The Twin Sister of Boruto

Chapter 2 : New world and sister

( Im sorry I pit novel on it instead on fan-fic it won let me create another book if I chose fan-fic )

My name is Kaguya Shinye and Im a general of the military and an ottako, I have never killed an innocent person and I have many corrupt people on our country even the president bowed to me on live video.

But that was the good old days Im now 97 years old it is already a miracle that im still alive today.

I am now on my death bed my great grandson and greate grand doughter are crying by my side and I died.

” Where am I ” I said out loud and I coud see a celing.

” You are at my place yung soul ” A feminine voice that sounded like a goddess.

” Who-who are you ” I asked I coud only see a woman with light blue hair that was curled and her face was hidden py an umbrella.

” I am the goddess of balance and reincarnator Rob ” she said while still hiding on the umbrella.

” Then I really am dead am I going to heaven or hell? ” I asked while bowing I did not have any bad intention.

” Ara aren you a new one ” she said with a happy tone.

” What do you mean a new one? ” I asked curius she was a god after all and she gave me a complement.

” You are the only soul who actually really innocent and does not wan anything and purelly bowing because of respect ” She said while on a bright mood.

” Umm so what do I do now? ” I said while not lifting my head and was still on the ground.

” Hmm did you know that on the future on your universe you
decendants made peace and prosperity to all and you on the other hand is the reason for this you killing the curupt people made this possible you are like a hiro now ” She said while I was happy that I was usefull some how and made the Universe a better place.

” As a reward for doing this I will give you 5 wishes anything woth no restriction you can even wish for infinite wishes and as a gift to you for not having any greed I will give yoh the Ultimate Skill [ Charity King Raguel ],Ultimate Skill [ Hope King Sareil ] and Ultimate Skill [ Purity King Metatron ] ” She said while looking at the garden.

” Ok then ” I said while in deep thought and never quistioned a god.

” I don want you to keep waiting so my 1st wish is to let my descendants have a good lif ” That was what my wish was I did not have any regrets and just want my descendants to be happy.

” Rejected if you keep thingking like this all of your wish will be useless and your an ottako use your brain ” She said with an anvry tone and an annoyed one.

” Oh ok then my 1st wish is to become the twin sister of boruto and whatever you say next will never work on me I have not seen that show and I wan to experience it myself and not being disrespectful ” said while lifting my head then bowing again.

” Hmm alright then thats what im talking about ” she said while looking at me proud.

” My second wish is to have the voice of the world and the other True Dragons there but a defferent prson ” I said with stars on my eyes.

” Rejected in this world the Voice of the World and others like the True Dragons but different from the cardinal world but there is no Demon Lord councel like Guy Milim but ramires does exist though becouse she is the neutral deity ” She then explained more in detail.

” So my second wish is to have my Imaginary pets that I allways wanted ” I said while so exited that I wanted to jump.

” Done I will give you 3 pets that can talk and can have a human body like what you allways wanted ” She reply really fast.

” My third wish is to have the [ Chaos Reactor ] that can give me infinite energy from all kinds of energy but at random and I has the infinite battery effect on it ” I said while allmost sitting straight.

” Done ” she said out loud with a energetic tone.

” My fourth wish is to have all itelegen skills from the omniverse or what ever the name is ” I said while excited on how many things i can do.

” Done ”

” My fifth wish is to have my remaining wish to be given to me in the future when I die and will be able to have my memories when I go there? ” I asked if I have to use another wish I did not want to have infinite wishs I am not that greedy.

” Yes and Yes oh but there is a condition thou you have to be a little bit do some mischief, this is a new world new you live your life freely ” she said while opening a door at my back.

” Yes you are right I will go I will not be a stupid hiro anymore thats why I wan to be a girl in this life ” I said then I left the place and enterd the door.

” I hope this time you have a nice life and not just a life like before have fun for once ” she said while I did not hear anything.

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