The adventures of Captain Thunder

Chapter 5: blinding mistakes(?)

or trapping it, it was just an orb of pure light and energy floating in the sky above the citys park. The Dr stared. He stared and stared in hopes of something, anything happening. But nothing did. The orb just stayed in the sky, it was bright, and some of Thunder Citys civilians were looking outside their windows to see what was going on. Obviously to see a giant bright orb of energy outside in the sky would be freaky so naturally, they were freaked out, some were calling the police and others were watching the orb as well. Dr Thunder went to the back of the laboratory in order to find something. ”Where is it? Where is it? ” he whispered. He found it, it was a dark rifle with a scratch
sniff donut sticker on it. The sticker had a strange code on it as well. Dr Thunder went towards the window and aimed the rifle at the orb, he didn know what it was or what would happen if he left it there. He pulled the trigger and shot at the orb, instead of blowing it up or knocking it out of the sky, (he was desperate he wasn thinking straight because there was no way a laser would move a ball of energy), the laser just got absorbed into the orb, and there were now streaks of red throughout this white orb with black spots.

The orb began shaking violently, it was shaking twisting, it was even stretching. BOOM! The orb exploded. Light and dark beams of energy flew everywhere. Some in the park, some in the zoo, and some all over. There were still people out at night in the city and some of them made contact with the beams. Some with the dark ones and others with the white. Some of these people include a 15-year-old boy named Timothy Thunder, or most commonly known as, Captain Thunder.

Thunder pov:

Timothy was walking in the park, on his way home, he was wearing a red jumper with blue jeans. He had just bought some food from the grocery store and was minding his own business. It suddenly got brighter above him, he looked up and saw a white orb with black spots. He pulled out his phone and started recording it, amazed at what he saw. Suddenly a red beam hit the orb and it exploded, there were beams of energy flying everywhere, some even heading straight towards Timothy. He ran and dodged the beams of energy crashing around him. Dark and light ones were all around him like a meteor shower. He ran and ran and ran, and when he looked up he saw a white light head towards him. He blacked out

Dr Thunder pov:

Dr Thunder, watching the chaos pursue, went to go grab his journal. ”I found a mysterious crystal in my lab and after attempting to use it as an energy source it did something unexpected. Instead of creating a dome around the city, it turned into an orb and now that orb is shrinking as it leaks dark and light beams around the city. People may die, they may get mutated. Who knows. Im interested in seeing how this will play out so at the moment operation: shield is being put on pause while Ill overlook this new operation. Operation: Enlightened.

1 hour later a news broadcast went out.

” 1 hour ago in the centre of Thunder City, something mysterious happened. An orb appeared out of the Thunder Laboratory and exploded, raining beams of light and dark energy all over the city. Several civilians and animals were hit, and many houses and buildings were also damaged. this was a devastating night for the city. The man responsible for this is non-other than the citys top scientist, Dr Thunder. His whereabouts are currently unknown as a warrant for his arrest has been sent out ”

Chapter 5 ends and the Lights And Diamonds arc begins

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