The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 25 - The Beautiful Strong Man

Chapter 24: Mr. Richest

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Hearing what Leng Rongrong said, Mo Linyuan looked steadily at Leng Rongrong. “Just buy it.”

Tang Luo: “???”

Master approved of Madams profligate behavior?

Mo Linyuan thought to himself. “After all, I am not paying for it.”

“You think it is a good idea, as well?” Leng Rongrong obviously didnt know Mo Linyuans internal thoughts. Hearing Mo Linyins calm voice, she assumed that the Fourth Master was showing his support.

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

Tang Luo threw a look at Mo Linyuan and then at Leng Rongrong, thinking to himself. “Is she really going to spend her money this way? What if she runs out of it? Sure, she has a lot of funds, but at this rate… she would run through everything within a couple of months!”

Most importantly, Madam was an unemployed person.

She claimed to have the intention of becoming an actress, but it was not easy to become one.

She was spending 10,000 yuan upon one bowl today, and planning to buy out the entire street the next day. What if she decided to buy the entire city one day?

Leng Rongrong did not think so deeply, because spending money was her hobby.

But it seemed that she had always had good luck, so she never ran into any trouble even whenever she spent lavishly…

As for the balance on the card… it just kept increasing instead of diminishing.

“I am free tomorrow, what about me taking you to look at the street? You guys can be my advisors.” Leng Rongrong asked them in a sincere tone.

Tang Luo said, “Oh man! She is actually serious about this stupid idea.”

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

This woman was too expensive for any ordinary man to be able to afford.

The following morning, Leng Rongrong got up early and dressed up. As planned, she went out with Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo to check out the street that she had her eyes on.

She gave Storm the order to stay at home and called a taxi for the three of them.

“Madam, which street are you taking us to?” Tang Luo was very curious now.

“Fengyun Street.” Leng Rongrong said with a shrug of her shoulder.

“Fengyun Street?” Tang Luo thought for a while but then his entire face started to twitch. “That is a deserted street. Are you sure you want to buy it?”

“Well, I like it.”

Leng Rongrong said, “I like the three curves at the entrance, and the street has a classy feel to it. Very unique indeed. The best part is that it is situated by the river!”

“All that may be true, but it is barren.” Tang Luo could not help but comment upon Madams bad judgment, trying to remind her that buying that street would be a bad investment.

“Madam, that street is not a good choice as a business transaction.”

Leng Rongrong threw a look at Tang Luo and said in a serious tone, “I am not buying it as an investment. It is just for fun.”

Tang Luo: “…..”

Soon the three of them arrived at Fengyun Street.

This street used to be very famous in the city, with many tourists visiting here. There were quite a few antique stores and some restaurants that served delicious street foods.

But during the past two decades, very few people came to Fengyun Street.

The stores on the street were losing money. Almost no pedestrians could be seen on the bleak street. As they passed by each store, they could see the staff dozing off.

It was a depressing scene.

Leng Rongrong, however, was quite excited. “Dont you feel that this street still has the look of the past? I am reminded of my childhood.”

“Look of the past?” Tang Luo realized something. “You mean that they were never renovated, so they look worn out?”

Leng Rongrong replied. “I mean… it has a feel of my old town.”

Tang Luo: “…”

Leng Rongrong showed Tang Luo and Mo Linyuan around with a lot of excitement. She told them that she wanted to buy out all the stores, and everything else on this street.

“Madam, what do you want to do eventually?” Tang Luo asked.

“I am going to do some renovations and open a few stores that I personally like.” Leng Rongrong said excitedly.

Tang Luo continued to ask her. “Are you sure? But what if we cant earn any money? We will incur a heavy loss if we do any business here.”

Leng Rongrong pursed her lips. “Hmm, but I like this street so much. Mo Linyuan, what is your opinion?”

Mo Linyuan said calmly, “Anyway you like.”

Leng Rongrong turned to look at Tang Luo gleefully. “He is okay with this idea. So the majority says to buy out the entire street. I have thought it over. If I am going to be an actress, I will not have enough time to manage this. But Mo Linyuan, you are a free man, so you can be in charge of these stores. You must be feeling rather depressed at home with no work to do. If you take over the administration of these stores, I will pay you a monthly salary. Maybe you will feel inspired, and bring back your strength. Werent you good at doing business before? You can make use of your abilities here!”

Hearing what Leng Rongrong said, Mo Linyuan felt his lips twitch violently.

He had thought that whatever she was doing would have nothing to do with him.

Did this woman buy the entire street just for his sake?

So that he would have something to do?

What a warm-hearted woman!

Tang Luos eyes rolled up.Madam, are you serious? Are you saying that you are going to pay a monthly salary to Mr. Richest and ask him to work for you?

He threw a sneaky look at Mo Linyuan and found that he was silent. So, Tang Luo remained quiet too.

Leng Rongrong patted Mo Linyuans shoulders and said, “This is a very nice place with fresh air and good environment. You can roam around while you are at work, good for your recovery.”

Since she was Mo Linyuans wife, even though in name, she should not leave him alone.

What was more, Mo Linyuan was a good-looking man. If nothing else, at least, for the sake of his beautiful face, she should help him.

If such a handsome man stayed depressed all the time, it would be very sad!

The Fourth Master maintained his stoic look.

Leng Rongrong assumed that Mo Linyuan approved of her idea, so she started to negotiate with each store and eventually managed to buy the whole place out.

Tang Luo was pushing Mo Linyuans wheelchair and Leng Rongrong was next to them as they roamed the street.

At this point, someone screamed loudly. “Move away!”


Suddenly a motorbike came rushing at Mo Linyuans wheelchair.

The biker was so fast that the three of them were stunned momentarily.

With his hands gripping the wheelchair, Mo Linyuan was about to dodge when Leng Rongrong rushed up at such a high speed as if she were a gust of wind.

Suddenly, the motorbike landed at the riverside and the man fell on the ground.

A strong man came rushing towards that biker and caught hold of him.

Right then, a young girl came running as well, with tears in her eyes. “Give me back my purse!”

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