The world has gone to shit

Governments all over the world and many individuals started to gather the best awakeners. The governments of course used their satellites to spy on players and did research on them while the rich individuals hired hackers and did the same thing using government information.

Those who refused to be scouted have been threatened or beaten to a pulp until they gave in, some have been turned into slaves using powers.

”General, we found another one, he is located in Korea, should we send a team to fetch him? ” says the government officer of japan.

”hmm, he seems to have potential, we need to take him before the Korean government gets to him ”. Says a woman with sexy body and tight clothes, she has huge knockers, G-cups probably.

”we found the information on him general. ” Says a random background character.

”good, give it here, hmm, Davy, no surname? Strange, 21 years old, blood parents died when he was 10, got adapted but his family left him to go abroad, dropped out of school and spent his days as a shut in. seems this guy will be an easy catch, I will go personally to catch him, no man can resist me after all. ”

Her confidence in her looks and body is extraordinary, she walks away with her boobs swinging left and right, her hits also follow the rhythm, truly magnificent.

She waits no time and goes into the plane heading straight for Korea.

Back to Davys situation, its been 2 months since he saved Suzy and they have been hunting all the monsters around their area.

DAVY: LEVEL: 10, CA: 1,680

SUZY: LEVE: 6, CA: 800

They have both grown stronger and have learned to control their powers more effectively.

”Hey Davy, can we rest for a bit, my back hurts ” says Suzy.

”hmm, sure, your wounds keep opening up because you keep hunting with me, I admire your courage but its stupid to risk your life like that ”. Davy says these words while taking off Suzys shirt to take a look at the wounds on her back.

”you know, not many boys can just casually undress a girl like its the most normal thing in the world ”. She is blushing as she says this.

”well, we have been together for a long time so I don mind doing this if its you, I will heal your wounds quickly. ”

”Thanks Davy, for coming to save me, if it wasn for you I would have surely died ”. She says with a warm smile on her face.

She wants to bring up the break-up but she is afraid Davy will get angry so she just leaves the thought in the past. She decides it would be better to start over.

”Its nothing, you would have done the same for me anyways, so there is no need to be too thankful, you have done a lot for me, I am just repaying the favor. ” Says Davy with an expressionless face.

He heals her, puts on her shirt and pats her head. Suzy blushes but Davy does seem to care.

”lets go, I need to kill that E-rank monster today, I have to level quickly so we can go in the tower. ”

”ok but why do you want to go into the tower, we don know whats in there.

”lets just call it a hunch, I am sure its a different world in there. ”

Davy picks up his sword that he got from killing F-rank monsters, it turns out monsters from F-rank and above drop items although the sword he got is nothing special. However, with the help of system he learned strengthening and he used the monster cores he has gathered to strengthen his sword until it became a D-rank sword. He left a few cores to make a weapon for Suzy but thats for another time.

They arrive at the monsters base, Suzy takes care of the small fry and Davy goes for the E-rank monster, named the metal snake, its skin is metal itself.

Davy runs towards the monster and pulls out his sword, he has grown accustomed to running with one arm and has better control over his powers. He slashes the monster a few times with the help of his fast movements but he didn even leave a scratch.

”tsk, how annoying. ”

Davy is starting to get annoyed again, He fires a wind magic spell that he learned from Suzy, it seems effective but only barely. The snake charges towards him, he evades the attack but he gets hit by the tail and gets sent flying into the building walls.

”Davy are you alright. ” She asks in a worried voice.

”Im fine, don you dare interfere, this thing is mine. ”

”Don worry, I won , I know you like hunting your prey alone. ”

”Heh, look at you, you sure learn fast, I will end this quick so we can go eat, I am sure you are hungry. ”

Davy covers his sword with wind magic, condensing it making his sword sharper and more deadly. He vanishes and appears above the snake and before it could even retaliate, its head is sent flying. Davy lands and looks at the snake, he kicks it slightly and starts to look annoyed again.

”tsk, couldn even last that long even though I held back a lot, hey system, calculate the overall power output i used. ”

”You used 25% of your power master. ” Says system in a happy voice.

”che, only a measly 25% and it died so easily, how am I supposed to grow stronger at this rate, I didn even level up, I am so pissed off right now. ”

”Are you okay Davy, you don look satisfied with the fight? ” Suzy asks while picking up the items.

”sigh, its just that the monster was weaker than expected, lets go eat something aren you hungry? ”

”Hehe, I am, lets eat pizza today. ” She says while jumping in excitement.

They head back towards their base after a long day of hunting. Miss general arrives in Korea, the reason she got inside korea so easily is because everyone is busy trying to survive and the government isn paying attention to people entering and leaving the country.

Miss general gets into a luxury car and drives towards Davys location, with a gentle but uneasy smile on her face, she pulls out Davys file.

”Wait for me young man, you are all mine. ”

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