”W-Wait wait, What?! ” I asked shocked at what I just heard. ”Then how old are you? ”

”That information is classified~ ” she sang.

”Fine. ” I mumbled to myself as I got out of the bed ”But I guess you guys don grow too tall then? ” I questioned as I looked at the height of the door.

”HA-HA, nope its just me! ” she exclaimed obviously embarrassed.

”But you have a clan, why are you all the way out here by yourself? ”

She glared in my direction before turning away to leave the room. ”…I think thats enough questioning today alright? Just get some sleep. ”

”Oh ok ” I muttered disappointed she didn want to tell me. Shes hiding something, thats for sure.

Before I went to sleep however, I left the little room I was put into, and decided to explore the house. It was quite big for someone to live alone here. After I avoid hitting my head while bending under the door, in front of me was the living room.

It was actually pretty large compared to what I expected. There were four seats placed parallel to one another in the center of the room with a round table between them, a chimney, and pictures of illustrations and different people hanging on the bright yellow walls, a door between two of these paintings that most likely lead to the kitchen as well as another door that lead outside.

I turned to my right seeing a corridor that lead to three other rooms one room to the left another to the right, while the last was to the corridor end.

I wonder what those rooms are. I pondered.

Not too long, I saw Kiko come out of the room from the left side of the corridor holding what seemed to be laundry before quickly going to the right side.

”I think I know which is which but, what about the center one? ” I muttered to myself curious about what lies ahead. Kiko did look busy, maybe I shouldn go in for her sake. I decided not to think too much about that door.

I proceeded to walk out the house to the front of the porch, it was a mesmerizing place. Huge waterlilies on both sides of the house, a beautiful puddle decorated with colorful flowers everywhere on not just the porch, but the house. The house itself resembled a cottage and was quite big to be honest.

”Beautiful isn it? ” Kiko asked as she came out of the house ”Did all this myself yknow. Twas difficult but ohhhh well. ”

”It looks amazing. Im impressed. ” Replied honestly.

”What makes it soo impressive? ” she pouted.

”I mean with your height, ” I explained picking a flower from the ground, ”and the fact it was just you. ”

”Umm, thanks I guess. ” She replied blushing

I put the flower in her hair before smiling softly ”You
e welcome. ”

*Blush intensifies* ”HEY! ” she squawked ”don get any ideas, Im way older than you! ”

”What do you mean? ” I asked confused.

”N-Nothing… ”

”Well we better get inside before it gets too late, I was told a lot of beasts roam around here at night. ”

”Yeah S-Sure ” she mumbled, her face still as red as a tomato.

We went in to sleep for the night but I was still awake, I couldn sleep. What gramps said still haunted me, ”You shouldn take any mans words to heart boy. ”

”She could… betray me too… ” I mumbled to myself as I looked out the window at the moon.

… The next morning


”WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!!! ” Kiko called out.

”Im up, Im up ” I mumbled still tired from not sleeping early.

”Good to hear. Weve got a big day ahead of us. ”

”What are we doing exactly? ” I enquired.

”Ohhhh, nothing much just going to a village market to get some groceries. ” She replied while writing on a large piece of paper.

”Ohh, ok. But how far is the village? ”

”I don know, like 2 miles or so? ” She said before pulling out a large basket from outside the bedroom door. ”Normally, I would go myself. But seeing as you
e here too and might have ten times my appetite, you
e goanna help. ” she explained with a bright smiling.

”Fiiinneee. ” I yawned before getting out of bed.

”Alright, are ya all set? ” she asked. She was wearing a white hat, a flower back pack, a white short sleeve shirt and skirt. She didn wear anything under her feet.

”Yeah ” I responded. I was wearing a white hat, brown sweat pants and a brown long sleeve buttoned T shirt with sandals under my feet.

I was holding the basket on my head as we made our way down to the village Kiko was talking about.

”Soo, whats the name of the village? ”

”Hmm? ”

”You know, the name of the village we
e heading to. ”

”Well… its not a main village so to speak. ” She explained. ”Its a small village. Those types of villages don really have names. ”

”I don get it. ” I said still confused on what she was talking about.

”Didn they teach you this in Raiba? ”

”I was home schooled, so I wasn really taught these types of things. ”

”*Sigh* some developed city that is. ” she mumbled sarcastically.

”Haha sorry. ”

”Alright kai, listen up ” she started. ”There are three sets of cities. The developed or first class cities. Like your so called Raiba, developing or second class cities, and third class or underdeveloped clans like my fairy clan. These clans are purebreds that have history and religions that go on for generations on end. ” Kiko removed a map from her bag before she continued. ”Small villages are often made up of different clan members and most times from second class or third class clans. They are rear but not difficult to find. ”

”Ohh I see now. ” I said nodding my head.

”Do you know all the different clans that exist and their power scaling? Or do I need to explain that one too? ”

”Yeah I know. ” I replied ”There is the Angel clan, Phoenix clan, Dragon clan, Unicorn clan, Pegasus clan, Manticore clan, Succubus clan, Nymph clan, Fairy clan, Orc clan, Elf clan and Goblin clan. ”

”Ohh, so you did learn something from that terrible home schooling? ” Kiko teased.

”Shut up shorty. ” Kiko turned and glanced at me with her eyes emanating killing intent ”S-Sorry ” I said sheepishly. ”

”Ya better be. ”

We walked for a while, about an hour before making it to the village.

Im starting from scratch with… a new life… I guess.

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