The Wild Wolves

To A New Beginning

(Veronica Varys)

I was amazed by his finesse and how he eliminated four werewolves within the span of few seconds. I wondered about why he seemed to be much faster than most vampires I encountered in the past. He ripped apart a chest and brought out a heart, he halved another before beheading the two aggressive wolves. I was curious to know if he possessed the ability to regenerate like the most powerful vampires in existence, something I lacked. When he riled up the wolves with words, they regained half their rationality and tried to reason with him. Their Alpha had no choice but to accept the challenge for it would be a display of weakness if he didn .

I gazed at Uriel and I envied his otherworldly beauty. His fiery red hair danced along with the wind as he remained rooted to the ground. His opponent was more muscular as I observed the duo. `I would take your powers from you and you shall watch your precious doll die a gruesome death before I steal your head from your shoulders. I was disgusted by his words and wished Uriel beat him to pulp. After he spoke, he underwent an initial transformation, his eyes turned red but they lacked the brutality and charm Uriels eyeballs possessed. His claws were shorter than Uriels and I already knew he was going to lose the battle. He made his first move as he dashed towards his opponent and when he was seconds away from reaching his opponents position, he twirled his body around and aimed a powerful kick at Uriels chest with the intention of sending him backwards.

Uriels arm was blurry as it was stretched toward to grab the attacking leg and when it was contained within the grip of his left arm, he chopped half the entire leg away with the claws that replaced the fingers belonging to his right hand. The Alpha screamed in agony and lost balance so he fell to the soil. I knew Uriel would defeat him but I didn know he would achieve that within the blink of an eye. He made it look like defeating wolves wasn a hard thing but I knew how hard it was. Their bodies were harder than metals so it was a hard feat to cut any part of their body, the strength required to do so was possessed by very powerful creatures. If I was to battle a wolf, I wasn powerful enough to cut apart his limbs but I could drive my claws into his heart which was the easiest way to kill wolves.

Uriel dropped the chopped leg to the ground and grabbed his weak opponents neck with a smile plastered on his face. `This is what happens to whoever disturbs my peace, only death awaits such person. After the last word escaped his mouth, he forcefully snapped his neck as he ignored the pleading gaze of the Alpha wolf. `NO!!! Screamed the packs Luna as she ran forward to hug her dead mate. The remaining pack members all dropped to their knees to pay respect to their dead Alpha. Silence swallowed the gory scene and it was finally broken by the Lunas sobs and remarks. `You
e a beast. Why did you have to kill him? Why did you have to visit our pack?

`He brought this upon himself. I had come here to make a simple request but he had gone too far to want me to kill someone thats under my protection. Asides that, he also lusted after my powers and intended to kill me. So, tell me, am I to let myself be killed by him and not fight back? I heard Uriel say as he stretched his arms apart with his eyeballs retaining their former color and his claws devolving to fingers. `He only wanted you to kill the vampire. Do you not know of how much her kind has brought pain to ours? Yet, you protect her. Every pack member present here has lost his or her brethren to those vile creatures and you expect us to not hate them? She screamed aloud as she pointed her finger at Uriel. I captured an expression of worry on his face but it vanished right after a second.

`Its not like I prefer to kill my kind over hers. Its just that Ive made a promise and if I betray it, I would be assaulted by guilt. We would take our leave, right now. But, as a compensation for your loss, I would grant any request you put forward right now but it mustn be too demanding or you lose the opportunity. I was awed by his character, he wasn an irrational beast that had no moral conduct. She held back her tears as she looked around the environment before giving a reply. `Last month, some vampires attacked our pack and killed quite a number of wolves, my child included. My husband was absent during the attack and when he did return to learn of what had happened, he went wild and went after the vampires. He traced them and found out that they belonged to Odeons House, a clan of strong vampires so we had no choice but to abandon our quest for vengeance. I felt fear grip my heart as I heard the mention of `Odeon, a brutal vampire. Odeon was a brother of one of the Red Ravens, the exact vampire that had wanted to have sex with me, the one irrational beast that killed my ex lover.

`Uriel, accept the request, please. I said to him and he gazed at me for a while before shaking his head in disapproval. `I can do that. I can kill a person that didn offend me. Its the business of your pack to battle your enemy, not mine. Veronica, the hearts of people are complicated. I can break one of my moral codes just for someone elses benefit. As I did say, youve missed the opportunity. Adios, wolves. I was a bit irritated by his so called set of moral codes but I could do nothing to make him rescind his decision and so did he leave with me tagging along with him. We left their land but her screams hunted my ears. `You
e a beast and you
e also a coward! The world would be better off you. I noticed a smirk dancing around his face as we got into the car. `I hate bloody days.

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