The Wild Wolves

Light Pack I

(Uriel Ulrich)

I hesitated a bit but the urge to have a new friend conquered the hesitation. `Im a werewolf, do not be surprised. Just as she heard my confession, she looked at me in disbelief. `Thats a lie, right? Werewolves are nowhere as fast as you were, last night. You were much faster than the vampires I have encountered within the past three years. I wanted to explain more better but I knew she would find it more harder to understand.

`Im a werewolf that has roamed earth for three centuries. Believe me, I have no reason to lie. She looked more shocked and laughed in response. `More lies, you must be kidding. We are both aware no werewolf is capable of not aging and living for such a long time. So, you mean to say you are the oldest wolf in all of history, an Immortal Wolf? I nodded my head in approval and maintained a stoic expression to further ascertain that my words were serious.

`Wow! Thats a lot to take in. Asides that, you mentioned something about needing my assistance, whats it about? She pushed the previous issue about and struck up another, an important one somewhat related to finding my mate. `I need your assistance in finding my mate. You mentioned something about the existence of few packs within Compton so I intend to visit them in search for my mate. I need you to show me around, thats if you have knowledge about their location. I explained to her and I could feel Ulnars excitement about my search for our mate.

`I do know my way around this city but I only know about the existence of very few packs. We could as well visit them when you
e ready but my kind is not welcome there. I fear for my safety. She spoke and glad was I. `I have given you my word, no one shall harm a hair on your head as far as Im with you. She nodded her head in approval as she gave a reply. `I believe you. The funny thing is that I don know your name. Im quite dissatisfied about that. I laughed in response and spoke with my right hand rested on my chin. `Im Uriel Ulrich and wherever I go, I bring the flame.

`What flame is that? She questioned with curiosity invading her tone. `The flame is the beast in me, my companion, Ulnar. Ulnar got irritated as I revealed his name to her. With an unyielding will, he took control over my body for few seconds. I couldn fight his will and so was my body made use of by him for seconds. `I so much want to rip you to pieces. Trust me, I still would do that. I felt huge claws replacing my fingers and before Ulnar could make use of them to injure Veronica, I defeated his will and took back control over my body. The innocent vampire had already rose to her feet and backed away from my position. `What was that? I frowned in response and replied sharply. `That was my inner beast, the one I talked about. Revealing his name to you got him pissed off so he found a way of taking control over my body. Im sorry about that. I willed my jutted claws to vanish and they did.

`Wow, you have an inner beast, another entity in you. Wolves don normally have that, why are you so different from them? She questioned me and I replied with a simple answer. `I don know, too. I have fate to thank for that. She sat her and proposed. `I would do all my possible best to find your mate for you but could you please live with me till you find her? I knew she was afraid of those vampires that were hunting her so wanted me to live with her so I could protect her. I had already promised her that I would protect her but to do that, I have to be around her. I had nowhere to go to so I saw no reason to reject her proposal. `Thats not a problem, friend.

`Really? I really appreciate this. Stay here for some minutes, I wanna go take a quick bath so we could as well head out to one of the few packs I know. Just as she spoke, she sped away from the sitting room, in a supernatural way. I scolded Ulnar after she had gone. `How dare you try to hurt her? Shes a friend of mine and youll do well to not hurt her. He only growled in response. After quite some minutes, she appeared right before my eyes and bewildered was I by her otherworldly beauty. She was clad in a red tuxedo, just as I was. Her auburn hair was so much beautiful to an extent that she looked like a fairy.

e beautiful, Veronica. But, what made you decide to dress like the way I am dressed? I questioned whilst being curious about why she dressed like I was. `I saw that you
e rocking the tuxedo with your masculine beauty so I decided to go with the flow, I just felt like dressing like this, Ive got lots of tuxedos within my wardrobe so you could as well say Im a big fan of tuxedos. She responded and exited the house with a beaming face. She stretched her arms apart like a bird wanting to ascend the heavens as the sunlight fell upon her.

I knew to not disturb her as she once felt how to live like a normal human. After minutes of being kissed by the sun, she spoke. `Ill be the one driving, Uriel. I nodded and tossed the car key to her before proceeding to enter the car and sit my butt within it. She drove the Rolls Royce like a little girl who just earned her first lollipop, she was quite happy which was due to her being able to live a normal life. Hours went by and we discussed during the journey, we did enjoy the hearty conversation. Nightfall had already embraced the world just as we arrived at a clearing. That was my first visit to the Light Pack.

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