I don know how long I was asleep when I walked up, but Riden was next to me sleeping. He looks younger when he is sleeping. He looked peaceful and not pissed off earlier. I need to get off this bed without waking him up.

”Fuck, my body is still sore, ” I winced as I got off the bed.

When I got off the bed, I looked at Riden to see if he was still asleep. After looking, I walked around the room, looking at everything he had. An oak dresser on one end of the room next to a window. Also, the bed was on the opposite side of the oak dresser. There was a double door next to the dresser that looked like a closet. The room looks like a typical teenage room with posters of celebrities and games I have never played before.

”I thought this place was going to be magical, ” I chuckled quietly, not to wake Riden.

I looked again to see if Riden was still asleep before walking over to the double door that looked like a closet. When I opened the doors, it led to another room full of clothes that looked nice and neat, and on one side of the wall had different watches all in a row being displayed. Also, there were drawers under the watch display. Another door on the other end of the room led to a massive bathroom with a vast shower on one side with an expansive tub next to it. I could see a toilet next to a gigantic counter with two sinks and two huge mirrors.

”Holy shit, this is one huge bathroom. Thank goodness I can finally soak my body in hot water, ” I said as I walked over to the tube and turned on the water.

After filling the tub, I took off my clothes and climbed into the tub. When my naked body hit the hot water, my sore body started to feel so much better. I wish I could stay here forever, but paradise is gone once the hot water is not desirable.

”So this is where you were, ” said a voice as the door opened.

”Shit! ” I yelled as the door opened

”Its fine. Its just me. I wanted to know if you were fine? Also, I really need to pee ” Riden laughed as he walked over to the toilet.

”Thats fine, just not come over here, ” I murmured as I started to blush, hoping he would not come over and see my naked body.

”Oh, is that so, ” Riden said as the toilet flushed.

”Yes, so if you
e done, you can leave, ” I said, hoping he would not hear me sound shy.

”But the tube is huge. So there is room for both of us, ” laughed Riden as we walked over to the tube.

”Yes, there is, but, ” I said as I turned my head to look at Riden.

When I looked at Riden, he was already naked next to the tub. When I looked at his body, I could see that he had muscle in every part of his body with abs that made his body more god-like. As I looked farther down, his thighs were thick with muscles.

”Fuck, ” I said as I looked at his dick that was bigger than I thought.

”You like what you see, ” smiled Riden as he climbed into the tub with me.

”I don know what you
e talking about, ” I blushed as he got closer to me.

”I like what I see, ” as he looked down at my dick with a huge grin.

Fuck, why did this have to happen if I keep thinking dirty, Im going to get hard, and its going to be even more embarrassing to be next to him. I need to think about other things. Before I could think of something. I felt something grab my dick with a soft touch.

”What…are…you….doing, ” I gasped as he started to move his hand up and down.

”Im helping with the erection that you got when I looked down, ” smiled Riden as he continued making up and down.

Before I could say something, he scooted closer as he put his huge cock next to mine ad started to move faster than before. I tried to hold my gasps as he moved faster, but he just kept moving my hand away from my face.

”I like your sweet face as you gasp when I stroke your cock with mine, ” smiled Riden as he leaned down and kissed me for the first time.

It was soft and sweet when he kissed me, making my head spine. Damn, I dont think I can take any more if he continues to do this. Im going to faint. I need to hold on to him before my strange runs out.

”I think Im going to cum, ” said Riden in my ear as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

”I..think.. ” before I could finish talking, I let out a loud moan as I started to cum.

When I looked at Riden, he looked at me with a red face and a wide grin. Making me blush even more from being embarrassed from moaning so loud. Why does he have to make s face like that after we just ejaculated together for the first time?

”You make a really cute moan, ” laughed Riden as he let the water drain from the tub, ”lets go to the shower and rinse off. ”

”Okay, ” I said as Riden got out of the tub and lifted me out with him.

As we left the tub, we went right to the shower. Damn, why does my stomach feel weird? It feels like I have butterflies. I just dont what him to let me go. When we got into the shower, Riden turned on the water while holding me in his arms.

”Lets get cleaned up and go back to the room, ” smiled Riden as he let me down as the water fell onto my body.

”Okay, ” I smiled as I looked at his silver eyes as he got lighter as he got closer to me.

”Also when we are done you can wear my clothes. I also bought you, so underwear to wear and some clothes just in case mine are too big. ” Riden said as he started to put soap on my body.

”Thank you again, ” I murmured as I looked away from him, hoping that he did not see that I was blushing.

e very welcome little tater tot, ” laughed Riden as he leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

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