The Servant Of The Empire

Meeting the king (2)

ting hotter and hotter by the minute. As though something or someone was warming it up.

After ten minutes, Adnan swam up for some air. ”Aahh, ” he gasped filling his lungs with air. He inhaled and exhaled over and again. Panting for breath, it was a stupid near-death experience that left him breathless.

”Ten minutes, Im impressed, ” he heard alerting him of the current situation he was in. Adnan bit his lip. He kept his eyes on the wall, nervously praying to the moon that he disappears.

The man in the pool with him was the king if he wasn mistaken. It dawned on him that a slave like himself dared to touch the water the king bathes with. Adnan had never seen anyone who was begging for death as he was doing.

Even if the king had him beheaded right there. Adnan wouldn blame him. He had crossed the line and was deserving of punishment. Adnan held his breath.

”What were you doing? ” the kings question sounded. Adnan swallowed hard.

He was short of words to explain his weird behavior. What could he say, that he was drawn by the warmth of the water? That answer was suicidal, to say the least. It was a signed death wish for the king to fulfill.

”I find it rude that you aren responding to me, ” his soft yet commanding voice let out in the room. Adnan tensed. Water dripped off his face like sweat. Adnan was cold.

He rubbed his palms against each other. Wrecking his brain for a reason, an excuse that might get the king to forgive his mistake and not kill him.

”Are you ignoring me? ”

Adnan was shaking. Who was he to ignore the king? It was nerve-wracking to be there and the worst part was that he didn have the courage to get out of the pool. Especially since he was naked in the water. And his clothes were by the kings side.

I am so dead, he screamed internally.

His blood ran cold and he was sweating. Adnan got goosebumps all over his body. He had the worst luck and timing.

”Am I speaking to you or not! ” the kings voice stopped being friendly. Adnan held back a scream, the water was shot up and became unbearably hot when the king snapped at him.

The male was forced to glance up at the king. His eyes widened with shock. The Kings long silver hair floated around him in the water. That was almost similar to the mysterious rider. Sharp red eyes as bright as the sun. That differentiated from the rider as the man had green eyes. However it felt as though he was looking at that rider without his mask.

Adnan gulped.

The King was as beautiful as the moon and as elegant as a lotus. The King was enthralling enough to make anyone who saw him want to worship him.

Adnan had a hard time trying to avert his gaze from the King. His gaze made the kings lips to curl up. ”If you want a portrait just ask. No need to eat me with your eyes, ” he spoke out. ”Although I must admit, sneaking into my bath naked has caught my attention, dear slave, ” he added.

Adnan was mortified.

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