”Why the hell did you not tell me you were going to be here? I would have made something amazing for my little alpha, ” said the woman as she walked into the room and hugged Riden

”Because Im with a friend, mom, ” Riden said as he hugged his mother back.

”Oh, is this the omega you take about all the time when your home? Hello, my name is Trixi. Im this big ding dongs mother, ” smiled Trixi as she walked up to me and hugged me tightly.

”Its nice to meet you too. My name is Dearil Cooper, ” I hugged back.

”So I will let you too have fun and leave you guys alone. Just let me know if there is anything you guys need, ” laughed Trixi as she walked out of the room, closing the door.

”Im so sorry you had to meet my crazy mom, ” murmured Riden as she scratched the back of the head like he always does when he is embarrassed.

”Its all good. Your mother is lovely, ” I laughed as I looked at Riden with a smile.

After a few minutes later the woman that took our order came in with a tray with the stuff we ordered. When the woman left the room, I started to scarf down the good because I totally forgot I was super hungry. Right as I finished the last cookie and talked the whole time about things we liked and our hobbies. I would not think that Riden would love photography and love to sketch. He also really liked sweet stuff like candy and cakes. I learned a lot of things about him. I really liked that he did not force me to answer any questions I did not like, and his pheromones came out every time he got super excited. It made me relax like I could tell him anything.

”Lets get out of here, ” Riden smiled as he got up from his seat.

”Oh, okay, where are we going, ” I said as I too got up from my seat.

”I want to take you somewhere before I drop you off at home, ” Riden said as he walked out the door to the room.

”What is this place, ” I laughed because he lit up when he said somewhere.

”You will see. I promise you will like it, ” Riden said as he grabbed my hand.

When we left the cafe, the sun was almost sundown, making the sky look beautiful with the pinks and red. We walked back to the car and let his driver drive us a few blockers down the road, passing a bank and some local stores. Also a book store and a movie theater. Right, when we came to a stop, I could see that the SUV parked next to a path that led to a metal gate that said Privet Park. He took me to a private park. Is there nothing he does not have?

”Welcome to the Richerson Park, ” Riden smiled as he opened the metal gate.

I could see that the park was huge when we entered the park. We took a path that led us to a more enormous water fountain than any water fountain that I have ever seen. It had an angel in the middle with three wolfs in front of it. Each wolf was different; one was giant with the alpha sign on its head, the second was smaller than the huge one but not as tiny as a regular wolf. It had a beta sign on its head. The last one was tinier than the first two that had an omega sign on its head.

”There is a saying that the first angel Michael fell in love with a wolf. That gave birth to the first alpha, beta, and omega, ” said Riden as he walked around the fountain.

”Is this why you have this fountain here? ” I said, loving how big the fountain was.

”Yes, it is my father who bought this land and turned it into a park with this fountain in the middle of the land. ”Also, the five-element shrines fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. The only way there starts from this fountain, ” Riden smiled as he walked back to me, ”also, I remember you saying you love water fountains at school. So I thought you would like this one. ”

”I love it. Its the biggest water fountain I have ever seen, ” I smiled at Riden when he stopped in front of me, ”can I come back and see it again? ”

”You can come to see it anytime you what, ” whispered Riden in my ear, ”just tell me, and I will talk you here every time. ”

”Thank you, ” I blushed as I turned away from him, ”We should get back. Its late. ”

When we got back to the gate, the driver waited for us. I will never get used to this someone opening the door for you and driving you to a different palace every time. Before getting into the SUV, I told the driver where to drop me off. Why does the drive always have to be silent every time? It drives me crazy.

”So. I had fun today. ” I smiled as I turned to look at him, ”Thank you again. ”

”So did I, ” smiled Riden as he too turned to look, ”also you are very welcome anytime. ”

”Since you took me to a cafe and a park. Are you free tomorrow? ” I murmured, hoping that he was free.

”Yes, I am why you ask? ” Riden said, still looking at me.

”Well, Im free tomorrow. Did you what to go on an adventure all day tomorrow. Since its the weekend, ” I laughed weirdly.

”That works for me, ” Ridden smiled as he grabbed my hand.

”Okay, then lets meet around noon, ” I smiled as I did not push my hand away from him.

”Okay, I will pick you up then, ” Ridden said as he turned to look out the window, still holding my hand.

When the car finally stopped after three to four hours of driving, we were in a neighborhood with different shapes of houses all along the street. My house was more significant than the house in my area. Most of the homes were two stories tall, were mine was three stores tall and had a three-door garage. Sometimes I tell my mother that we don need such a big house, but she always says, if I want this in my life, then I will have it no matter what. She always sounds like she is a 5-year-old when she says those words. I think thats why my teacher likes her so much because she does not act like an adult.

”Hope you have a good nights sleep, ” Riden smiled as my door opened from the driver.

”I will see you tomorrow, ” I smiled as I got out of the car, totally forgetting my hand was still in Ridens hand.

”Until tomorrow, my little tater tot, ” smirked Riden as he lifted my hand and kissed it.

”Yes, until tomorrow, ” I repeated as I blushed as he kissed my hand. Why does he have to do things that are so embarrassing? ”Hope you have a safe drive home. ”

When the driver shut the door when I turned to start walking up to my steps to the front door, the car began to leave. Thank god. I can breathe now. That was a long day, fun but long. I wonder if mom left dinner for me. Sometimes she does when she is not busy and tells the cook to make some for me, or she mostly goes out and eats. Yes, if you
e wondering, we have two maids as well. We don have a butler. My mom thought that three people could run the house. She would hire the neighbors kid to mow the land when it needed cut. She would always say, in this family, we don need to lift a finger. Let the people that need to work. Do the work. ” those were her favorite words when I was younger.

”So, where have you been all night? Its past 11 oclock, ” said a voice as I opened the front door to my house.

Why this one person has to be here out of all of the days. Thinking they are my caretaker. Give it arrest already if I want to come home late, I will go home late. My mother never cared if I was late, so what gives them the right to think they should care.

If I walk up late, I get lectured on how a young man should not sleep their day away. Also, lectures on eating all your vegetables will help you grow, don overeat junk food is not suitable for your health, etc.

”So where have you been that would make you stay out so late, ” said the voice. Lets get this over with, I thought as I shut the door behind me.

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