The Witch of Lust That Summoned Me

Serena, The Witch of Lust

My story started fifteen years ago. Around that time, Earth went through a massive change… portals appeared out of nowhere, and from them, powerful monsters emerged and began to kill people and destroy everything around them. At that time, I was only five years old, but somehow managed to survive alongside my family… We escaped to a military shelter, but that only lasted for a few weeks. Eventually, the survivors began to be hunted by monsters, and without any other choice, even civilians were forced to fight.

For many years, we didn achieve much, and the human population began to decrease to dangerous levels, but around that time, people with superpowers began to appear and fight the monsters. They were called the dawned ones since they emerged when humanity was facing extinction. Unfortunately, it took a while longer for me to awaken to my powers… and when they finally appeared, the best I could do was to make nails appear out of nowhere.

That kind of power seemed useless if compared to others that had super strength and speed or could control lightning. However, all those powers had some potential. Besides, those who became the strongest began to rule the world and create clans where they were basically kings or queens.

I also had dreams and hopes of becoming like them and emitting pheromones that would be able to make women instantly wet. I also was hoping that the girls would recognize me as one hell of a sex machine despite being 20 with so little experience on the bed… times are tough during the end of the world; people prefer to bang those that can protect them, after all.

Hopefully, my trained powers will make me so hot that I can make women lose all sense of self-esteem just to have five minutes of my attention. Also, I will be so amazing that I will have no personality traits whatsoever. Thanks to that, all the women will be able to visualize everything they want onto me. Naturally, that was the kind of story I wanted to live, but instead of the life that I wanted to live, I lived the one I needed… in the first place, my journey didn even start properly on Earth.

Around six months after I awakened to my powers, I was finally able to exhaust all my physical and mental strength to make a single kitchen knife appear on my right hand. The weapon disappeared after one minute.

”I can fight monsters with a kitchen knife… putting my delusions aside. I won even be able to fight to get enough food to live by, ”

I truly felt like sighing… life wasn improving. Only those that had power could fight and make things happen in their life, I wanted to fight, but it seemed that at this rate, I would have to work for someone else just to get by, and that was basically slavery; those who are lucky, obtained powers good enough on the beginning. Those who were a bit lucky had good looks and were picked by those who had the power to become part of their harem. I was part of the third group, which didn have either, but still was struggling to survive.

”Maybe I need another approach… ”

After sitting on the ground, I rubbed my chin while considering what I should do, those skills can be improved by continuous use, but my growth rate was really on the slow side. Before long, I felt my consciousness getting weaker, and then darkness consumed me.

I began to wake up when I tried to turn my body to the side but then felt something holding my limbs. It didn take long for me to realize that I had been tied up. I opened my eyes so fast, and all of a sudden that I looked like the villain of a slasher movie. My sense of danger made my whole body wake up as well, but then shock took over it.

”What the hell… ”

I was really tied up and in someone elses bed at that. As if the whole situation wasn unexpected enough, a suspicious-looking lady had her left hand on my abs while she was trying to take my pants. She froze on the spot, but she didn show much emotion on her face. Silver hair tied up in a massively long ponytail, crystal clear blue eyes, fair skin as if she hadn seen the sun in her whole life. The lady didn look much older than me, so I could only respect her balls for trying to do that while I was sleeping… Perhaps I phrased that wrong.

”Caught in the act, huh? What do you have to say in your defense? ”

”This will end soon, and there is no need to worry. I will be gentle. ”

”I can only trust those words if I don see any BD** stuff lying around and if you free me… I don see candles, needles, or any pieces of clothing made out of leather. That is a good sign… now you just have to free me. Even if you are the type who likes to stand on the top, it won bother me. ”

”No… you will stay like this. If you wish for it, it will be better for both of us, ” The suspicious lady said while pulling my pants.

”Calm down, maam. Something is rising, and it isn the shield hero… Let me at least take a hot shower since it is kind of cold here. My super blade needs some time to prepare. ”

”It is fine. It seems it is already big enough. You don need a hot shower, ” The lady said while looking at my unsheathed blade.

”It really hurts my feelings when you say things like that with such a blank expression on your face. In situations like this, you should say: it is bigger than I thought. Come to think of it, that also would cause some mental damage… ”

”Do you want it? Say that you want it… ” The lady said when she was about to take my pants completely.

”… Why do you want me to say that? ”

The whole situation was suspicious… people with powers appearing were common now, but I had never heard of anyone changing their hair color because of it. Moreover, the woman was wearing some suspicious clothes as well. In a world de

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