This is such a bad idea. What am I doing I thought to myself as I slowly opened the door making sure it doesn make a sound. Maybe I should head back? I thought ”This is really none of my business… W-What if they see me? ” I whispered, still trying to convince myself to go back to my room, but my curiosity was just too overwhelming. I slowly followed them down the stairs listening to their conversation.

”So sensei, have you found an Apprentice yet? ” Rancour questioned ”Well, you know the answer to that Rancour. ” Furoto responded ”I don have one, but I want Kai to be the next. ” ”… ” Rancour remained silent.

They were close to the end of the stairs before he spoke again ”Sensei, with all due respect, didn that boy say he doesn want the job. ” Rancour continued ”He hates the village right? A boy like that being an eventual Guardian is very risky. Thats why I want you to let my son become your Apprentice instead. ”

”Rancour, weve talked about this almost a thousand times. Your son is powerful yes but… ” Furoto didn want to say more for obvious reasons. They were finally out of the stairs and onto the road ”I understand sensei, but is Kai any better? ”

Furoto kept quiet. That normally indicates what someone says is true. ”Common Gramps, you
e not goanna defend me even a little? ” I muttered to myself as I slowly walked down the stairs ”Kai is a good kid at heart ” Furoto explained, he just needs time to- ” ”I understand sensei but, he doesn have a lot of time left… ” ”Hes turning fifteen in a week. At that point you can vouch for him anymore. The next crime committed, no matter how small will label him a criminal. ”

”I know, but there is still a week left before that happens! I won give up on that boy until the end at least! ” Furoto exclaimed. ”Hmm… well if you
e sure sensei, then I won argue with you. ” Rancour said smiling

”Thank you Rancour. ”

”Of course. ”

”But, thats not all I wanted to discuss. ” Rancours voice had a now more serious tone ”Shitakusa are not willing to sell us enchanted weapons anymore. ” Furoto turned in shock as he wasn expecting such bad news. Shitakusa, the Goblin kingdom? I thought to myself.

”What?! But why? ” Furoto asked ”They were our main suppliers. ”

”I don know. When I went there to supervise the gathering process, they said they weren interested in doing business with our clan anymore. ” He explained. ”I begged and even promised to double the payment, but they said no. ”

”*sigh*, well what do we do now? ” Furoto asked still shaken from the news. ”Well… I was thinking about buying from the DS. ” Rancour said. ”But isn that an assassin organization? ” Furoto asked ”Thats dangerous Rancour. ” ”I know sensei, but they have Goblins in their ranks that can enchant weapons as well, so I think its a risk worth taking. ”

”You know a lot of the high nobles don like you, ” Gramps said, still not sure of the plan ”You do things that don favour them, they could easily send assassins from that group. ”

”We don really have much of a choice. The next war could be any day at any time. If we
e not prepared… I can let that happen Sensei. ” Rancour explained. ”I understand, just be careful Rancour. ”

Both Furoto and rancour where now at the gates of his (Rancours), while I was still keeping a large distance. I could see and listen to the conversation because of my very strong senses. (Probably cause of my Dragon clan side idk). A carriage stopped beside them ”I should come with you just in case. ” Furoto insisted, ”No sensei. We need someone powerful enough to fight in case anything happens. ” Rancour explained ”This city has seen ten wars in the last 30 years. We can risk anymore. ”

”I-I understand… ” Furoto said ”Just please, be safe… ”

”I will sensei ” after this, they shook hands. As rancour boarded the carriage, he exclaimed ”Ohh and sensei, ” Furoto turned ”Don let Kai cry like that again. Honestly, its both sad and embarrassing. ” As soon as Furoto and I heard this, our faces got red really quickly. ”S-So you heard the conversation? ” Furoto asked embarrassed. ”Well, Kai was really loud. Ive never heard him yell like that before, but I guess when its you, its going to be difficult. ” Rancour teased.

”What!? ”

”Ohhhh, nothing. ” Rancour chuckled. ”See you later sensei. ” With this, rancour got into the carriage, closed the door and rode away.

…1 week later…

A week has passed since Grandpas and king Rancours discussions, my birth day finally came. I don usually celebrate it like other kids do though. Normally, when I do my birthday, gramps just makes the training less stressful. ”Lets take it easy today kai, its your birthday after all. ” He would say, although it never felt different from any other day.

I was on my bed relaxing by myself on a cool night. Just climbed those 200 plus stairs and my legs were killing me. I wonder were gramps is. Haven seen him in the last week. The training gramps and I normally did didn happen and I pondered what he could be doing at this time. ”well, I just hope hes safe. And as the wind blew into the room through a window beside my bed, I slept off in no time at all

What was that!? I thought to myself, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs to my room. I couldn tell who or what was coming up, so I stayed laying down in bed.

Its probably gramps. This is fine.

Just then, I heard another set of footsteps coming from the window. W-Whats going on?! I-Is it Rai playing a dirty prank on me for my birthday? Just then, the door opened. I peeped from under the blanket to see a person wearing a mask. Walked in and was coming straight to my bed. What should I do? S-Should I run now? No, maybe I should just stay here. It could be a prank.

The figure was now in front of me, staring down on me. He then held the handle of a sword around his waist. He pulled the handle from its sheath, revealing a long and sharp sword which he then raised above me. I stayed shocked and scared hoping for this to be some kind of crazy nightmare.

The figure attempted to cut through me and the bed so fast, I was shocked at how fast it was. I dodged just at the nick of time, rolled under its legs and stood up at the other side of the room. The figure was wearing a demon dog sculptured mask, a long black jacket and had rough black hair. ”YOU WERE GONNA KILL ME!!! ” I shouted. My bed was cut clean in half.

”Is this some kind of joke?! ” I asked. The figure didn respond. Then I noticed a cut from my hand, blood coming out of it.

”T-T-This isn a joke… is it? ” I asked realizing Im about to fight for my life.

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