The Wild Wolves

Light Pack II

(Uriel Ulrich)

I exited the car and tagged along with her as she delved into the forest. Minutes after walking, my nose captured a lot of scents, scents belonging to wolves. I motioned for my new friend to stop her advance for I sensed their emotion, they were really angered by the scent that lingered around Veronica. `It seems we aren welcomed here, thanks to your scent. I said as I stood before her with the intention of protecting her from any unforeseen danger. `I wouldn even think of coming here if you aren with me, my hero. She smiled in response, I knew she had so much faith in my strength.

`Friends, could you come out of your hiding places and speak with us. We
e here to seek audience with your Alpha. I made use of Ulnars thunderous voice to speak and it rang all over the forest, the leaves belonging to the trees danced wildly and the wind howled in response to the voice. That was one special ability of Ulnars. The wolves should have attacked but were being withheld by the fact that they couldn sense my aura. Wolves were strategic, they wouldn attack their opponents if they knew nothing about them.

After some seconds, footsteps rang out as a burly man came out of his hiding place. One became two and two evolved to half a dozen, male and female alike. They bared their fangs at us as they surrounded us like predators would. `Vampires aren welcome here so please take your leave. The tallest one amongst them spoke as he motioned for us to leave. `I won leave if I don see your Alpha so you all will do well to take me to him. My response earned their growls but I cared not. `We will take no order from Amenadiels minions. Leave or die.

`Just remain there and watch, friend. I said to Veronica as I matched the gaze of their speaker. `You leave us no choice but to feed your bodies to death. Kill them. At his command, they all attacked. Wolves lacked the supernatural speed possessed by vampires but they were more agile than average humans. Werewolves might have been slower than vampires but they were much stronger. I growled and an ethereal voice escaped my mouth. `How dare you all attack an Alpha? Domination was imbued in my tone and my normally slightly red eyes turned fully red, the leaves rustled and the howling wind scared them shitless as they all backed away from our position.

Killing them wasn an option because it would be quite hard to explain why I got rid of them if my mate belonged to their pack. My red eyes gazed at their representative before I spoke and authority was imbued in my tone. `Bring me to your Alpha or you all would die. As much as I hated being delayed, I couldn bring myself to hurt one of my kind. He nodded his head and gestured for me to tag along with him to see his Alpha. Gazes of awe, fear, and curiosity were casted upon I and Veronica as we made our way past the wolves.

Minutes passed as we walked along the rocky path that led to the hidden houses within the forest. A lot of gazes were casted upon us as we walked past the wooden houses and training centers but when we arrived at the Alphas lair, I was not surprised. His house was a lot better than others and about five werewolves protected his lair. `Allen, why do you bring vampires to our pack? Do you want to die? One of the protectors questioned our guide as she hurled a hostile gaze upon Veronica. `Hes an Alpha and he requests an audience with our leader.

The five protectors put up their guards as they met my gazes and I remained unbothered. I knew about the source of their wariness, a meeting between Alphas mostly seemed to not end well which was because an Alpha could grow more powerful should he kill another. `Let them in. A husky voice rang out of the house in response to their hesitation. I wasn needed to be told that he heard the words due to the super-hearing ability of wolves which varied according to their ranks.

I and Veronica walked past the wolves to gain entry into their Alphas home. When we did enter his lair, the sight of a beautiful lady seated upon the muscular legs of a burly man visited our eyeballs. The womans face had a scar but that didn taint her beauty. It was a habit of mine to observe every new environment I visited and the voice of the ladys man broke the silence that swallowed the room. `Welcome, friend. How could I help you? His tone was confident but his facial expression betrayed it. It was a well known thing within the supernatural world that a supernatural that could mask his aura was a powerful one so he was quite wary about my origin.

`Im Uriel and I would be glad if you could let me see all female wolves within your pack. I gestured for Veronica to sit just as I sat my butt on a chair that was opposite theirs. `What are you in search for? Your mate, I guess. He responded with a smile plastered on his face and I hesitated not to give a reply. `Yes. My reply got the lady laughing but I frowned in response. `Forgive my Luna, shes always like this. Thats not a hard request and could even make us gain an ally if your mates really within our pack. But, you would have to do something in return for that.

`And, what is that? If its not too demanding, consider it done. I nodded in approval as I spoke. `Its not hard, friend. I do believe you know how much our kind loathes the vampires. When you both entered my house, I caught the scent of that female vampire sitting beside you. I don know why you are sticking together with a vampire but if you want me to grant your request, you would have to release her to my pack. I was annoyed by his request but my face still maintained its calmness. `Make another request for shes under my protection. And, if you still refuse to grant my request, I would have to make you grant it against your will. I threatened him with a smile slowly materializing on my face.

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