the floor. She was covered with dust. But Leng Rongrong did not care much about it. She patted herself off, and then turned to look at the delivery men. “Sorry for the trouble. Please help me carry the cage to the backyard.”

Seeing Storm stay away from them, the delivery men finally came around. They even thought that this animal was acting cute.

After a while, they finally managed to move the large cage to the backyard.

Leng Rongrong paid them and expressed her gratitude.

“Thanks, Madam.”

One of the delivery men bowed and asked her. “Madam, what breed of dog is this? I have never seen one before.”

“Oh well, honestly speaking, I dont know either.” Leng Rongrong said with a smile. “He grew up with me. He was quite tiny before, but maybe he ate too much so he kind of overgrew!”

Seeing Leng Rongrong not telling them more, the deliverymen did not pry any deeper. They waved her goodbye and told her that she could call them for more transport work if she needed it in the future.

Once the team went away, Leng Rongrong and Storm were in each others arms again.

“Storm, I missed you so much!”

With her face against Storms face, Leng Rongrong rubbed herself against his fluffy body. It was soft and warm, and gave out a familiar scent.

Godfathers must have washed him for her before he was sent here.

Storms hair was all white, not a single miscellaneous hair. He looked beautiful.

Mo Linyuan watched them for a long time before asking her calmly. “A wolf?”

Leng Rongrong shook her head and insisted. “It is a dog!”

“You think I am blind?” Mo Linyuan frowned.

Leng Rongrong said, “….I have got a certificate! He is a pet, and he is docile. He never bites. He can protect you if he stays here.”

Mo Linyuan said, “I never said that he couldnt stay.”

Leng Rongrong let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks.”

Having said the words, Leng Rongrong started to converse with Storm. They exchanged many words together, and then she asked Storm about her godfathers. She was quite curious about them.

“What? Godfathers are coming here?”

“No, no way, why? Didnt we agree that only I will do it?”

Her godfathers were big shots. If they truly showed up here, the world would never be the same again.

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