The adventures of Captain Thunder

Chapter 4: an Ultra snack break

Thinks to know:

Ruby Of Enchantment: has the power to give someone power/modify the existing one

Emerald Of Synthesis: has the ability to combine and separate two different elements

Heroes powers:

Captain Thunder: the power of lightning, can shoot lightning, absorb it and control it

Ghosty: is a ghost, can fly and can bring out a blade from his hands,

Vadius: Super strength and super regeneration

Riley: psychic, can move things with her mind, including herself.

Chapter 3: Carnage

Chaos. Absolute chaos. Buildings being smashed left and right, the streets catching fire and being destroyed. An army of Golems rampaging through the city. All hope seemed lost. Vadius was knocked out, Captain Thunder was left alone to fight hundreds of golems by himself, while Ghosty and Riley were rushing over to the scene.

Captain Thunder was being pummeled over and over again by the golems, only being able to stay thanks to him being a super-powered being. Ghosty grabs him from the ground and flies off, avoiding all Golems trying to reach him. Riley grabs Vadius and they all go to meet up in a place near the base. Vadius was knocked out, his arm still regenerating, and Captain Thunder was about to go out any second. All they had was Ghosty, Riley and the Ruby Of Enchantment. They needed to come up with a plan but they had tons of problems to deal with, first off was the sentient fireball that was going around blowing everything up, second was the huge army of golems that stood at 15m tall and the third and final problem was the leader golem, who stood at 150m tall. Their main plan was to use the Ruby Of Enchantment to boost and modify someones power but they didn know who. The Ruby could be used on multiple people at once but the boost is weakened as a result. That was their best option at the moment, someone needed to take on the fireball while the rest took care of the golems. Vadiuss arm began to stop smoking, it had fully regrown. Vadius began to wake up, looking incredibly pale, Ghosty informed him about the situation. Vadius shrieked in a panic. ”WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TELLING ME I WAS TAKEN OUT JUST LIKE THAT?! NOW YOU EXPECT ME TO TAKE OUT A WHOLE ARMY OF THEM BY GIVING ME A RED PIECE OF GLASS?! THIS IS ABSOLUTE- ”. Vadius was cut off by Captain Thunder. ” we need to do everything we can to protect this city before it gets destroyed. Well do whatever it takes to prevent that ”. Vadius went silent.

The plan was settled, they were going to use the power of the phantom ruby in order to beat the fireball and Captain Bulldozer. They quickly went on a food break and then headed straight to the battlefield. Riley used the power of the Ruby Of Enchantment to boost the power of Vadius, his original powers of super strength and super regeneration now worked differently. The fireball quickly noticed and shot a massive blast of fire right at Vadius and Riley, Riley being the only one who dodged it. The blast of fire exploded on impact. Vadius was still alive but he was scorched and had lost a few fingers, he began to erupt in smoke signaling that he was regenerating, but the smoke stopped being emitted. Instead, he began to bulk up, his muscles growing more bulker and vadius growing a few centimeters in height. As a result of the Ruby Of Enchantment, Vadius now had the ability to now turn his pain into strength but at the cost of no healing. The greater the injury the greater the strength. Vadius leapt up at the fireball, punching it right in the eyepatch, knocking it down. ”Go! Ill take care of this thing! ” shouted Vadius. Riley nodded and flew off, leaving Vadius to take care of the fireball. Captain thunder and Ghosty were still waiting in their hiding spot for Riley, their current plan was to take care of the army of golems and then take out the big one, but they couldn take out even 1 golem without almost dying so they had no chance of taking out the big Holem. Riley flew in the began to use the power of the Ruby Of Enchantment on Captain Thunder, because the rubys power was being split between Captain Thunder and Vadius, their respective power boosts grew a bit weaker. Ghosty, however, didn receive the boost. There was something changing within him that told Riley and Ghosty that he didn need the boost. They hoped that this feeling was correct. The rest of the team set out to face all of the golems, Captain Thunder was attempting to shoot a lightning attack only for him to shoot out a lightning whip. Within two hits he took down a golem. This surprised Captain Thunder. Captain Thunder shot a whip through four Golems and blew them up simultaneously. Despite now being able to take down golems much, much easier, he could only launch whips and it was taking up a lot more energy than a normal attack. Ghosty was fighting a couple of golems of his own but he was only dodging at the moment. He was doing a considerably good job but they all kept on coming despite Captain Thunder taking them out easy. Ghosty was having fun with this and imagined himself as light as a feather. Mid dodge Ghosty was about to get hit with a devastating blow from a golem, right as the attack hit Ghosty it went right through him. The golems tried swinging over and over at Ghosty but to no avail. All their attacks were going straight through Ghosty, while Ghosty himself was floating around confused. He began floating downwards like a bubble and phased through the ground. ”Whats going on? I can hear, I can see. I can feel anything ”. It turns out that since everything went through Ghosty even the air and light itself went through him. Meaning he couldn see, feel, or hear anything. He pieced things together and realized that when he thought of himself as light as a feather, he became intangible. So he thought of himself as a rock and he felt himself rush out of the ground. He became physical again and as a result, was forced out of the ground. He pulled out his hand blades and started chopping away at the golems, going between intangible and physical to dodge attacks.

CRACK! BLAM! Vadius was relentlessly pummeling the fireball back and forth. Getting more burns, taking more damage, and getting stronger in the process. The fireball was beginning to crack so in instinct it blew Vadius back with a massive flame attack. ” whats with you? You
e so persistent and its getting on my nerves! ” it shouted. ”If you break this fireball Im gonna have to manifest a new one! Do you know how much energy that takes? ”. Vadius ignored him. Some of his skin and scales were falling off. Revealing burnt flesh. Vadius was injured gravely and he began to grow and emit steam. He was now much more muscular and bulkier than before. It was clear that he was planning on ending it all with one punch. The fireball saw this so it retreated. Vadius wasn going to let it go. They were too deep in the fight for it to just leave. He bent down and charged up strength in his legs and leapt after it. He focused the rest of his strength and smashed the fireball into pieces, it exploded on impact. A man with orange hair and green overalls was blown out. Vadius was blown back by the explosion and was knocked out when he hit the ground. The enchantment from the Ruby faded away, allowing him to heal his injuries. The fight was over.

Back with the Ghosty and Captain thunder, they had taken out around 52 golems together but they were beginning to become tired. Suddenly, Captain Thunders thunder whips became much stronger, and he gained a sudden boost in energy. Meaning that Vadius had relinquished the power of the Ruby Of Enchantment. Captain thunder began taking out Golems left and right. 2, 7, 12, the number of the deceased Golems kept on increasing Ghosty watched in awe. Now you might be wondering, wheres Riley? She was up in the sky, chanting something mysterious with the Ruby in hand. Her plan was to charge a super amount of energy and launch it right at the Big Golem. The Big Golem hadn moved in a while meaning it was also preparing something big. A giant amount of rocks were coming off of the Big Golem, them all coming together to form something. A giant snake beast with ten tails emerged. It had the hands of a gorilla with claws like a bear made out of boulders with giant white wings. It was 120m tall. It was the flying snake but now it was much more mutated. It was obvious the Emerald Of Synthesis was used to create this beast. This would cause problems for sure. Meanwhile, with Captain Thunder and Ghosty, they had taken out 40 more golems, leaving a few left. Captain Thunders power boost had faded away completely, showing that Riley was using the Ruby Of Enchantment. A pink aura formed around her and she pointed her fingers at the snake-gorilla hybrid and the Big Golem. ”psykinetic meltdown!… ” whispered Riley. A blast of massive energy shot out of her fingers, blowing up the torso of the snake-gorilla hybrid and the Big Golem. Two massive threats, taken out just like that, kinda underwhelming right? That would be too easy. The Big Golem and the snake-gorilla begin to regenerate their injuries. Riley, using the most power shes ever used, begins to black out but holds on in a desperate attempt to defeat her enemies. Captain thunder and Ghosty manage to out the last group of golems, Without the boost, captain thunders body temperature was at 56°C, way beyond the maximum temperature a normal human can handle. He needed ice, fast. There was no time in order for Ghosty to get ice, he didn know where Vadius was and Riley was dealing with the bad guys. He flew at max speed in an attempt to find Vadius. He found him on the ground near a man on the floor, he ignored him, Vadiuss injuries were all healed up now and he had fallen asleep. Ghosty slapped him awake. He informed him of the situation and Vadius went to go find something cold for the captain. The two big bads began to chuckle as their injuries were fully healed. The golem shaped its hand into a cannon and shot a massive glowing boulder at Riley, it was obliterated by Ghosty. Riley seemed to be frozen in place, her eyes were white as the clouds. She was very much still alive though.

”Poss…ess th…em… ” Riley mumbled under her breath, ”what did you say? ” said ghosty, moving in closer to Riley, ”possess them… we need to possess them ”, ”possess them? Can you even do that? Can I even do that? ” questioned Ghosty. ”We need to do it now… get close and posse- ” Riley cut herself off. She dashed off to the snake-gorilla as it banged its chest, revealing an eye on both of its knuckles and chest. Its perception has been increased but Riley wasn going to attack it physically but mentally instead. She maneuvered around the snake-gorilla and managed to launch a wave of psychic energy at its head. She made contact with it. She began to torture it, showing it horrific things that no person would ever want to experience. With Its mental defense now broken, she took control of the beast and ghosty rushed forward towards the giant Golem. The giant Golem snatched Ghosty in its hands, crushing him instantly. He managed to escape thanks to the help of his new ability and went to the eye of the golem. He had no idea what he was doing but all he knew was that he had to possess it. He wasn sure how but all he knew was that he had to possess it. Ghosty stared deep into its eye and he felt himself become intangible. One moment he was looking into the ye of the golem and was now staring at the destruction of the city below. He felt strange as if being the golem wasn right. All of a sudden it was dark and his head was covered with rocks. It was shaped like a headset which he took off. He was underground, and he saw a dark crystal. He went to reach for the rock headset and put it on. He was looking through the eyes of the golem again. He took it off, returning underground. When he put on the headset he was in control of the giant being. He was in possession of Captain Bulldozer. Ghosty put the crystal in the pocket of Bulldozer and put the headset on once again, he turned at Riley who was mind controlling the snake-gorilla. They had managed to take down all their foes, of course, there was the matter of all the damage that the villains had dealt, but that was a matter for another time. Ghosty managed to find a way out of the base and discovered that Bulldozer had the ability to control the earth. He rode the earth and managed to find Riley. She took the Emerald Of Synthesis and separated the snake-gorilla back into its multiple parts, a snake, a gorilla, a bear, a fox, rocks and a bird. Except something was wrong, there was a gorilla, a fox, a bear and some rocks but there was still a winged snake. Riley tried separating the snake but it didn work. This meant only one thing, the winged snake was just like the Ultra Buddies and Riley, the snake was an enlightened.

Chapter 3: Carnage, End

fun stuff:

Ghosty is 12 years old

Captain Thunder is 15

Vadius is 16

RIley is 15

in chapter 4,5 or 6 youll learn what an Enlightened is

the Ultra Buddies gets a new name soon.

the winged snake is going to have the worst name ever when its revealed next chapter

Ghosty wishes to be the grim reaper when he grows up and after becoming an Enlightend hes one step closer to reaching his goal


Ghosty = ghost-tea

Vadius = vadee-us

(very obvious pronunciations i know)

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