The adventures of Captain Thunder

Chapter 4: an Ultra snack break

t home watching a movie. ”BWAHAHAHAHA! I CANT BELIEVE SOMEONE WOULD DO SOMETHING SO STUPID! WHAT TYPE OF PERSON FALLS INTO SUCH AN OBVIOUS TRAP! ” Vadius shouted, spilling all his popcorn while pointing at the screen. Ghosty quickly shushed him and they all continued to watch the movie. It was currently 6:00 pm on this wonderful day as the four friends watch movies till the end of the night.

An Enlightened. What is that? In this story, an Enlightened is a living creature that has been hit by a special light. One day, 4 months ago from the current story, a man had been given the task to make a force-field made out of indestructible energy. He didn know where he was going to get that but somehow, someday, he did. The energy was a magical crystal that was glowing black and white. The man put the crystal into the machine in order to create this force field. However, it didn work. When he launched the machine instead of going into the sky and turning into a force field, the energy from the crystal turned into an orb. This orb was white and it had black patches on it. The orb began to wobble and shake violently. It exploded, launching rays of dark and light lights everywhere, unfortunate individuals were hit with these rays, some hit with the light while others with the dark. These people gained supernatural abilities, some even mutating and looking completely different from before. Even some animals were hit with these rays, becoming humanoid and gaining a higher plane of intelligence, some more than others. After this day, Thunder City would never be the same.

We return to the present. In space, something big was going down. A satellite began to crash down into the atmosphere of earth, heading straight to the country of Australia. Scientists around the world were panicking, sending agents down to the country in order to locate this so-called satellite. RUMBLE. Near Thunder City landed something from the sky. A UFO if you will. It didn look like your stereotypical UFO or a satellite but instead, a pod. It opened up and out of it came a creature. It was a creature that looked like it was made of stone. It had a head shaped like a prism with a huge green circle at the front acting as its eye. and its body was shaped like an octahedron, ( two prisms put together, google it), it had a diamond symbol located at the centre of it with the bottom half of its body being grey and the top half being a pink/purple color. It had no legs or arms and it hovered off the ground to move around. This stone-like creature was scanning the area, looking for something.

chapter end

The adventures of Captain Thunder and the Ultra Buddies weren over yet, aliens were now here and who knows what they were looking for? The story isn over yet as the end of volume 1 is here and the beginning of volume 2 is near!

Volume 1 end

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