The alpha’s assassin mate

CHAPTER two: Assassin Creed—Amelia Whittaker

sped silently as she was startled.

”Tell him I would be with him as soon as I am done. ” she replied in a cool voice, betraying no emotion.

”He said right now and it is important. ”

Huffing silently, she picked up her sword, slowly sheathed it and clasped it across her back.

She whizzed past the errand boy with a defiant toss of her silky black hair as she stalked back to the tower.

At the foot of the staircase leading to the creeds tower, Amelia paused and turned to look at the enormous field behind her. it was the greenest scenery she had ever laid eyes on. She turned back and resumed her trek to the manor, passing through a long hallway.

Tall oak pillars with arched girders supported the lofty roof, for the tower had been created after the Valerian fashion. The twin manor house at either side of the masters tower houses the male and female assassins in bunk beds respectively. It was originally intended to serve as a lookout posts and sleeping quarters for a small battalion of men but it all changed when the master started recruiting other young assassins of both sex. The remainder of the structure was cut off and planked by sturdy oak beams and gray stones and then roofed with slate. Twin hearths blazed at either end of the hallway, fed with three huge logs.

Few moments passed before Amelia made her way below, torches placed in sconces lined the walls leading down the stairwell channeled in the draft. Their glowing, writhing light altered the shapes and depths and made descending the steep stone steps—slippery with wetness, a dangerous task.

Amelia kept a sharp eye out and lifted one of the torches out of the scones to lighten up the steps in front of her—gingerly climbing each steps with utmost care. Her attention was fully on the stairs not on the eerie quiet in the hall below until she climbed over the last one.

Her brows scrunching in a deep frown, she hurried down the short passageway leading into the masters library.

After a soft knock on the door, a voice instructed her to come in and she did, silently locking the door behind her.

Walking along the rows and shelves of books, her fingertips feathered the spines of the books till she got to where the master sat in front of a mahogany bench.

”You wanted to see me, Master Graeme. ” Amelia asked, bobbing her head in a dutiful courtesy.

”Aye, viper, I did. ” The master acknowledged gruffly, stretching cramping muscles as he pushed to his feet.

His usually stoic expression dissolved to a warm smile as he looked up at the little scared girl that had bloomed into this stunning young woman.

”It is time, my wee lassie. ” He grinned, subconsciously bringing to light his Scottish ascent.

”Time for what…? ” Amelia asked confusedly.

”You have trained long and hard for this… you are ready. ” He continued and she still didn comprehend him.

”Master…what are you…? ”

”It is time to do what you were born to do… time to avenge your parents death… It is time to kill Alpha King Conroy, the king of the Valerian hybrid werewolves. ”

Cheeks flushed, and her eyes sparkling brighter than it had ever did, she was overwhelmed with excitement and she took a seat set upon the stool set before the bench, ”You…you really mean that…? ”

He raised a brow at her, his expression saying, Would I ever say things I do not mean?

He knew how much this meant to her, so there was no way he was playing on her emotions. Master Graeme knew how much she hated the Alpha king or any werewolves for that matter.

Suddenly, she was wrecked with nerves, ”But… the last times… remember… ”

”Do not remind me about your failures viper. We don reminisce about mistakes. We learn from them. ” He cut her clean and she nodded slowly.

”I won let you down. ” Her voice rang out loud and clear in the silent room.

”I know you won . Now go get ready Amelia. ”

This was the first time he had ever referred to her as anything other than viper and a genuine smile played on her lips for the first time.

She took hold of the amulet around her neck and breathed out.

As she walked out of the library, she took a longing look at master Graeme and squared her shoulders. She wouldn screw this up.

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