The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 20 - Many Resources

Chapter 19: Regret

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“I am not worried or scared. I just dont like her!” Leng Qingqing snorted.

“Damn, why do enemies always run into each other? Never expected that we would meet here. You can not imagine how arrogant she was at the 4S store the other day.”

Leng Qingle stopped walking and threw a questioning look at Leng Qingqing. “What did she do to you?”

“Look at my bloated lips. They are swollen because of her crippled husband.” Leng Qingqing snapped.

“Master Li was beaten up as well.”

“They bullied you?” Leng Qingles face sank. “Why didnt you tell me about this, Sister?”

“Forget about it. It is not a big deal. Li Chenle isnt going to let this matter go so easily. He will teach them a lesson sooner or later. No need for you to be involved. You are doing extremely well in your career right now. You are a popular public figure. If your actions are revealed, the situation would not be good for you.”

Leng Qingqing patted Leng Qingles shoulders and smiled at him. “Sigh, what a great thing to have a superstar as ones younger brother. Qingle, I have always treated you so well. Dont forget about me, alright?”

Instead of replying, Leng Qingle stayed silent.

Leng Qingqing said with a smile, “Weird, we are twins from the same mother. But look at you, you are now a big star, and I am just a small artist. Mom always says that you are smarter and more outstanding than me.”

They chatted cheerfully and reached the hotels exit gate.

“Sister, I need to pay a visit to the company, you can go home first. Be careful on the way!”

Leng Qingle waved goodbye and then walked towards his van.

Leng Qingqing nodded and was about to leave when she spotted Leng Rongrong, who seemed to be waiting for a cab.

“What is she doing here?” Leng Qingqing sneered as she approached Leng Rongrong.

“So, a wild girl from the countryside also dreams about being an actress? You couldnt even make the cut for the supporting role, right? Do you know that I am the lead actress in this show? If you were one of the supporting actors, you would have to suffer greatly.”

Leng Rongrong looked up and frowned at Leng Qingqing. “Lead actress? Are you sure that you are suitable for such a role? If you are the main lead, the show is going to be ruined. Arent you aware of how terrible your acting skills are?”

Leng Qingqings face turned pale.

It was commonly known that she wasnt a good performer.

But she liked this show, and was confident that the show was going to become popular. Hence, she had turned to her brother for help.

She had ignored all those who criticized her online for being a poor actress, but she could not stand it when Leng Rongrong sneered at her.

“You are not qualified to criticize me. Who do you think you are? You are not an actress nor have you ever learnt how to perform. Have you even graduated from primary school? Have you ever been to middle school? Can you read? How dare you aspire to become an actress?”

Leng Qingqing sneered. “Just go home and serve your crippled husband.”

Leng Rongrong cast a complicated look at Leng Qingqing. “He should have been yours.”

“But it is you who married him in the end.” Leng Qingqing sneered. “How does it feel to have a crippled husband? How does the Mo Family treat you? I think that you must be having a better time now compared to your life in the countryside. You used to be a useless, ignored woman. But now you have found a man for yourself. He may be handicapped, but he still has the title of the Fourth Master, right?”

“True! Fourth Masters legs may have been injured, but he is smart, outstanding and caring. Moreover, he is the Fourth Master of the Mo Family. For whatever reason, he has been and continues to be a powerful man. Also, no one is certain that his legs cant get better. When his legs are fine again, everything of the Mo Family would be in his hands again. Dont regret too much when that time comes.”

Leng Rongrong said calmly and smiled at Leng Qingqing.

Leng Qingqing was startled.


Mo Linyuans legs were curable?

If that was true, then it would be a pity that she didnt marry him.

He had such a handsome face, and was known to be smart. He used to be a business genius. Now he might be a cripple, yet it was undeniable that he still looked extremely attractive.

Damn, this could not be true! She could not have possibly passed on such a great opportunity to someone else, right?

Leng Qingqing tried to glean the truth from Leng Rongrongs face.

Leng Qingqing had been dreaming about marrying into a noble family, so she was a little bit worried about what Leng Rongrong said.

If one day, Mo Linyuan recovered and took hold of the Mo Family, then Leng Rongrong would become the Lady of the Mo Family!


No! This could never come true.

“Leng Rongrong, you are dreaming. Old Master adores Mo Linyuan and found numerous doctors to treat him. Nothing worked and his legs stayed damaged. Dont bother dreaming that there is a chance of his recovery?”

“You better accept the reality!”

“Try to get a job and make some money. The Mo Family would never treat you well, as you know by now.”

Leng Qingqing shrugged and strode away after venting out.

But she was still affected by what Leng Rongrong said. She was worried that Leng Rongrongs claim would turn into reality.

Leng Rongrong got into the taxi nonchalantly, and then gave the address to the driver.

The moment she reached the gate, Storm lunged at her.

“Stop!” Leng Rongrong made a gesture seeing him coming at her.

Storm halted and slumped onto the ground. He looked at Leng Rongrong obediently.

“Storm, how is the new environment?” Leng Rongrong rubbed Storms head and asked him.

Storm barked and nodded.

“Great. You like Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo? They are not afraid of you, right?” Leng Rongrong asked him.

Getting an affirmative from him, Leng Rongrong let out a sigh of relief.

She walked into the yard with Storm trailing behind.

In the yard, the trees and flowers that Leng Rongrong planted earlier, were blooming. The whole yard looked beautiful and colorful.

By the rockery, there was a man seated in the wheelchair.

Leng Rongrong caught sight of Mo Linyuans extremely handsome face and could not help but sigh. He was way too good-looking! Even his side profile made her heart throb.

How could there be such a good-looking man in the world?

She had thought that her Godfathers were handsome, but now…

Oh well, her Godfathers were indeed great lookers, but this man exceeded them. In a glance, she could feel herself falling for him.

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