The Wild Wolves

A Bloody Day

(Uriel Ulrich)

`If you cannot do that, you could as well leave my pack and never return. I heard him say. If he knew how impatient I was, he wouldn have ignored my threat. I said nothing till a minute had passed. `Do you want to have your pack crumble? In the stead of contemplating, he laughed. `If you aren Supreme Alpha Lucien, you cannot destroy my pack so I consider your threats baseless. His mate smiled in response and replied as she gazed at me. `In terms of beauty, my mate isn your match but I doubt if you
e his match in regards to strength.

`I won destroy your pack, at least not until Ive really ascertained if my mate belongs to your pack. Since you both are proving stubborn, you leave me no choice but to do this. Just as I said, I moved in a blur towards her and yanked her away from the arms of her beloved mate. I grabbed her waist and sped back to my previous position, I withdrew my arm from her waist and tightly grabbed her neck as we both gazed at her partner. `Refuse and Ill snap her neck. Lest youve forgotten, wolves aren immortals. He grew furious as he arose and matched my gaze with his. `Touch a hair of my womans and I will grant you nothing but death. I smiled in response but his mate did give a reply. `Lyon, don act rashly. We both saw how fast he moved, he possesses the supernatural speed of the vampires so you aren his match. Hes stronger than you so do as he says. He growled in response and nodded his head in approval.

Few minutes barely passed and we were all standing before the entire population of the pack, they numbered thirty and the females topped the population. Their Alpha had them surround I and Veronica as his mates precious neck was held within my tight grip. My eyes roamed the crowd but Ulnar growled with a hint of anger imbued in it. Ulnar was frustrated for none was his mate amongst the female wolves. `We would take our leave, now. My mate is not here. I released my grip over her neck and pushed her forward towards her pack members. Her mate hurried forward to grab her body and after he did, he casted his angry eyes at I and Veronica. `And, you think you can leave here alive after threatening my woman? This isn how the game is played. I don know why you
e able to possess the speed of vampires but the only explanation to that is youve killed a lot of Alphas and absorbed their powers. That matters not for you
e clearly outnumbered. Wolves, fetch me his head.

I shook my head in disapproval for I noticed a hint of envy within his tone, I knew clearly he wanted me dead so he could absorb my powers and grow stronger. I tilted my head leftwards to take a look at the already scared Veronica, I couldn blame her for no vampire would want to witness the fury of a wolf pack. `Stick close to me, you won die if you do that. I reassured her that she was safe and she did nod her before sticking close to me. My slightly red eyes turned fully red and claws jutted out, replacing my fingers, deadly claws that possessed a mysterious venom. My gleaming fangs had the same venom within them and they could make a quick work of a foolish creature.

The fastest amongst them was the first to embrace death. He aimed a punch at my face but a second before he could realize what a big mistake he had made, I had already dipped my claws into his chest to bring out his bloody heart. I dropped the heart to the soil just after its owner fell upon the face of Earth. Another attacked but was a bit strategic than the former, she leaped past my shoulders with the intention of hurting Veronica. And just when her feet were about to kiss Mother Earth, she was cut into half, a quick work made by my sharp claws. I noticed the excitement that was consuming my heart and I was aware that Ulnar was enjoying the battle. If I didn control the bloodlust that was trying to invade my brain, Ulnar would take control and everyone around would die, including Veronica.

Two wolves grew more aggressive as they sighted their companions die a brutal death and let anger replace their rationality but that only earned them a quicker death. The duo tried to cut away my arms, an easier method to disable a werewolf. Werewolves weren like some vampires that would regrow their limbs if disabled so it was considered an easier method to put a feral wolf down. What they weren aware was that I wasn a random wolf, I was special. Even if my limbs were cut away, they would always regrow. But, that didn mean I would let them cut my arms for it would affect my combat effectiveness for seconds which might earn Veronicas death. I was faster and they were slower so I used that to my advantage. I slapped their deadly claws away and clawed their heads away from their shoulders. Two heads fell to the soil and blood sprouted from their disfigured necks before their lifeless bodies fell to the ground.

Four wolves were already dead within the span of seconds and the number might have increased if they didn restrain themselves. `Do you all want to die for a false cause? I could as well get rid of the whole lot of you and keep on living to enjoy the benefits of life but where would you all be? Tell your Alpha to challenge me if he wants my powers, hes a coward if he stays there to watch his subordinates die without raising a finger to provide assistance. I hated violence so I tried to reason with them. I felt no guilt after killing four wolves of their pack for it was a necessary action, one that instilled fear in them and granted my message enough energy to convince them.

The rest halted their advance and hurled their gazes at their Alpha. He was wary of me but he couldn turn down the challenge I hurled at me so he had no choice but to yield to it so as to save himself from being embarrassed. That was a thing about wolf packs, cowards weren wanted as leaders. I saw his mate whisper some words to him and few seconds passed before he decided to fight me. The wolves all crowded at a position located at his but Veronica stood behind me. `I would take your powers away from you and you shall watch your precious doll die a gruesome death before I steal your head from your shoulders.

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