The Twin Sister of Boruto

Chapter 3 : Birthday

” Push Push ” The doctor said and there I was born.

” Ahhhhh ” My new Mother said.

” Huh i-its a girl ” The doctor said with a worried expression then he slaped my butt.

” W-whats the matter doc ” My new father said out loud with a worried expression.

O-oh right cry cry ” I kep saying out loud.

{ Confirmed : Crying will now bigen }

Ahhhh my ears a million voice no a billion I don know how much voice there was but Aghhhh ” then I realized what i wished for All of you fuse to make 1 skill don touch that 3 Ultimate Skills that Rob gave me ” I said while in the doctors hands was a crying toddler I command you to make some diamond chains out of my body but make it weak that even civilians can get hurt ”.

Then White colored Chains that came out of my back then it went berserk hitting everything then I stoped crying and the chaines retracted.

” Th-the Unique power of the Uzumaki clan ” Naruto said out loud and the doctor not nurse gave me to naruto.

” Push Push ” A nurse said out loud.

” There is only one baby coming out we allready did the check up before hand ” The doctor said while looking at the nurse with a annoyed face.

” B-But why is there a head coming out ” The nurse said out loud.

” W-What then push more ” The doctor said then boruto came out.

” Its a boy Hokage-sama ” The doctor said worried and with a complicated look.

” W-whats the matter doc ” Hinata said oit loud with a worried face.

” Umm about that the ultra sound loomed like it was only 1 baby and it was a boy but there are 2 babys and there is a girl too ” He said with a complecated face and looked at us.

” There is nothing wrong with them right? ” Naruto said out loud.

” No nothing is wrong with them ” he said with a smile on his face.

” * Sigh * Thats a relief ” Naruto Sigh out of relief.

” So what will be there name ” The doctor said.

” Hmm how about Boruto Hyuga Uzumaki and Bell Hyuga Uzumaki ” My mok and dad said at the same time while happy.

” Then that will be there name then ” The doctor said then gave them the palers and we went outside of the emergency room.

” Happy giving birth day ” All of Naruto and Hinatas friends said out loud.

” Ahhhh ” I screamed and cried out loud then chains came out of the back of my back and destroyed all of the ballons the cake was allmost hit but Chogi blocked it.

” Shhhh she does not like loud noice ” Hinata said while on the bed while narutos clone is pushing the bed.

While Boruto started laughing a little then I stoped crying and beside my mom.

” Oh then shh veryone ” Chogi said.

” Lets eat ” Ino said with a low voice.

A little while we went home and I slept beside Boruto while I checked my Skills.

Hey are you done or not ” I said out loud and then a cute boy said.

<{ Yes Master I am now A codex I just need a name from Master then I will fully evolve }>

Oh ok then your name will be [ Mina ] and U hope we become BFF ” I said while waiting for her answer.

<{ I am now evolving..... I have Evolved Thank you master }>

” Ah they are sleeping ahh how hute ” Naruto said while looking at us smiling.

Hey I wan to be a singer in the future and not a ninja can you make my voice that of a godess ” I said my dream was allways to become a singer and allways will be.

<{ I will make a skill for that right away the Ulimate skill [ Godess of Music mussa ] has been gained }>

The ** why do I get Ultimate Skills that easilly and don I have a limitation to gain Ultimate Skills like my soul or what not ” I asked while surprised at the same time.

<{ There is no limit I have broken everything that is stoping you }>

Oh ok then this is just weird like umm TF ”.

My routine was Eat sleep Eat sleep Eat Sleep and I can just make a better body but I want the feeling of having a parents once.

( 9 Months Later )

” Say mama ”Hinata said while looking at me smiling.

” No papa ” Naruto said with a smile.

I was the only one who was listening while Boruto just want to walk.

” B-ma-Ba ma Ma-pa ” I said out loud.

” Yay Bell you did it bow about you Boruto ” Naruto said while looking at him.

” Shi-shi ” he allways says that while holding a kunay yo your just a baby like T.F.

” Yay now how about you say papa or mama ” Hinata said.

” Im sorry Hinata I have work to do ” Naruto said while sulking.

” Oh ok then good bye and good luck ” Hinata said while naruto said good bye and went away.

Nothing special happened and I just helped out mom while using my chains and giving her things like plate and whatnot.

( 2 years later )

Himawari was born and I just played with her Boruto was stupid and just wanted to be a ninja while I on the other hand just helped mom well more like play with her.

I allways keep track on my time to sleep eat I have to act to you know Boruto just wanted to go out in short a stupid guy.

I allways save him from falling using my chains and mom and dad saw it and was proud that I was taking care of my little brother and was proud.

I allways play with Boruto and Himawari and Hinata and Naruto allways leave me with them in the room there has been no accidents and problems.

There is allways play time with other kids while I on the other hand became there older sister and I allways take care of the kids while the other mothers trusted me now and they just talk by them selves and of course they check on us time to time.

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