Chapter 17: Audition

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As Leng Rongrong thought of her godfathers, she felt troubled.

Her godfathers were amazing figures, and stayed in the countryside. But honestly speaking, they were not ordinary beings.

If they stayed silent, all would be peaceful. But if they ever reappeared in the society, it would be totally different.

Many people would be deeply frightened.

Her First Godfather, Jiang Fu, used to be a big shot in the Mafia, known to every gangster. A small move of his frightened people away. During the past few years, he had been living as a hermit, yet his story still prevailed across the entire land.

Her Second Godfather, Chen Lan, was a genius with an extremely high level of intelligence, someone who ruled the hacker industry. He was able to get into all kinds of powerful international organizations. His social network consisted of many amazing and horrifying figures.

They had the ability to steal all properties of a country within seconds, and were also capable of paralyzing the entire worlds network.

The key point was that these people often got bored, and when they got bored, they would talk about how to get into the Pentagon for some fun.

Not just people, but many international organizations were scared of them.

Leng Rongrong thought of that time when Chen Lan felt weary, so he and his gang got together and made the internet vanish from the world for three days.

During those three days, the entire world sunk into despair.

Later, it was a big shot who contacted her Godfather and asked him to stop doing this.

Her Third Godfather was amazing too. He used to be considered as the Emperor of Gamblers. He exceeded all kinds of so-called Kings of Gambler who were nothing in front of him.

Her Third Godfather was excellent with knives, an excellent fighter.

Apart from the three Godfathers, she also had a master who raised her. She was the only woman among these four figures. She had spoiled her a great deal, yet she could be a little strict as well.

Master Su Wei specialized in Chinese medicine. She could cure every kind of disease, but she did not treat everyone.

Su Wei was amazing in another field. She was a popular singer. She was so popular that even the most popular star in the present time did not manage to reach half of her reputation.

But she quit the industry in the year when she gained the widest popularity.

Although more than a decade had passed, yet numerous people still remembered Su Wei.

Since Master was very good at keeping herself healthy and youthful through Chinese medicine, there had been almost no change in her appearance compared to years ago. She was as young as a fairy.

If she popped up again, the entire entertainment industry would be shocked!

Moreover, her medical skills would shock the entire medical industry.

But her Master had a weird temper. She might be excellent in medical skills, yet she did not treat everyone. She could solve the strangest medical issues, yet she only treated those whom she wanted to. No one understood what her criteria for candidate selection was.


Leng Rongrong realized that if her masters medical skills were known to the public, she might be misunderstood and blamed by the public because of her temper.

Leng Rongrong turned to look at Mo Linyuan when she thought of this point.

Master had a weird temper, but if she asked Master to cure Mo Linyuan, would she agree?

Master loved her deeply. If she told her that it was her husband who needed to be cured, maybe she would be willing to do it.

Leng Rongrong pursed her lips and stopped thinking any further at this point.

It would be best if Godfathers did not show up again in the society.

When Leng Rongrong was talking with Storm, Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo were watching them perplexedly.

Tang Luo asked him in a small voice. “Can the dog understand what Madam is talking about? They have interacted for so long!”

Mo Linyuan corrected him. “It is a wolf.”

“Oh yes, a wolf…. though he does look like a Samoyed, just a little large in size. He doesnt seem to be too fierce with such a lovely face?” Tang Luo could not help but get curious.

Mo Linyuan threw a look at Tang Luo.

Tang Luo shrugged, saying nothing more.

After talking with Storm, Leng Rongrong suddenly thought of introducing Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo to Storm.

“Storm, this is my current husband, only in name. He will be your Master for the time being. You must take care of him and protect him. And this is Tang Luo, someone you should protect too.”

When Leng Rongrong was done with the introduction, she turned to Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo. “Storm has been my friend since childhood. He is obedient and understands everything you say. Dont be afraid of him, he never gets furious.”

Mo Linyuan nodded.

“The hall is large. The place where the big carpet has been placed will belong to Storm. Dont worry, he is very clean and I will help him shower regularly.”

After telling them the details, Leng Rongrong brought Storm into the house and showed him the sleeping spot. Storm seemed quite satisfied with it.

Not long after, the piano that Leng Rongrong had booked, arrived as well.

Leng Rongrong found a place to put it down.

“Mo Linyuan, I will soon go out to work. Storm will protect you when I am away. But please take care of Storm, just feed him whatever we eat. But he has a large appetite, and needs to eat a great deal of meat.”

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

“Madam, what kind of work do you plan to do?” Tang Luo asked her with interest.

“I plan to become an actress.” Leng Rongrong said.

“I heard that a film crew is recruiting right now, so I decided to give a try.”

“An actress?” Tang Luo turned to Leng Rongrong.

“Acting seems like fun and I want to be a super star.” Leng Rongrong shrugged.

She was quite interested in the entertainment field. Master had taught her how to sing, dance as well as act. Although Master found the entertainment arena boring, she had not stopped her from entering the industry.

Moreover, Leng Rongrong felt that the entertainment industry could bring her a lot of money.

Her main purpose was to earn money. But if she could become a Movie Queen or something, she would gain some reputation for her Master too.

“Entertainment industry isnt an easy place to make a living. You have no resources, so you wont get easy access to it.” Mo Linyuan said coldly.

“I can give it a try!” Leng Rongrong said with a smile. Her eyes showed how calm she was.

So Mo Linyuan stopped himself from saying anything more.

Two days after the conversation, Leng Rongrong went for an audition.

It was for an ancient costume drama. Leng Rongrong had read the original novel and found it interesting. She liked one of the supporting roles, so she decided to give that a try.

The crew had settled in a hotel close to the film city, and the audition for the supporting roles took place here.

It was not until Leng Rongrong arrived at the place, did she find that due to the high reputation of the original novel, numerous people were here for the audition.

Some of them were actresses who had already gained much reputation.

They were all waiting for their turn.

Leng Rongrong was standing in the latter part of the queue.

“Oh, what is this bitch doing here?” Suddenly, a voice arose from behind.

Leng Rongrong turned around and saw Leng Qingqing whose mouth was still swollen after so many days.

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