The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 5 - No Tolerance!

Chapter 4: The Mo Familys Properties

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Leng Rongrong glanced at Ye Qiushu and rolled her eyes. “Who are you? Is it so strange that I ask for breakfast when I am starving? We are living in the modern century in a real world, not in a historical TV series! Serving tea to the elderly family members… this is not the Royal Palace, alright? Are you the Empress or something?

Previously, Ye Qiushu had a habit of bickering with Mo Linyuan in daily life.

Mo Linyuan pretended to be weak, and never responded to her. This was primarily because he found it really boring to engage in a conversation with that woman. But now there was a new person here for Ye Qiushu to argue with, so she was quite glad to raise her voice. She had thought that Leng Rongrong would have gotten intimidated by now.

Unexpectedly, however, Leng Rongrong was a sharp-tongued person who countered her valiantly, showing no courtesy at all.


“You what? Are you mentally sick? I am not asking you for breakfast!”

Rongrong turned to the Old Master after shutting up the woman.

She only recognized the Old Master amongst the people present. She had gained a vague knowledge of the Mo Family a month before the wedding.

Those uncles were not nice people, only the Old Master was nice to this cheap husband of hers.

The Old Master smiled affably. “It is not strange that the newly-wedded couple got up late. I heard that Rongrong helped Yuan to get dressed today. Rongrong, you have done a good job. Aunt Zhang, go and bring out breakfast. Rongrong and Yuan would like to have some.”

“Dad, we must follow the rules! It is not good for you to spoil them.” Ye Qiushu was thoroughly annoyed now.

She had been an intimidating force in the Mo Family for a decade, and had bossed over everyone. As a result, most people feared her deeply.

But now she was being blocked by a new girl. How could she stand that?

“You are Second Aunt right? I am sure that there are rules, but the elderly of the family should act as a role model first for the juniors to follow the correct path. Are you teaching me how to be sharp-tongued?”

Leng Rongrong pushed forward Mo Linyuans wheelchair, casting a cold smile in the womans direction.

“Sharp-tongued?” Ye Qiushus eyes widened. No one had dared to say that on her face, all her life. This made her almost faint out of anger on the spot.

Instead of continuing with the tiresome conversation, Leng Rongrong went to the dining room with Mo Linyuan.

Breakfast had already been served by the servants. After helping Mo Linyuan to the table, Leng Rongrong started to shove food into her mouth.

Mo Linyuan looked at Leng Rongrong quietly.

This woman was more clever and bolder than he had expected, enough to even make Ye Qiushu quieten down.

“You have just offended someone.” Mo Linyuan said suddenly.

“You mean that Aunt?” Leng Rongrong looked up and saw Mo Linyuans handsome face. Her beautiful red lips arched upwards.

Sigh! Indeed a beautiful face, totally a feast for my eyes.

Many women would have fought for him if he had not been a cripple.

“Second Aunt is ill-tempered and rude. Most people fear her. Since you have insulted her openly, she will cause you endless trouble henceforth. I am a cripple and cant help you much.” Mo Linyuan said.

“Thanks, I dont need your help.” Leng Rongrong flung her arm and answered back casually.

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

So confident.

Leng Rongrong looked at him and said, “Why are you not eating anything? You should not starve yourself. Or do you expect others to feed you?”

Instead of saying anything, Mo Linyuan started to eat his breakfast.

After breakfast, Leng Rongrong was told that a family meeting was going to be held by the Mo Family in the hall. The Fourth Master had just gotten married, and as per rules, he was supposed to move out of the mansion now.

All the children of the Mo Family moved out of the mansion after they got married. The Fourth Master was no exception.

Leng Rongrong pushed Mo Linyuans wheelchair out of the dining room.

In the hall, all the members of the Mo Family were seated, whispering to each other, creating a lively scene.

Leng Rongrong stood next to Mo Linyuan, who seemed to be dozing off as if he didnt care about anything.

Leng Rongrong: “….”

Suddenly the Old Master raised his voice. He said that after an intensive discussion, they had decided to let Mo Linyuan move to an old villa in the western outskirts area.

It was a huge villa, and the air quality was also nice in that region. The scenery around the place was beautiful and was suitable for Mo Linyuan to live a quiet life.

“Rongrong, Yuan, any thoughts?” The Old Master asked Leng Rongrong and Mo Linyuan after announcing this.

Mo Linyuan coughed and said feebly, “You decide, Grandpa.”

“I follow my husband, so you decide, Grandpa.” Leng Rongrong answered as well.

Leng Rongrong was more than willing to move out of the Mo Familys mansion. It was a place full of all kinds of fights and tricks. The senior members lived together in this place. People like Ye Qiushu got into arguments at the drop of a hat. Life was not going to be peaceful and smooth if they stayed here.

She had been forced to marry Mo Linyuan.

Now that she had complied with the Leng familys wishes, she was going to get her mothers stuff from Leng Guantang, and when the time was right, she was going to divorce Mo Linyuan.

Hence, she had no intention of getting any further involved with the Mo Family. Mo Linyuan seemed to be someone who had no interest in fighting against the other members of the Mo Family members as well.

“Since you are okay with it, then get ready to move today itself.” Ye Qiushu seemed to be quite glad about the whole thing.

So were the rest of the Mo Family members.

They were extremely happy to get this cripple out of the house.

As a result, Leng Rongrong moved out of the mansion on the day following her wedding.

Mo Linyuan seemed to possess no luggage at all. Apart from the medical equipment and drugs, Mo Linyuan barely had anything else, not even clothes to bring along.

Leng Rongrong: “…..”

She suddenly felt sorry for her husband.

He was the Fourth Master of the Mo Family, but owned no personal belongings. His situation was even worse than hers!

After they got the luggage ready, Leng Rongrong and Mo Linyuan were assigned to travel in the Mo Familys car. There was another person in the car with them, Mo Linyuans bodyguard.

Before they left, the Old Master called Leng Rongrong aside to have a few words with him.

The Old Masters shoulders were stooping and his hair had turned grey long ago. He sighed and said to her, “Rongrong, please take good care of Yuan. I know you did not marry him willingly, but Yuan has no one else by his side. He is a pitiful child! I cant help him in any other way except for requesting you to take care of him. Take it as a request from this old man.”

Leng Rongrong did not respond and looked quietly at the Old Master.

“I have some private properties deeds here, just take them. If you ever run out of money, sell these but dont do it openly, okay? If possible, I will give you some more resources and money in the future. I dont expect you to pamper Yuan, but please make sure he never starves or suffers too much. I am not the real master of the Mo family, so I cant promise you anything substantial. Rongrong, I know you are a good kid. Even though you are probably going to leave Yuan in the future, but till then, please take care of him as much as you can.”

Seeing Old Masters sincere face and hearing his honest words, Leng Rongrong realised that he cared a lot about Mo Linyuan.

She remained silent for a moment and then nodded at Old Master. “Dont worry, I will try my best.”

The Old Master instantly felt better after hearing what she said.

Tears had started to gather in his eyes. “Good, you are a good kid, you will definitely get rewarded for this.”

Leng Rongrong gave him a comforting smile. “Alright Grandpa, we are leaving now. Please go back inside. It is too hot here.”

After seeing him off, Leng Rongrong put away the stuff which the Old Master had given her.

She turned around and was about to get into the car, when a strong arm pulled her, causing her to almost trip in front of the car.

“What are you doing?”

Leng Rongrong turned around and looked at the person. It was an arrogant looking girl, close to her own age, dressed in a luxurious and expensive outfit.

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