”You won have a problem with being alone? ” Mr. Fras question is filled with concern and it makes me feel with appreciation.

”I am fine, Mr. Fra, I like to be alone. It helps me concentrate. ” I respond, gathering my newly assigned course and my black rose. Unknowingly, as I walk to the dining room, I left a trail of black roses behind me.

As I reach the dining room, I notice the tables have been put up after lunch. I didn get a clear look at the floor during lunch but now looking at it, I can believe how beautiful it is. Its made up of stain glass and concrete floor yet the stain glass isn at random, it creates a design. The design seemingly makes a spiral around the floor, starting in the middle. I stare at the ground, infatuated by the patterns, the green blending in with red, the gold highlighting the sides of each shapes, the white background enlightening the whole series of colors. I continue to look for another minute and then set up shop.

As I begin to read the first paragraph, I am stunned at the fact that the textbook is in Elvic, my native language. I gleefully reread the first paragraph and start to center myself. I close my eyes and start to recite the lesson spell in my head. I feel my eyes go white and start to glow, I felt myself start to float up. I shudder as a flood of energy enters my body. It feels so great, passionate, and so strong that I almost stop the recitation of the spell. The energy begins to fill me up, and through my close eyelids, I can see a glow. I don know where it is from, but the glow seems to surround me. I feel amazing, powerful, even unstoppable. I even let out a giggle, this energy, this power, it fills me up so joyously. All of sudden, I feel the energy leave me forcefully. My eyes fly open and I fall to the ground with a harsh thud. Pain floods through my body, mostly targeting my left side. I wince and struggle to sit up.

As I manage to sit up, I hear a gasp. I turn to the entrance to see Josh, Malakah, Marcus, and Lucas looking at me with similar looks of shock. I am mortified, I fell in front of the people I wanted to be my friends. Joshs expression changes from shock to utterly impressed. He starts laughing and jumping up and down.

Wow, Elfy, I knew you were cool but this just puts the icing on the cake!!!

Confused, I turn around and see that I completed the lesson. However, I completed it a little too well. The whole other side of the dining room is covered with lavender, echinacea, roses, yarrow, and sedum. Lavender loops around the exit doors, while the echinacea lines up with the floor boards. The black and red roses are shaped into hearts on the wall, the white yarrow filling the inside of the rose hearts. The sedum of different colors is littered on the floor, each color in a separate group. I stand up and I walk to the other side of the dining room. Footsteps follow after me as I lightly touch the tips of red and white sedum petals. I can believe Ive done this. I don understand why I did this but its astounding. Someone grabs my shoulder and turns me around.

This is amazing, how are you only Level 4, Elfy? Malakah excitedly exclaims. From the corner of my eye, I see Lucas and Josh play fighting in the yellow sedum flower, while Marcus meditates in the pink sedum flowers. I sheepishly grin and giggle.

I have no idea, Malakah, but even I am shocked! We both laugh and he hugs me. I hesitate and then hug him back. We pull away from each other and run towards the other direction. I see Malakah tackle Marcus into the sedum. I crash into Lucas and Josh, who both turn to me.

Oops, sorry guys. They look at each other and tackle me together. I yelp as Josh pelts me with pillows he conjured up. Lucas tries to pick me up to protect me from Joshs pillow torture, Malakah and Marcus are sitting next to each other and Italking.

Whats going on here? a voice echos throughout the dining room. We all turn to see Rufus, standing in the doorway, his arms crossed and his brows furrowed. Lucas carefully puts me down and rushes towards Rufus. Before Rufus could even process what is happening, Lucas grabs Rufus and throws him into the flowers.

Shut up, Rufus and join the fun, ya dope! He dives after Rufus and we can hear the growls from that area. Flowers fly out in the air along with legs and hair.

Josh and I start dying laughing. I take a pillow from Josh and slam it against Joshs side. Josh falls and pulls my leg to cause me to fall on top of him. We both laugh so hard we start snorting. I look at Josh, who is still laughing, and I smile. Today is slowly turning into the best day of my life. I get off of Josh and pull him up.

Hey, Lucas and Rufus, come here!! Josh calls them over. Lucas has a scratch on his left cheek while Rufus has a bite on his arm. They are both laughing, and I am shocked on how handsome Rufus looks smiling. I stare at him as Josh motions Malakah and Marcus over. Rufus meets my eyes and winks, flashing a devilish grin. Immediately, heat rises to my cheeks and I feel my face turn red. I look away and walk after Josh. We all sit in the middle of the stained glass spiral.

Elfy, How did you manage to do something amazing? Josh asks me. Everyone around us silently looks at me, waiting for an answer.

Yeah, kompis, I want to know as well. Malakah jumps in, everyone else nodding in agreement.

I smile faintly, and gather my words.

My new friends, I have no idea how I, a barely Level-4 elf, can conjure such a beautiful garden. I look at everyone, my eyes pleading for them to understand that I don know how I did this. They stare at me, dissecting my soul to see if I am telling the truth. The silence is so tense, a sound could destroy us. Lucas opens his mouth to respond but is thrown across the room. We all turn around to see who could have done it only for us to be thrown too.

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