”There is nothing I hate more than being annoyed. My name Davy 21 years old, a weeb and a typical shut in but unlike most shut ins, I have a girlfriend, her name is Suzy and she is 19.

”Bzzz bzzz… Huh, its Suzy, why is she calling me now. Hello, hey Suzy whats up?

Suzy called me because she has had enough of me not paying any attention to her, I understand that but I don give a ** tbh, how should I say this, I am not emotionless but I just tend to throw away unimportant stuff from my head.

”Lets play one more game and then go to sleep.

[a few hours later] Fuck I slept without even realizing [turns on his phones] whats up with all the missed calls and messages

One is from john, hmm, look outside? For what reason, I walked towards the window and what I saw is unbelievable. ”is that a **ing tower? I must be seeing things.

After a few minutes the goddamn tower was still there, I tried calling john but he wouldn pick up, **ing hell. ”should I call Suzy? Nah, she wouldn be any help anyways. Lets call mom and dad first.

[30 minutes later] ” FUUUUUCK, why are they not picking up, so annoying, fine, lets go outside and look at the situation. I opened the door and a giant mouth filled with fang like teeth awaited me.

” wha.. what the hell is that, I can move, move your stupid body, I SAID MOVE.

My body finally moved but it was too late, the monster ripped off my left arm like it was nothing, the pain is unbearable but I don have time to yell, I ran upstairs and hid in the bathroom.

” **ing monster, who do you think you are to rid off my arm, I said with tears running down my cheek. How am I supposed to get out of here alive with that monster outside, should I try and kill it? No, even Im not that stupid.

”sigh, I feel like I am dying, whatever, life was boring anyways. [Bzzz bzzzz bzzzzzz] dammit who is calling me now, I am trying to die in peace, oh its Suzy, why is she calling me.

”Hello.. Suzy are you there?

”help me Davy ” said Suzy In a dying voice.

”Suzy, are you there, what happened, Suzyyy, can you hear me? Where are you?

I tried over and over but she didn say anything, I traced her phone and saw that she was heading here.

I need to go and check up on her but with that monster and with my arm like this there is not much i can do, wait a minute, why should I care what happens to her, she broke up with me anyways.

Sigh, I still need to go, she is the only person who loved me for who I am, I cant just leave her out there.

”What to do about that monster tho, wait, I can just go through the back door, its risky but I have no choice.

I slowly walk down the stairs, the pain I feel is nothing compared to my fear of that monster, I bend down to look at the door so I can see where the monster is.

”huh, where is it, did it perhaps go somewhere else? Well good then, I didnt… , I hear a grrrr sound coming from the kitchen, shivers went down my spine and I feel like I am paralyzed.

”not this again, move dammit, is this that intimidation I always see in games?

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