the mysterious rider. His heart was at his throat. Amoeba announced that he was going to meet the king.

From a slave who knew no one of importance to someone who was associated with the king. Adnans breath caught.

The King of Arendar was a figure of tremendous respect around the empire. Yet a lowly servant such as himself was getting a chance to see him. It was an honor that Adnan didn know how to process.

He nervously dragged his feet to prolong their walk. Amoeba noticed that they were slowing down, and she raised her eyebrows at Adnan.

”What is bothering you? ” she asked her voice never above a whisper.

”Nothing, ” Adnan responded lowering his voice.

”Its clearly something if it is slowing us down, ” she noted. Amoela folded her hands on her chest, glaring at Adnan to spill it out.

The ladies dressed him up in a fancy royal purple attire. Adnan touched the fabric of the dress, his heart squeezed in pain. It was the most expensive outfit he had ever had the honour of wearing.

The outfit hid the fact that he was a slave. It was a great transformation from what he was used to. Adnan thanked the moon in his heart. His prayers were answered in some ways.

He was delivered from the life of wearing rags to a life of standing tall with his head held high. As high as the kings slave can raise his head. However Adnan was excited. His heart thundered slightly against his chest.

He was so caught in his thoughts to notice the curtains being dropped and the ladies retreating away from them. With Amoela walking side by side with him, tensing the closer they got to the kings room.

”You are dismissed, ” the man spoke. Amoeba bowed her head in respect before striding off. Adnan blinked, pushing his excitement to the back of his head. And followed the man obediently.

He was led to a lavish black door at the end of the hallway. The room was the only one that Adnan could see as far as the hallway stretched.

The man pushed the door open and strolled in, ”Come inside, young man, ” the man ordered.

The male stepped into the room, too shy to raise his head to incase the king finds it offensive.

Adnan vowed in his heart, to serve the king well and earn his way out of being a slave. Amd one day be his own man, so he couldn afford to make a bad first impression.

The mysterious man dropped the leather on his body. Adnan dared to raise his eyes, he scanned the room for the king. When he didn find another soul in the room, he released the breath he was aware he was holding.

”Where is the king? ” he subconsciously asked.

The man shot a glance at him, the mask on his face coming loose, he removed the mask. Adnan closed his eyes, the shimmer came unannounced and took him by surprise.

When he opened his eyes again, the man was gone from the room.

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