The Twin Sister of Boruto

Chapter 4 : Becoming a Hokage

I allways wanted to be a singer then there was our birthday it was the best opportunity.

We were going to turn 3 while boruto started to play with his friends while I on the other hand I helped mom while taking care of Himawari at the same time and playing with her.

Dad is never home while Boruto started to invite his friends and mom Invited her friends.

The Birthday Party was on the park, it was spring the flowers wre beautiful and the guists statted arriving surprisingly even Dad was here.

I was wearing a Spring Dress with a flower crown while Boruto just wore a formal cloth T.F. get out put on some real cloth ” I said while angry that I was on a beautiful Spring Dress whole he was waring that don don don ” I calmed myself down.

My hair color is now Pitch Black like the night sky while my eyes was color blue like the ocean it complemented my hair I also looked like Boruto but hotter.

” Ah how adorable the color white really suits you ” Aunt Ino said while the other women was found of my biutifull dress.

” It woud have been more beautiful if Boruto actually dressed up for once ” I said with a sad face.

” Ah don be like that Boruto might not match your dress but he did not go here wearing a pajamas ” Aunt Tenten said while comforting me the other womens stared at Boruto with killing intent so as there doughters.

” I acrually forced him to wear that he was going to go out just wearing pajamas I chased after him ower the house over and over again and punched in the stomach then he cried mom did not get angry though mom was proud of me when I put his clothes on, then he ran away not even saying good bye ” I was going to cry.

” Ah don be like that its your Birthday today be happy smile ” Aunt Temari said reasuring me that everything was going to be all right.

” Yeah your right ill just beat him up ” I said clunching my fist.

” What no no What I meant was smile and enjow your Birthday ” Aunt Temari said while stoping me.

” Oh then later tonight then ” I said reassuring that i will be happy today.

” Ok then Im going to play with Sarada ” I said as I ran toward her.

” Happy Birthday ” All of them said to the both of us.

Then the happy Birthday song was going to happen.

As I sang all of their atention was on me while I was holding my Little Brothers arm and we both was singing and all of his friends had a crush on me now.

” Wow sis your voice is awesome ” Boruto said while holding my hands.

” Yeah I allways wanted to be a snger how about you ” I asked Boruto

” I wan to be a ninja and be the greatest ninja of all time ” He said his answer like the same as allways and was puting his hand on his chest.

” Hey my mom wan me to be a ninja too how trouble some ” Shikadai said while annoyed he was glad that his mother did not hear him couse he woud die if his mother heard him.

” Im going to tell aunt Temari ” I said while going to he.

” H-H-Hey th-thats just a joke ” she said while waving his hands to stop me.

” Hey when are we going to eat ” Chocho said while pointing at the food.

” Allright lets all eat ” I said while the adluts gave us food while Boruto was playing with Metal Lee and the other boys.

” Hey lets play tag ” Chocho said while chasing inojin.

” Your it ” Then we all started to run around.

We played for over 1 Hour.

Hey the both of you come here Mom said while giving us the gifts to open.

” This is for you two, Boruto you have to shre it to your sister ok ” Dad said while giving the gift to the both of us.

” Do I have to ” Boruto said while looking at the gift.

” Yeas Boruto ” mom said while giving him a glare and the other kids started to laugh.

Then we opened it, it was a toy more like a video game.

” Vut I don play this did you give him the video game so that he can only play hmmm you love him more ” As I pouted and wanted to cry.

” No No this is a game has manny games and it allso has a barbie game on it ” mom said while reasuring me that she loves both of us equally.

” This is Himawaris gift ” Mom said while giving us different boxes mine was light blue my favorite color while Boruto was pink ( I used google ).

I opened my gift and it was a cute necklace with a hairpen it both matched with the earing, it was allso made out of pearl, while while the necklace was allso made out of pearl and the haipen had a pearl on the last part while the uper part had blass on it.

” Ah thank you ” I said while Dad helped me put on the nicklace and the earing on.

Boruto opened his and it was a limited edition vedio game.

” Ah is this the limited edition game ” Boruto said while playing with it.

” Aren you gling to say thabk you I said ” I said while I was ignored.

” Biruto lets open the other gifts ” Isaid while lointing at the other gifts.

” You open it big sis Im going to play with Metal Lee ” He said while all of the boys left to play with their stupid game.

Then I opemed the other gifts while saying thank you to them 1 by 1.

” Your so nice while the other one is Naruto while he was still a kid ” Aunt Ino said while looking at Dad while laughing at the joke.

” Hey thats not true hey Hinata help me out ” Dad said while desperate for help.

” Well Inos not wrong either ” Mom said while allmost laughing.

” Hahahahaha even Hinata thingks so ” Aunt Ino said while holding her stomach.

Its allready night time and the other people went home while they helped us take care of decoration.

We went home and I took a bath and forced Boruto to take one and when we were about to sleep a large bang sounded and Mom went to our room while Boruto was on the floor laying dead.

” What happened ” Mom said worried because Boruto was on the ground dead.

” Nothing mom Boruto sudden to wanted to sleep on the floor ” I said while mom tuck me to sleep and carried Boruto to his bed.

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